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31 Aug 10 / 12:34:00

Episode 08: Collage Edition of TV Justice


In the August edition of TV Justice, other then a review of the most significant trials before the War crimes chamber of the Court of BiH held in July, we will also show the most interesting parts from the previous seven editions

As with the series, we open the collage edition of TV Justice with a visit to the Foca penal facility where we talked to Gojko Jankovic, who was convicted to 34 year imprisonment for crimes committed in this municipality.

You may also see parts of our features about Karaman’s house and crimes committed in Tarcin, for which there have been no indictments.

In the second part of our show, you can see the most interesting parts of our interviews with Meddzida Kreso, President of the Court of BiH, Milorad Barasin, Chief prosecutor in BiH, and part of the interview with Patrick Robinson, President of the Hague Tribunal.

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TV Justice

TV Justice Magazine is a monthly show about war crime trials in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the front of the State court War Crimes Chamber. TV Justice is part of the Justice Report, a specialist reporting agency focusing on war crimes trials taking place before local courts, development of the local legal system and efforts to come to terms with the past. You can read our reports, listen Radio Justice and watch TV Justice online at www.bim.ba and Balkan Insight Video.

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