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17 Jan 13

Greece, Macedonia Positive on EU ‘Name’ Initiative

Athens and Skopje have given a cautious welcome to a proposal from EU enlargement commissioner Stefan Fule to hold talks over the Macedonia ‘name’ dispute.

15 Jan 13

Follow-Up Macedonia 'Name' Talks Agreed

After his visit to the region, the UN mediator in the Macedonia ‘name’ talks, Matthew Nimetz, has invited negotiators to a follow-up meeting in New York.

11 Jan 13

Nimetz Optimistic on Macedonia-Greece 'Name' Talks

UN special envoy Matthew Nimetz said he wanted to step up negotiations between Macedonia and Greece aimed at solving their name dispute.

10 Jan 13

Nimetz Arrives in Skopje for ‘Name’ Talks

The UN mediator in the Greek-Macedonian ‘name’ dispute, Matthew Nimetz, has arrived in Skopje after previously visiting Athens.

08 Jan 13

Nimetz Starts New Push For Macedonia ‘Name’ Deal

The UN mediator in the Macedonia-Greece ‘name’ talks, Matthew Nimetz, is visiting Athens and Skopje, bringing fresh proposals for a solution to the dispute.

21 Dec 12

New Macedonia ‘Name’ Talks Announced

The UN mediator in the Macedonia-Greece name talks, Matthew Nimetz, will pay a visit to Athens and Skopje from January 8-11, the UN announced.

19 Dec 12

Macedonian President 'Disappointed' by EU Council

President Gjorge Ivanov, in his annual address to parliament on Tuesday, expressed regret about the outcome of the EU Council, delaying a decision on Macedonia's membership talks.

12 Dec 12

Bulgaria and Greece Block Macedonia's EU Talks

Greece found an ally in Bulgaria in preventing Macedonia from obtaining a start date for EU accession talks at a Tuesday’s EU meeting in Brussels.

10 Dec 12

EU Council of Ministers to Discuss Macedonian Bid

Ahead of the EU Council of Ministers discussion on Macedonia’s blocked EU bid, Athens sends a message dampening Skopje’s hopes of opening EU accession talks prior to the resolution of the ‘name’ dispute.

05 Dec 12

Macedonia Accepts Bulgaria's Terms For Support

Skopje had agreed to the three terms that Sofia has set as preconditions for Bulgaria's support for Macedonia’s EU integration process.

03 Dec 12

ESI Bids to Break Macedonia ‘Name’ Deadlock

Berlin think tank launches upgraded initiative to solve the dispute between Macedonia and Greece so that the former can advance its EU integration.

21 Nov 12

UN Mediator Presents New Macedonia ‘Name’ Proposals

The UN mediator in the ‘name’ dispute has put forward several suggestions for a compromise name for Macedonia in talks in New York - but his ideas have not been made public.

15 Nov 12

Nimetz Calls Fresh Macedonia 'Name' Talks

The UN mediator in the Macedonia-Greece 'name' dispute, Matthew Nimetz, has called fresh meetings with the two countries' negotiators next Monday and Tuesday in New York.

08 Nov 12

EU Rapporteur Urges Macedonian Accession Talks

The European Council this December should extend a start date for Macedonia's EU membership talks, the European Parliament rapporteur on Macedonia Richard Howitt said.

01 Nov 12

Clinton Omission of Macedonia in Balkan Tour Questioned

US Secretary of State's omission of Macedonia from her Balkan tour appears to some like a diplomatic snub to Skopje - but the US embassy insists there is nothing to worry about.



Macedonia-Greece Name Dispute: What’s in a name?

Ever since Macedonia gained independence in 1991, its name has been the subject of a bitter dispute with southern neighbor, Greece.


17 Jan 18

Macedonia, Greece, ‘Must Seize Historic Opportunity’ – Dimitrov

In an interview with BIRN, Macedonia’s foreign minister, Nikola Dimitrov, says the two countries have a duty to use the current momentum to finally resolve their ancient disputes.

17 Oct 13

Brussels Runs Short of Levers in Macedonia

28 Jun 13

Macedonia Vanishes from View at EU Summit


11 Mar 13

The Ugly Face of National Pride

Harald Schenker

It was bound to happen. And it did. I can't really say finally, but here I am, perplexed and unsurprised.

13 Dec 12

Macedonia and the EU Council Conclusions

Gerald Knaus
26 Nov 10

I’m Tired of Being ‘The Girl From Macedonia’

Tanja Milevska
21 Jun 10

Macedonia Celebrates its Defeat

Sinisa Jakov Marusic