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02 Aug 17

Greece Expelled From Handball Contest After Protesting Macedonia's Name

The European Handball Federation, EHF, excluded the Greek women's handball team from the championship in Skopje after Greece refused to play Macedonia amid an ongoing border disagreement.

27 Jun 17

UN’s Macedonia-Greece Envoy Renews Diplomatic Efforts

The UN special envoy in the Macedonia-Greece 'name' dispute, Matthew Nimetz, will visit Skopje at the end of this week as Macedonia seeks to revive its stalled Euro-Atlantic integration bid.

14 Jun 17

Macedonia FM Receives Warm Welcome in Athens

Settlement of the bilateral 'name' dispute is crucial if Greece is to support Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic aspirations, Athens said on Wednesday, at an introductory meeting between the two Foreign Ministers.

12 Jun 17

Macedonian PM Renews Bids to Join EU, NATO

On a visit to Brussels, Macedonia's new Prime Minister Zoran Zaev promised to revitalise his country’s stalled Euro-Atlantic integration process and expressed hope for an invitation to join NATO.

05 Jun 17

New Macedonia FM to Visit Greece

New Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov will soon travel to Greece, to develop bilateral relations with its southern neighbor, and in hopes of opening the country's currently blocked Euro-Atlantic path.

02 Jun 17

Macedonia's Regime Change Boosts NATO Accession Hopes

Some observers believe Macedonia's new government could use increased US and EU interest in the Western Balkans to get an invitation to join NATO sooner rather than later.

25 Aug 16

Greek FM on Trust-Building Mission to Macedonia

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias is visiting Macedonia on a mission to improve ties between the two neighbours, which have long been frozen as a result of the ongoing 'name' dispute.

18 Dec 15

Macedonian, Greek, Ministers Vow to Rebuild Trust

The foreign ministers of Macedonia and Greece met in Athens and agreed to work on rebuilding trust - although the two sides remain divided by 'mountains' on the 'name' dispute.

24 Sep 15

Macedonia Nowhere on New Greek Govt Agenda

After a resounding win in Sunday's election for Greece's leftist-led government, no major breakthrough is expected in the 'name' dispute with Macedonia.

27 Aug 15

Balkan Summit Urged to Tackle Bilateral Disputes

Western Balkan countries must step up their efforts to resolve bilateral disputes with EU help, civil society groups on Thursday told the Western Balkans Summit in Vienna.

24 Jun 15

Greek Minister on Trust-Building Mission to Macedonia

The Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, is visiting Macedonia on Wednesday on a mission to kickstart ties between the two neighbours, frozen as a result of the ongoing 'name' dispute.

18 Jun 15

Macedonia, Greece Mull Steps to Rebuild Trust

Macedonia and Greece are to consider a series of steps aimed at kickstarting ties between the two neighbours, frozen as a result of the long-standing ‘name’ dispute.

16 May 15

Macedonia Opposition Tapes Challenge PM’s Patriotism Claims

Macedonia’s opposition released alleged wiretapped recordings which it said showed the prime minister was ready to make compromises with Greece to settle the dispute over the country’s name.

08 Dec 14

VIDEO: Searching for Solutions in the Balkans

Croatia made it across the finish line, but the rest of the Balkan countries seem to be far away from their European future. What kind of new approaches can be explored to ensure that the accession story ends well?

26 Sep 14

Macedonia President Voices 'Balkan Caliphate' Fears

The Balkan countries could become an arena for Islamist militants if they are not speedily integrated into European and Atlantic structures, President Ivanov of Macedonia told the UN.



Macedonia-Greece Name Dispute: What’s in a name?

Ever since Macedonia gained independence in 1991, its name has been the subject of a bitter dispute with southern neighbor, Greece.


10 May 16

Macedonia’s Kumanovo Shootout Still Raising Suspicions

A year after 18 people died in fighting between Albanian gunmen and Macedonian police in Kumanovo, locals still believe that the reasons for the violence are being suppressed.

17 Oct 13

Brussels Runs Short of Levers in Macedonia

28 Jun 13

Macedonia Vanishes from View at EU Summit

09 Jan 13

Macedonia: All Eyes on June EU Deadline

17 May 12

Hague Ruling Won’t Help Macedonia in Chicago

08 May 12

Teuta Arifi: Europe is Macedonia’s Best Hope


11 Mar 13

The Ugly Face of National Pride

Harald Schenker

It was bound to happen. And it did. I can't really say finally, but here I am, perplexed and unsurprised.

13 Dec 12

Macedonia and the EU Council Conclusions

Gerald Knaus
26 Nov 10

I’m Tired of Being ‘The Girl From Macedonia’

Tanja Milevska
21 Jun 10

Macedonia Celebrates its Defeat

Sinisa Jakov Marusic