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/en/file/show//Images/Images.New/People 2/Matthew Nimetz 2/Matthew Nimetz_2 600 660.jpg Macedonia and Greece Reboot 'Name' Talks

After three years of stalemate, Skopje and Athens are rebooting UN-sponsored talks on their dispute over Macedonia's name, which has been holding up the country's Euro-Atlantic integration process.

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/en/file/show//Images/Images.New/Places/Croatia/Hungarian soldiers setting a temporary fence in Beremend, on the border with Croatia 660. Photo by Beta MTI via AP Tamas Soki.jpg

Hungary Shuts Down Border with Croatia

Follow live latest developments as Hungary has decided to close the border with Croatia to prevent further influx of refugees


11 Dec 17

Website Documents Police Violence Against Refugees in Balkans

The German NGO Rigardu has launched a website gathering reports of illegal push-backs and police violence this year against refugees using the so-called Balkan Route.

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11 Dec 17

Vucic Turns His Fire on Serbian Twitter Critics

Twitter is one of the few media in Serbia that the government cannot control, which may explain why it has become an obsession for Serbia’s imagine-conscious President.

08 Dec 17

Serbia’s Embattled Trans People Hope for Brighter Future

Life for the Balkan country’s small trans community is difficult – but some activists are confident that the future is on their side.

08 Dec 17

Skiing Serbia: The Highs and the Lows

08 Dec 17

Disabled Bosnians Face Uphill Battle For Jobs

07 Dec 17

Serbian Artist Gives Turbo-Folk a Makeover

06 Dec 17

Fatal Inaction: How Measles Made a Comeback


Cancer of Corruption Continues to Blight Europe

In a year that saw the shocking murder of a Maltese journalist known for her investigations into corruption, the fight against this scourge must be unrelenting.

coca-cola-plans-buying-banja-luka-beverage-company-11-29-2017 29 Nov 17 Coca-Cola to Acquire Banja Luka Drinks Company

As Coca-Cola announces plans to buy Banja Luka beverages company MB Impex, the Bosnian authorities are checking the likely impact on the local alcoholic drinks market.

20 Nov 17 Serbia’s IMF Arrangement Ends on High Note
10 Nov 17 Romania Bank Chief Warns of High Trade Deficit
skiing-serbia-the-highs-and-the-lows-12-04-2017 Skiing Serbia: The Highs and the Lows

Winter in Serbia can be magic. Ski snow-covered forests, trek peaceful mountains and eat great food; but make sure you get the right advice. 

the-artist-giving-turbo-folk-a-new-look-11-17-2017 Serbian Artist Gives Turbo-Folk a Makeover

Turbo-folk is widely reviled and despised for its perceived links to crime as well as its kitsch sensibility - which has not stopped Belgrade painter Aleksandar Denic from giving it a whole new look.



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