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11 Dec 17

Macedonia and Greece Reboot 'Name' Talks

After three years of stalemate, Skopje and Athens are rebooting UN-sponsored talks on their dispute over Macedonia's name, which has been holding up the country's Euro-Atlantic integration process.

11 Dec 17

Macedonia to Purge Textbooks of Offensive Language

Macedonia's new government says it plans to remove hate speech and discriminatory statements from the country's educational textbooks.

08 Dec 17

Prosecutors Probe Macedonia-Serbia Money-Laundering Claim

Macedonia’s prosecution has launched a probe into allegations that former high-ranking Macedonian officials have used companies in neighbouring Serbia for money-laundering schemes.

07 Dec 17

Hague Tribunal Declares ‘Mission Accomplished’

The president of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, which closes this month, told the UN Security Council that the court had “forever changed the landscape of international justice”.

01 Dec 17

Gruevski Plans to Quit as Macedonia's VMRO DPMNE Leader

The former Prime Minister and leader of the right-wing VMRO DPMNE party, Nikola Gruevski, said he plans to resign as its leader 'soon'.

01 Dec 17

Serbian Police Arrest Alleged 'Synthetic Drugs King'

Serbian police on Friday arrested Milan Zarubica, dubbed a 'king of synthetic drugs', in a joint police action with police in Macedonia.

01 Dec 17

Macedonia Seeks 'Masterminds' Behind Rampage in Parliament

Further investigations into 36 suspects behind April's assault on parliament may uncover who planned and directed the rampage that left almost 100 people wounded, legal experts say.

30 Nov 17

Macedonia Special Prosecution Pledges to Continue Probes

As it awaits a resolution of its status and of ability to press fresh charges, Macedonia’s Special Prosecution, SJO, says it will not abandon the task of probing some 100 possible cases of high-level crime.

28 Nov 17

Macedonia’s Former Ruling Party Protests Against MPs’ Arrests

Former prime minister and VMRO DPMNE party chief Nikola Gruevski led a protest against the arrests of 36 people, including his own MPs, who are suspected of involvement in violence in parliament in April.

28 Nov 17

Kosovo Veterans Protest at Macedonia Shootout Convictions

Kosovo Liberation Army veterans marked Albanian independence day by protesting against the convictions of 33 ethnic Albanians found guilty of involvement in a deadly gun battle with police in Kumanovo, Macedonia.

28 Nov 17

Report Urges Permanent US Military Presence in Balkans

A permanent US military presence in south-east Europe is necessary to stabilise the region, argues a report by Washington-based think-tank the Atlantic Council, which also warns of increased Russian attempts to exert influence.

28 Nov 17

Macedonia Arrests Ex-Police Chief, MPs for Parliament Unrest

Police arrested former police chief Mitko Cavkov and several MPs from the former ruling VMRO DPMNE party over the April 27 violence in Macedonia's parliament, which injured some 100 people.

28 Nov 17

Tempers Rise in Macedonian Resort Over Tall Minaret

Some of the residents of Ohrid, a Macedonian lakeside resort famous for its ancient churches, are up in arms about a plan to plant a 32 metre-high minaret over a restored mosque.

27 Nov 17

Bulgarian Bishops Agree to Lobby for Macedonian Church

Following the Macedonian Orthodox Church’s plea for help in escaping its isolation, the Bulgarian Church has set up a committee to launch talks with the rest of the Orthodox world.

27 Nov 17

Macedonia to Trim Secret Police's Eavesdropping Powers

Macedonia’s secret police, UBK, will no longer have unchecked powers to place people under surveillance, under a set of bills that form part of EU-recommended reforms of the security sector.


07 Dec 17

Cancer of Corruption Continues to Blight Europe

In a year that saw the shocking murder of a Maltese journalist known for her investigations into corruption, the fight against this scourge must be unrelenting.


19 Oct 17

EU Mulls Lower Roaming Charges for Balkans

The European Commission is considering cutting roaming charges for the Western Balkans, following calls from EU candidate countries to abolish the fees. 

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