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24 Oct 13

Breakthrough Unlikely in New Macedonia Name Talks

As the UN mediator summoned both sides to New York for fresh talks on Macedonia's name, few scented a likely breakthrough.

16 Oct 13

Brussels Ponders Screening Macedonian Acquis

The European Commission in its annual report on Macedonia has kept open the possibility of starting to 'screen' the country's laws without formally launching accession talks.

01 Oct 13

Ashton Says Willpower Crucial to Macedonia ‘Name’ Deal

The EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, said a settlement of the 'name' dispute between Macedonia and Greece ultimately depends on the leaderships of both countries.

30 Sep 13

UN Chief Offers Help in Macedonia 'Name' Dispute

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has offered to help stage high-level talks between Macedonia and Greece aimed at resolving their differences, Macedonia's Prime Minister said.

27 Sep 13

Macedonia Dashes Hope of Quick 'Name' Deal

After meeting his Greek counterpart, Macedonian Foreign Minister says 'mountains' still separate the two countries regarding the dispute over Macedonia's name.  

24 Sep 13

New Macedonia 'Name' Talks Planned in New York

Matthew Nimetz, the UN mediator in the Greece-Macedonia 'name' dispute,  will summon both sides to a fresh round of talks in New York shortly.

12 Sep 13

Gaps Remain on Macedonia Name Deal, Nimetz

UN mediator Matthew Nimetz says substantial differences remain between Greece and Macedonia on solving the vexed “name” issue.

11 Sep 13

Macedonia President Seeks Fresh Greek Talks

Macedonia is ready for direct, high-level meetings with Greece on finding a solution to the longstanding “name” dispute, the Macedonian President said.

10 Sep 13

No Fresh Macedonia 'Name' Proposal from Nimetz

The UN mediator in the long-standing “name” dispute between Macedonia and Greece, Matthew Nimetz, arrived in Skopje on Tuesday - but without any fresh name proposal.

05 Sep 13

Fresh Macedonia Name Talks Announced

The UN mediator in the Macedonia-Greece 'name' dispute, Matthew Nimetz, will visit Athens and Skopje next week in a fresh attempt to hammer out a compromise.

12 Aug 13

Macedonian Sun-Lovers Choose Greece Despite Dispute

The ‘name’ dispute between Athens and Skopje has not prevented thousands of Macedonians from flocking to neighbouring Greece for their holidays again this summer, statistics show.

31 Jul 13

Macedonia Urges Greece to Stop Abuse of Tourists

Skopje is sending a protest note to Athens, urging its neighbour to stop nationalists targeting Macedonian tourists in Greece with verbal abuse and vandalism.

22 Jul 13

Macedonia Coalition Partner Backs Compromise With Greece

The deputy leader of Macedonia’s junior ruling Democratic Union for Integration said the proposed name ‘Upper Macedonia’ was an acceptable way of solving the country’s dispute with Greece.

12 Jul 13

Junior Party's Diplomacy Annoys Macedonian Leaders

Macedonia’s ruling VMRO DPMNE party is unhappy with the recent diplomatic efforts of its junior Albanian partner - whose leader recently met Bulgarian leaders and urged intensified name talks with Greece.

08 Jul 13

Macedonian Government Coalition Admits Strained Relations

Macedonia Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski admitted that his party’s relationship with his ethnic Albanian political allies has “worsened” but said it isn’t going to collapse.



Macedonia-Greece Name Dispute: What’s in a name?

Ever since Macedonia gained independence in 1991, its name has been the subject of a bitter dispute with southern neighbor, Greece.


12 Jan 18

Macedonia 2018: All Eyes Focus on ‘Name’ Agreement

After a year of turbulence, there are hopes of breakthrough this year in Macedonia’s stalled NATO and EU accession bids, provided a compromise is finally reached on the long-standing ‘name’ dispute.

17 Oct 13

Brussels Runs Short of Levers in Macedonia

28 Jun 13

Macedonia Vanishes from View at EU Summit


11 Mar 13

The Ugly Face of National Pride

Harald Schenker

It was bound to happen. And it did. I can't really say finally, but here I am, perplexed and unsurprised.

13 Dec 12

Macedonia and the EU Council Conclusions

Gerald Knaus
26 Nov 10

I’m Tired of Being ‘The Girl From Macedonia’

Tanja Milevska
21 Jun 10

Macedonia Celebrates its Defeat

Sinisa Jakov Marusic