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16 Aug 17

Balkan Religious Minorities Still Feel Excluded, US Says

Religious minorities in the Balkans still struggle with a degree of discrimination and with a lack of official cooperation in regaining assets confiscated by the communist regimes, a US State Department report says. 

15 Aug 17

Charlottesville Nationalist Leader Inspired by Romanian Fascism

A leader of the white nationalists whose rally turned violent in the US city of Charlottesville was inspired by Romania’s fascist movement, which killed tens of thousands in pogroms and the Holocaust.

15 Aug 17

Gay Marriage Discord Splits Romanian Party

Romania’s third largest party in parliament is disarray after its members voted to reject a move to enshrine a conservative definition of marriage in the constitution, causing its founder to quit.

14 Aug 17

Balkan Mining Tycoon Arrested for Alleged Graft

Billionaire Benjamin Steinmetz, the owner of two iron and gold mining companies in the Balkans, who is wanted by anti-graft prosecutors in Romania, has been arrested in Israel for alleged money laundering.

03 Aug 17

Russia Slaps Sanctions on Romania and Moldova

Moscow took retaliatory measures against Romania and Moldova after Chisinau declared Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin persona non grata and Bucharest refused to allow him to use its airspace.

03 Aug 17

Romania Parents Face Fines for Refusing Child Vaccinations

Parents who refuse to immunise their children could face heavy fines, according to a draft law under consideration in Romania, aimed at averting an outbreak of dangerous diseases.

28 Jul 17

Romania Prevents Russian Official Visit to Moldova

Russia's Deputy Prime Minister was forced to cancel his visit to Moldova on Friday, after Romania banned his airplane from flying into their airspace, forcing it to land in Minsk instead.

28 Jul 17

Romania Joins Campaign Against 'Double Standards' in Food

Romania is joining a number of other Eastern European states who accuse big food retailers of using an EU loophole to sell inferior-quality products to their countries.

27 Jul 17

Moldova President Gives Tour of Summer Residence

Igor Dodon gave journalists a tour of his country residence on Wednesday night, before holding a press conference in the salon. 

26 Jul 17

Honours for Russian Troops Spark Anger in Moldova

Moldova’s pro-Russian President Igor Dodon sparked yet more controversy by announcing he intends to give state honours to Russian and separatist troops in breakaway Transnistria.

21 Jul 17

Moldova Asks Russian Troops to Quit Transnistria

Moldova's parliament has passed a declaration asking Russian troops to leave Transnistria, a day before Russian Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin’s planned visit to the breakaway region.  

21 Jul 17

Russian Planned Visit to Transnistria Angers Moldova

A planned visit to Moldova - and to the breakway region of Transnistria - by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin planned for later July is causes more tension between Chisinau and Moscow. 

14 Jul 17

Transnistria Forcing Young Into Army, Moldovan Report Says

A Moldovan rights organization, Promo-Lex, says the separatist administration in Transnistrian is forcing more and more youngsters to join its armed forces - where some have died in suspicious circumstances.

13 Jul 17

Romanian Activists Slate Move to Let Criminals Hold Office

A bill drafted by the cabinet - that might allow people with criminal convictions to hold public office - has prompted fresh calls from civil society activists for public protests. 

08 Jul 17

Pressure Rises on Journalists in the Balkans

Weakening EU and US influence in the Balkans and increased Russian influence, as well as growing political and economic pressures on journalists, have created a harsher environment for Balkan media, BIRN’s biennial meeting heard.


25 Jul 17

Europe Must Respond to Threats to Liberal Values

As the crisis over the judiciary in Poland has shown, the EU must be more vigilant in defending values that both member states and candidate countries seem determined to test.

06 Jul 17

Turmoil Shakes Romania’s Anti-Graft Watchdog

23 Jun 17

Romanian Top Filmmakers Fight for Reform


16 Aug 17

Romania’s Economy Named EU's Fastest Growing

Romania’s economy grew by a healthy 5.9 percent in the second quarter of the year, pushing its GDP to its highest level in 12 months. 

27 Jul 17

Chinese Seal Major Romanian Energy Acquisition

Culture and Lifestyle

01 Aug 17

Best Balkan Films to Watch This Summer

From light-hearted comedies to horrors and dramas that reveal the still visible legacy of the wars of the 1990s, Balkan cinematography has something for everyone this summer.

06 Jun 17

Inside Guide to the Balkans’ Secret Wonders