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07 Dec 10 / 17:36:33

Episode 09: The monument to fallen soldiers and civilian victims in Samac, tribute or manipulation?


In this edition of TV Justice we bring an overview of the most important trials held before the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in August.

In the second part of our show you can watch reportage about Semka Agic, whose son was killed in Bosanski Samac area in the war. Her son’s name was incised, without her consent, into a monument erected in honour of killed soldiers and civilian war victims in that town.

We have discussed the violation of human rights and manipulation of war victims in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Emina Halilovic, Assistant Ombudsman for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

At the end of the show you can hear what Prijedor citizens think about the work of the War Crimes Chamber with the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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TV Justice Magazine is a monthly show about war crime trials in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the front of the State court War Crimes Chamber. TV Justice is part of the Justice Report, a specialist reporting agency focusing on war crimes trials taking place before local courts, development of the local legal system and efforts to come to terms with the past. You can read our reports, listen Radio Justice and watch TV Justice online at www.bim.ba and Balkan Insight Video.

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