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14 Jan 13 / 16:31:17 TV Justice Magazine

Episode 35: Susica detention camp - prison of death in eastern Bosnia


The November issue of TV Justice magazine brings an overview of the most important trials held before the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina during October.

According to the second instance verdicts, more than eight thousand people passed through Susica detention camp in Vlasenica from April to September 1992. Bosniaks from Vlasenica, Kalesija and Zvornik were brought there and detained. Majority of them were civilians, including many women and children.

Out of the total number of killed in this detention camp, more than 400 victims have been identified and buried until now. Many families are still searching for their loved ones. Around a thousand persons, who have gone through Susica, are still missing today.

The guest of this month’s edition of the TV Justice is a lawyer form Sarajevo Damir Alagic. Also find out what people of Zvornik think about war crimes trials held at the Court of BiH.

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