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Latest Business News from Romania

16 Feb 18

Moldova's Foreign Trade Rose Sharply in 2017

The volume of Moldova's imports and exports rose by almost a fifth in 2017, data show – as trade with European markets replaces that with the Russian-led Commonwealth of Independent States.

15 Feb 18

Romania’s Fast Growth Comes With Risks, Experts Warn

Romania on Wednesday reported that its economy grew by 7 per cent in 2017, the highest rate in years – but some economists say growth stemming from booming consumption comes with risks.

05 Feb 18

Skilled Labour Shortage Hits Bulgarian, Romanian Businesses

Companies in both Balkan countries say mass emigration is making it hard to find skilled personnel and hampering their growth.

31 Jan 18

Fiscal Changes Make Romanian Entrepreneurs Fear Bankruptcy

Romanian entrepreneurs are warning that a huge number of changes to the fiscal code and a climate of political uncertainty could lead many of them to impose cutbacks or even go out of business.

29 Jan 18

Organic Farming Booms in Bulgaria and Croatia

The two countries have seen the highest rate of expansion in their organic farming sectors in the whole of the EU in recent years.

17 Jan 18

Moldova Toasts Wines' Success on Western Markets

Despite an economic embargo in the once crucial Russian market, Moldova's wine producers are selling more wine than ever – by shifting their sales to Western and Central Europe.

04 Jan 18

Russia Loses Top Place Among Investors in Moldova

National bank data show Moldova's principal foreign investors are now from EU countries – while Russia has dropped from first place to sixth in the investment league table.

10 Nov 17

Romania Bank Chief Warns of High Trade Deficit

Romania’s Central Bank governor has sounded a number of warning notes about the country's apparently booming economy, including the risk of a yawning trade deficit. 

08 Nov 17

Romania to Adopt Fiscal Changes Despite Opposition

Romania’s Social Democratic Party-led cabinet is set to pass a controversial decree on fiscal changes Wednesday that critics say could result in wages slumping and economic instability. 

06 Nov 17

Moldovans Send Home More Euros than Rubles

As Moldova’s breach with Russia widens, fewer Moldovans going abroad to work are going to Russia – which is having a clear impact on the currencies in which they send money home.

02 Nov 17

Romania Pledges to Investigate Vanished Forest

Romania’s Environment Ministry said on Wednesday that it will investigate how 50 hectares of forest vanished from a national park in the Carpathians, presumably as a result of illegal logging. 

01 Nov 17

Balkan States Score Well in Doing Business Ranking

World Bank's latest global business ranking holds cheering news for some Western Balkan countries, such as Macedonia and Kosovo, but not for Bosnia, Croatia and Albania, which did not make it into the top 50.

26 Oct 17

Croatian Companies Argue Against EU-Backed Wage Boost

Croatian companies are protesting that a newly-adopted EU directive likely to increase wages for employees sent to work in other EU states will hurt their their businesses and cause job cuts.

16 Oct 17

Romania ‘No longer Europe’s poor Man’, Guardian Says

Leading UK paper says Romania is fast shrugging off its negative image as the economy and IT sector power ahead, despite continuing problems of corruption.

07 Sep 17

Angry Neighbours to Bar Croatia, Romania, From OECD

Hungary and Slovenia plan to stop Romania and Croatia from joining the world’s largest economic organization, citing disputes over minority rights and border demarcation.


19 Feb 18

Romanian Investors Finally ‘Look East’ to Moldova

After years of hesitation, Romanian companies are now investing in Moldova – which will help to counteract Russian influence as well as improve the country’s economy, analysts say.

19 Oct 17

EU Mulls Lower Roaming Charges for Balkans

04 Jul 17

Economic Storm-clouds Hover Over Romania

Politics and Society

22 Feb 18

Romania Minister Seeks Anti-Graft Chief's Dismissal

Romanian Justice Minister Tudorel Toader on Thursday said he had filed a request to dismiss anti-graft prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi – whose probes have angered the ruling party. 

16 Feb 18

Moldova's Foreign Trade Rose Sharply in 2017

Culture and Lifestyle

13 Feb 18

Balkan Music Fans Cling to Homegrown Stars

A map of last December's YouTube hits shows that music fans in several Balkan countries still prefer their local bands to top international songs – though audiences in Croatia, Macedonia and Romania are now part of the global mainstream.

01 Jan 18

Gallery: New Year’s Eve, the Balkan Way

27 Dec 17

Balkan Cities to Party Their Way Into 2018