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09 Jan 12 / 13:02:57 TV Justice Magazine

Episode 24: The crime on the bank of Drina River

Justice Report

The December  issue of TV Justice magazine brings an overview of the most important trials held before the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina during November.

The crime on the bank of Drina River - this month, we bring you the story from the village Barimo, near Visegrad.

According to survivors, in village Barima, near Visegrad, more than 20 residents were killed in early August 1992. Almost all the houses were burned, and one twelve years old boy, several women and several elderly people were among the victims. For twenty years which is almost past from this crime, no one is still brought to justice. Sead Covrk, two then minor children, and one immobile elderly woman survived the sufferings in Barimo. Three people who were taken from Barimo were never found.

Guest of this month’s edition of TV JUSTICE is Ivica Divkovic, director of the Center for Investigation of War Crimes in the State Investigation and Protection Agency.

Find out also whatVisegrad citizens think about the processing of war crimes cases before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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