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11 Dec 17

Romanians Turn Palace Into Shrine Before Royal Funeral

Many Romanians have laid tributes outside the old royal palace to their late king Michael, before he is laid to rest in the country he was forced to abandon for several decades.

08 Dec 17

Moldova Leaders Battle Over Russian Broadcast Ban

Moldova’s pro-Russian and pro-EU leaders are again in deadlock – this time over a law that seeks to curb the broadcasting of Russian-made media content.

05 Dec 17

Romanian Ex-King Michael Dies Aged 96

Romania’s last king, Michael I, died on Tuesday following a battle with cancer. 

05 Dec 17

Britain’s Winged ‘Invaders’ Sourced to Romania

As bird-mad Britons argue about where flocks of rare finches have come from this winter, the answer, it seems, is Romania.

01 Dec 17

Romania Activists Plan Protests on National Day

As Romania's authorities plan to mark the national day with military parades on Friday, anti-corruption protesters intend to make their continuing discontent heard loud and clear. 

30 Nov 17

Romanian Pilgrims Gather at Cave to Honour Saint

Over 15,000 pilgrims are expected on Thursday to pray at a cave-church in southern Romania where the Apostle Andrew, Romania's patron saint, is believed to have lived for a while.

29 Nov 17

Moldova Extends Entry Ban on Russian Journalists

Moldovan forbade the entry of two Russian reporters on Tuesday – signalling that it intends to continue to ban journalists and others seen as supporters of the breakaway regime in the Transnistria region.

29 Nov 17

OSCE Claims Some Progress in Transnistria Talks

Moldova and its breakaway region made modest progress in talks held in Vienna – but only on the less contentious issues of educational diplomas and telecommunications.

26 Nov 17

Thousands of Romanians Protest Against Justice Changes

More than 45,000 Romanians protested in Bucharest on Sunday against government plans to introduce legislation that they say will weaken the fight against corruption.

24 Nov 17

Balkan Countries Downplay Worry About Radioactive Cloud

Several Balkan countries say they detected nuclear pollution in their atmosphere in September and October – but have reassured concerned citizens that it is not dangerous. 

23 Nov 17

Romania Protests Continue as Govt Survives Impeachment Vote

Opposition supporters and civil society groups are keeping up the pressure on Romania’s ruling Social Democratic Party, despite the government's survival on Thursday of an impeachment vote in parliament.

22 Nov 17

Romanian NGOs Fear Pressure as New Bill Passes Senate

Romanian NGOs are anticipating heightened political pressure after a ruling Social Democrat Party-backed bill that obliges them to declare their donors twice a year passed the Senate. 

21 Nov 17

Romania Graft Watchdog Freezes Ruling Party Leader's Assets

Romania's anti-graft prosecutors have frozen the assets and accounts of ruling Social Democrat Party chief Liviu Dragnea and eight other people currently being investigated for fraud. 

17 Nov 17

Transnistria Orders Mobilization Ahead of Vienna Talks

Transnistrian leader Vadim Krasnoselsky has alarmed Moldova by ordering a general mobilization, just 10 days before new peace negotiations are due to start in Vienna.

16 Nov 17

Romanian Shepherd Creates Quandary for US Missile Shield

The case of an obstinate Romanian shepherd – who refuses to demolish a sheepfold that keeps triggering the alarms at a US military base – is creating a headache for the Romanian government.


07 Dec 17

Cancer of Corruption Continues to Blight Europe

In a year that saw the shocking murder of a Maltese journalist known for her investigations into corruption, the fight against this scourge must be unrelenting.

06 Dec 17

Fatal Inaction: How Measles Made a Comeback

29 Nov 17

Romania Rejects US Warning on Rule of Law


10 Nov 17

Romania Bank Chief Warns of High Trade Deficit

Romania’s Central Bank governor has sounded a number of warning notes about the country's apparently booming economy, including the risk of a yawning trade deficit. 

06 Nov 17

Moldovans Send Home More Euros than Rubles

02 Nov 17

Romania Pledges to Investigate Vanished Forest

Culture and Lifestyle

24 Nov 17

Moldovan History Film Angers Champions of Romanian Ties

A new movie about Moldova’s history, produced under Socialists auspices, has angered pro-EU politicians and historians by playing down links to Romania and, they say, taking Russia’s line.