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Latest News from the Balkans

16 Aug 17

Court Rejects Bosnian Serb Claim to Army Facilities

The Constitutional Court ruled that military facilities in the country's Serb-dominated entity are owned by the state - a decision which could help Bosnia move towards membership of NATO.

16 Aug 17

Vassilev Pushes for US Sanctions Against Bulgaria

Exiled Bulgarian ex-banker Tsvetan Vassilev is seeking US sanctions against Bulgaria under the Global Magnitsky Act – while his family complains of increased pressure from the authorities. 

16 Aug 17

Balkan Religious Minorities Still Feel Excluded, US Says

Religious minorities in the Balkans still struggle with a degree of discrimination and with a lack of official cooperation in regaining assets confiscated by the communist regimes, a US State Department report says. 

16 Aug 17

US Blames Serbian WWII Regime for Jews’ Deaths

The US State Department said the Nazi-backed Serbian government of Milan Nedic, whose descendants are seeking his legal rehabilitation, was responsible for most of the WWII-era deaths of Serbia’s Jews.

16 Aug 17

Belgrade Beer Fest Offers Musical Refreshment

Belgrade Beer Fest, one of the largest beer events in south-east Europe, offers five days of free live shows by Serbian and foreign bands as well as dozens of different brews.

15 Aug 17

Charlottesville Nationalist Leader Inspired by Romanian Fascism

A leader of the white nationalists whose rally turned violent in the US city of Charlottesville was inspired by Romania’s fascist movement, which killed tens of thousands in pogroms and the Holocaust.

15 Aug 17

Kosovo Ex-Guerrilla’s Torture Sentence Reduced

Kosovo Liberation Army ex-fighter Xhemshit Krasniqi, who was convicted of abuse and torture at detention camps in Kosovo and Albania, had his prison sentence reduced on appeal to seven years.

15 Aug 17

Macedonia Urged to End Parliamentary Paralysis

Calls are growing for the parliamentary speaker and the ruling majority to take more decisive action to end the opposition’s stalling tactics in the legislature, which have been paralysing parliament’s work.

15 Aug 17

Albanian PM Rama Praises Vucic’s Kosovo Initiative

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said he was "moved" by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s resolve to launch an 'internal dialogue' in Serbia about Kosovo.

15 Aug 17

EU Urges Kosovo to End Political Deadlock

The European Union said Kosovo MPs should end the political deadlock preventing the formation of a new government because the country has “no time to lose” to press ahead with vital reforms.

15 Aug 17

Gay Marriage Discord Splits Romanian Party

Romania’s third largest party in parliament is disarray after its members voted to reject a move to enshrine a conservative definition of marriage in the constitution, causing its founder to quit.

15 Aug 17

Serbia’s Plan for Post-WWII Restitution ‘Flawed’

The Serbian government is to decide on a formula to calculate compensation for property seized after World War II, but the Network for Restitution argues the authorities have no real idea of the cost.

15 Aug 17

Bulgarian Deputy PM’s Disco Raids Spark Backlash

Bulgaria’s deputy premier Valeri Simeonov, who led raids on nightclubs in the Black Sea resort of Sunny Beach in which a popular DJ was arrested, has caused controversy with his ‘war on noise’.

14 Aug 17

Police Protect Bosnian Judicial Official After Threats

The vice president of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, Ruzica Jukic, has been granted police protection after receiving death threats on Facebook.

14 Aug 17

Balkan Mining Tycoon Arrested for Alleged Graft

Billionaire Benjamin Steinmetz, the owner of two iron and gold mining companies in the Balkans, who is wanted by anti-graft prosecutors in Romania, has been arrested in Israel for alleged money laundering.


16 Aug 17

‘Men Don’t Cry’: Revealing Balkan Veterans’ Emotions

A new feature film made by a Bosnian war veteran dramatically explores the minds of men who fought in the 1990s and how it affected them psychologically and emotionally.

15 Aug 17

Bosnia-Born American Sues US over Travel Ban

10 Aug 17

Balkan Parents Dream of Finnish Baby Boxes

09 Aug 17

Macedonia Basks in Super Cup Success

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‘Men Don’t Cry’: Revealing Balkan Veterans’ Emotions

A new feature film made by a Bosnian war veteran dramatically explores the minds of men who fought in the 1990s and how it affected them psychologically and emotionally.