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Latest News from Kosovo

23 Feb 18

Memorial to Slain Kosovo Serb Leader Ivanovic Unveiled

Relatives and political allies of the Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic, assassinated outside his party office last month, gathered at the site in north Mitrovica to unveil a memorial plaque.

22 Feb 18

Kallxo Condemns Journalist's Expulsion From Kosovo Parliament

BIRN Kosovo's Kallxo website has protested after police expelled its reporter, Taulant Osmani, from the Kosovo parliament while he was following the stalled vote on the demarcation agreement with Montenegro.

22 Feb 18

Kosovo Stalls Again on Montenegro Border Vote

Hopes that Kosovo MPs would finally take a vote on the controversial border agreement with Montenegro foundered on Thursday – following disagreements over a decision to attach other documents to the bill.

22 Feb 18

Kosovo Witness Says Serb Policemen Killed Her Father-in-Law

A witness told the war crimes trial of former Serb policeman Zoran Vukotic that she was present when the defendant and his colleague killed her father-in-law and three other Kosovo Albanian civilians in May 1999.

22 Feb 18

Amnesty Highlights Continued Rights Failings In Balkans

New report by Amnesty International records human rights violations in all Balkan countries, and points to a lack of progress in prosecuting war crimes suspects.

21 Feb 18

Balkan Progress on Corruption "Stagnating', Transparency Expert Says

Ahead of the publication of Transparency International's latest corruption index, Southeast Europe expert Cornelia Abel says Balkan countries have barely shifted on the scale, as 'state capture' and weak courts impede progress.

21 Feb 18

Kosovo Witness Accuses Serb Policeman of Killing Son

A witness testified that Zoran Vukotic, a former Serb policeman on trial for war crimes in Kosovo, was involved in killing his son and three of his friends in May 1999.

20 Feb 18

Kosovo Parliament to Vote on Border Demarcation with Montenegro

Kosovo’s Prime Minister calls for parliamentary session to ratify the agreement on border demarcation with Montenegro on Thursday.

20 Feb 18

Vucic: Slain Ivanovic ‘Feuded with Kosovo Serb Businessman’

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic claimed the murdered Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic had a long-standing conflict with a businessman who is allegedly powerful in Mitrovica, where the killing happened.

19 Feb 18

Serb Members of Kosovo Security Force Threatened

Kosovo police are investigating the unknown authors of a pamphlet threatening Serbian ‘traitors’ who work for the Kosovo state.

19 Feb 18

Montenegro Govt Accused of ’Treason’ over Kosovo Border Deal

Montenegro's main opposition group, the Democratic Front, has accused the government of treason, claiming its willingness review the 2015 border deal with Kosovo is a sell-out.

19 Feb 18

Rama Criticised for Albania-Kosovo ‘Joint President’ Idea

Albanian premier Edi Rama’s suggestion that Albania and Kosovo could share the same joint president was described as impractical by analysts in Pristina and strongly condemned by officials in Belgrade.

17 Feb 18

Journalists Recall Events from Kosovo’s Independence in Pristina, Belgrade

Two journalists who were reporting from Pristina and Belgrade when Kosovo declared independence recall vastly different stories of how events unfolded in each city.

16 Feb 18

In Profile: Key Figures in Kosovo’s Independence Struggle

As Kosovo marks the 10th anniversary of its declaration of independence, BIRN highlights some of the key people who led, supported or opposed Kosovo Albanians' fight for their own state.

16 Feb 18

Kosovo, Montenegro to Form Joint Border Commission

The Kosovo and Montenegro presidents have presented a joint statement on the controversial issue of border demarcation, saying they want to form a joint working body to identify remaining disagreements.


22 Feb 18

Centralised or Decentralised, Balkan States Get it Wrong

Some Balkan countries have centralised political systems while others are decentralised – but both approaches have been taken to their extreme in the region and do not properly serve their purpose.

16 Feb 18

Recognising the Realities of Kosovo

05 Feb 18

January is the Longest Month


13 Feb 18

Kosovo’s New Power Plant is an Expensive Mistake

The contract for the New Kosova coal-fired power plant is a monumental error – for which the people of Kosovo will be paying, in various ways, for the next six decades.

06 Nov 17

Threat to Quit CEFTA Stirs Debate in Kosovo

19 Oct 17

EU Mulls Lower Roaming Charges for Balkans

Culture and Lifestyle

13 Feb 18

Balkan Music Fans Cling to Homegrown Stars

A map of last December's YouTube hits shows that music fans in several Balkan countries still prefer their local bands to top international songs – though audiences in Croatia, Macedonia and Romania are now part of the global mainstream.

01 Jan 18

Gallery: New Year’s Eve, the Balkan Way

27 Dec 17

Balkan Cities to Party Their Way Into 2018