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news 05 Jan 18

Moldova President Defiant After Fresh Court Suspension

Moldova's Constitutional Courts of Moldova has approved the third temporary suspension from office in three months of the country's pro-Russian president, Igor Dodon.

Madalin Necsutu
 President Igor Dodon. Photo: NATO.

Moldova's Constitutional Court on Friday ruled that President Igor Dodon should be temporarily suspended for the third time in three months over his repeated refusal to promulgate a law that curbs the rebroadcasting in Moldova of broadcasts from Russia.

The law has been pushed by the governing pro-Western Democratic Party whose relations with Russia are poor. Dodon, by contrast, champions closer ties to Moscow.

Analysts in Chisinau say that the court ruling suits the Democratic Party well.

“The Democratic Party will not now have to initiate ... criminal proceedings against Dodon ... who is compromised. Of course, in this situation, the Democratic Party wins,” analyst and columnist Nicolae Negru told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Dodon warned on Facebook that the judges of the court would be held accountable for their ruling, once again urging voters to throw out the pro-EU ruling party in this year's elections.

“This year will see the decisive battle. That is why I urge citizens to consolidate all patriotic forces against a Euro-unionist government [pro-EU and pro-union with Romania]," he said. "Victory will be on our side,” Dodon added.

On Thursday, Dodon met Russian ambassador Farit Muhametshin, and said a senior Russian Foreign Ministry official should come to Chisinau to show Moscow's support for him.
In the meantime, Dodon appeared unworried by his third suspension and proudly announced the start of a facelift of the Presidency building, which was damaged during the so-called “Twitter Revolution” of April 2009, when then then ruling communists were ousted from power by massive protests.

The repairs will be done by a Turkish company after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed to sponsor the renovation of Dodon's official headquarters.

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