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14 Apr 12 / 06:33:31 TV Justice Magazine

Episode 27: International Judges and Prosecutors at the End of Their Mandate in BH

Justice Report

The March issue of TV Justice magazine brings an overview of the most important trials held before the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina during February

International judges and prosecutors at the end of their mandate in BH. In past nine years in Court and Prosecution more then 70 international judges and prosecutors were appointed.

At the end of their term, which in BH ends this year, there are different evaluations of their work. While some considers that they have helped domicile resources to adopt knowledge and experiences from international law, other thinks that they were incompetent, and they should not come at all.

Patricia Whalen international judge of BH Court talks, in this month issue of TV JUSTICE on her experiences during the work in BH. Also find out what people of Hadžići think about war crimes trials held at the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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