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news 13 Jul 17

John Newman, Fatboy Slim Open Montenegro's Sea Dance

The producer and DJ Fatboy Slim and UK soul star John Newman are to open part II of the Exit music festival, Sea Dance, in Budva, Montenegro.

Dusica Tomovic
Photo: Sea Dance Festival's Flickr photostream.

Legendary producer and DJ Fatboy Slim, and soul singer John Newman will be the lead stars at the start of the post-Exit Sea Dance music festival in the Montenegrin resort of Budva on Thursday.

For the third year, the Exit festival is being held two locations, at the Novi Sad fortress in Serbia - its original location - and then at Jaz Beach in Montenegro.

After the festival closed in Serbia on Sunday, the party continues on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast from July 13-15 with Fatboy Slim, John Newman, Sean Paul, Amelie Lens, Denis Horvat, South London Ordnance and Space Dimension Controller.

Over 100 artists will perform on five festival stages to fans from more than 50 countries.

The main stage has a capacity of some 30,000 people.

The Tourist Organization of Montenegro and the organisers of Exit from Novi Sad agreed in 2014 to hold the Sea Dance Festival in Budva for one week after it ends in Novi Sad.

The organisers said that having been voted Europe's top medium-sized festival, Sea Dance has proven much within just three years.

“Stunning location, world renowned artists and outstanding productions make this festival a must see," they said.

In January, the Montenegrin government decided to help fund the musical event with 100,000 euros, though the municipality of Budva said it was not “willing anymore to donate 400,000 euros" like it had in the previous three years.

In addition to festival security, all entrances will be patrolled by police in order to prevent the introduction of prohibited items and substances, the organisers have warned.

Tickets to all events at Sea Dance cost 49 euros. VIP tickets are available for between 100 and 1,000 euros. The income from the most expensive tickets will be donated to charity, the organisers said.

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