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Latest News from the Balkans

17 Oct 17

Church Offer to Guarantee Coup Suspects Divides Montenegro

An offer by the Serbian Orthodox Church to accommodate Serbs charged in the coup plot, if they are released from custody, has drawn a mixed reaction in Montenegro.

17 Oct 17

Deal on Unifying Kosovo Justice System Takes Effect

The EU confirmed that on Tuesday the Kosovo-Serbia agreement on unifying the justice system in Kosovo is due to come into force.

17 Oct 17

Romania Snubs Push to Honour 1848 Uprising

A proposal by Romania's ethnic Hungarians to honour March 15 as the anniversary of the 1848 Hungarian uprising against Austria has drawn a cool response from Romanian parliamentarians.  

16 Oct 17

VMRO DPMNE Suffers Shock Defeat in Macedonia Polls

The first round of local elections on Sunday in Macedonia was a disaster for the former ruling party, whose leader, Nikola Gruevski, now faces awkward questions about his future.

16 Oct 17

Moldova MPs Push to Make Romanian Official Tongue

Moldovan MPs are moving to change the constitution to replace the Moldovan language with Romanian, despite opposition from pro-Russian president.

16 Oct 17

Romanian Girl’s Fatal Leap From Cathedral Shocks UK

Tragedy is likely to put focus on East European migrants who struggle to adapt to life in UK.

16 Oct 17

Russian Minister Says Hague Tribunal ‘Should Be Closed’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the UN war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia should have been shut down long ago because it is biased against Serbs.

16 Oct 17

Serbia President Hints at Early General Elections

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic raised the possibility of holding early parliamentary elections in 2018 in an interview with the state-owned daily Vecernje novosti, published on Monday.

16 Oct 17

Croatia Police Search Agrokor Boss Home, Arrest Associates

Croatian police on Monday searched the home of Ivica Todoric, founder of the troubled company Agrokor, while he is abroad – and arrested some of his former associates.

16 Oct 17

Migrant Surge Complicates Romania’s Schengen Plans

Romania’s new place on the migration route to Western Europe is hindering its plans to join the passport-free Schengen zone – despite support from the European Commission. 

16 Oct 17

Tito's NY Penthouse Opens Doors to Potential Buyers

A real estate agency is ready to show potential buyers the 418-square-metre penthouse apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan once used by Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito.

16 Oct 17

Romania ‘No longer Europe’s poor Man’, Guardian Says

Leading UK paper says Romania is fast shrugging off its negative image as the economy and IT sector power ahead, despite continuing problems of corruption.

16 Oct 17

Macedonia's Ruling Party Celebrates Local Election Victory

The Social Democrats saw a firm display of support from Macedonia’s electorate on Sunday.

15 Oct 17

Polls Open in High Stakes Elections in Macedonia

Voting has begun in Macedonia in local elections whose results will be seen as a key test of the new government’s popularity.

13 Oct 17

Attack on Online Editor in Kosovo Condemned

After the editor of the Pristina-based online newspaper Insajderi, Vehbi Kajtazi, was attacked in a bar on Friday, both the country's PM and media unions condemned the incident strongly.

13 Oct 17

Bosnian Army Troops Jailed for Abusing Croat Prisoners

Three former Bosnian Army servicemen were sentenced to a total of 17 years in prison for crimes against Croat civilian detainees who were held at a school near Mostar in 1993.

13 Oct 17

Turkey Presses Albania To Extradite Key 'Gulenist' Suspect

Albania is under pressure to deport a 39-year-old detained in Durres, who Turkish media link with a Twitter account that infuriated Ankara with its leaks of state secrets.

13 Oct 17

Bosnian Serbs Accuse Judges, Prosecutors of Bias

The Justice Ministry war crimes centre in Bosnia’s Serb-dominated Republika Srpska complained to the country’s judicial overseer, accusing 15 state-level judges and prosecutors of anti-Serb bias.

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17 Oct 17

Referendum Pledge Haunts Bosnian Serb Supremo

Milorad Dodik’s controversial vow to hold a referendum on the powers of Bosnia’s state courts is likely to loom large as the Bosnian Serb assembly reconvenes in a fractious mood.

16 Oct 17

In Pictures: Inside Athens’ Hidden ‘Mosques’

Thousands of Muslims living in the Greek capital use makeshift rooms to pray, awaiting the opening of the city’s first proper mosque, which is due to take place by the year’s end.

09 Oct 17

Bosnian LGBTs Remain in Closet to Stay Safe