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Latest News from Montenegro

23 Feb 18

US Embassy Attack Wasn’t Terrorism: Montenegro Police

Police said the Montenegrin man who threw a grenade into the US embassy compound in Podgorica and then blew himself up had no criminal record, and that the attack was not terrorism.

22 Feb 18

Montenegro Police Seek to Identify US Embassy Attacker

Montenegrin media reported that a 42-year-old war veteran from the capital Podgorica carried out Wednesday’s grenade attack on the US embassy, although police have yet to confirm this.

22 Feb 18

US Embassy in Montenegro Hit by Grenade Attack

The Montenegrin government said that a man threw a grenade at the US embassy compound in Podgorica before blowing himself up with a second explosive device.

22 Feb 18

Montenegro to Send More Troops to Afganistan

Montenegro plans to increase the number its soldiers in Afghanistan to please the US, which asked its NATO allies to deploy more troops there. 

22 Feb 18

Amnesty Highlights Continued Rights Failings In Balkans

New report by Amnesty International records human rights violations in all Balkan countries, and points to a lack of progress in prosecuting war crimes suspects.

21 Feb 18

Balkan Progress on Corruption "Stagnating', Transparency Expert Says

Ahead of the publication of Transparency International's latest corruption index, Southeast Europe expert Cornelia Abel says Balkan countries have barely shifted on the scale, as 'state capture' and weak courts impede progress.

20 Feb 18

Video of Police Beating Sparks Anger in Montenegro

The commander of the special police unit in Montenegro’s capital has been sacked and an official investigation launched by the police after a video surfaced of police beating two people.

19 Feb 18

Montenegro Govt Accused of ’Treason’ over Kosovo Border Deal

Montenegro's main opposition group, the Democratic Front, has accused the government of treason, claiming its willingness review the 2015 border deal with Kosovo is a sell-out.

07 Feb 18

Ex-General Charged Over Montenegro 'Coup' Starts Hunger Strike

Retired Serbian General Bratislav Dikic, one of the main suspects in the alleged coup attempt in Montenegro, has gone on a hunger strike while in custody.

06 Feb 18

EU’s New Balkans Enlargement Strategy Demands Reforms

The European Commission’s new enlargement strategy offers support for Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia - but insists they must step up reforms and fully embrace EU values if they hope to join.

06 Feb 18

EU to Showcase New Enlargement Strategy for Balkans

The European Commission is to present a new enlargement strategy for six Balkan countries - widely seen as an attempt to motivate them to continue following the EU's agenda.

02 Feb 18

Montenegro Officers to Join NATO Force in Kosovo

Montenegro plans to deploy two military officers in the NATO-led mission in Kosovo, its first new international operation since it joined the Western military alliance last year.

31 Jan 18

Serbia Trails Balkan States in Global Justice List

Serbia ranked worst in the region in a new rule of law index that measures respect for basic justice principles, though most countries in the region came above the half-way mark.

31 Jan 18

Blasts Shut Down Arms Dealer's Montenegro Factory

A Montenegrin factory part-owned by controversial Swiss arms dealer Heimrich Thomet has been temporarily shut down after the latest of several accidents, which left two workers with life-threatening injuries.

30 Jan 18

Djukanovic Keeps Montenegro's Would-be Presidents Guessing

Montenegro's political parties seem reluctant to decide who to field in April presidential election – amid continued uncertainty over whether veteran strongman Milo Djukanovic will return to the scene.


22 Feb 18

Centralised or Decentralised, Balkan States Get it Wrong

Some Balkan countries have centralised political systems while others are decentralised – but both approaches have been taken to their extreme in the region and do not properly serve their purpose.

17 Jan 18

How Rich Are the Balkans’ Top Politicians?


09 Feb 18

Abu Dhabi Funding Fails to Kickstart Montenegro’s Agriculture

Questions surround the Montenegrin government’s use of an important loan from Abu Dhabi – after one only one of the nine ‘big players’ in farming that obtained cash to develop has since realised its project.

19 Oct 17

EU Mulls Lower Roaming Charges for Balkans