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21 Mar 14

Serbia Albanians Seeking Union With Kosovo Cite Crimea

Ethnic Albanian leader in southern Serbia says the Crimean precedent strengthens the case for allowing his border region to join Kosovo.

12 Feb 14

One Albanian Party to Run in Serbia Election

The Party for Democratic Action will be the only ethnic Albanian party to compete in the Serbian general elections as five other Albanian parties have decided to boycott the vote.

14 Jan 14

Aid Pledge Fails to Impress Serbian Albanians

While Kosovo and Albania have reached agreement on allocating some funds for the Albanian community in South Serbia, local leaders are not convinced it will achieve much.

27 Nov 13

Serbian Albanians Seek Cash From Kosovo, Albania

Ethnic Albanian leaders in South Serbia say they will ask the parliaments of Albania and Kosovo to include their municipalities in their budgets for 2014.

26 Nov 13

South Serbia Albanians Quit Talks with Govt

Ethnic Albanians in South Serbia have quit talks with the government after it rejected their proposal on re-establishing local courts and prosecutor's offices in the area.

11 Oct 13

Serbian-Albanian Leader Claims PM Threatened Him

The head of the ethnic Albanian Movement for Democratic Progress party, Jonuz Musliu,  accused Serbian premier Ivica Dacic of threatening him during a meeting in Belgrade.

20 Jun 13

South Serbia Albanians Seek Kosovo Office

As Serbia and Kosovo exchange their first 'liaison' officers, ethnic Albanians in South Serbia say they want liaison offices of their own.

03 Apr 13

South Serbia Albanians Build Guerrilla Monument

Ethnic Albanians will construct a huge, 100,000-euro memorial dedicated to rebel fighters who died battling Serbian forces during their 2001 separatist insurgency in the south.

18 Mar 13

Dacic Says Serbia Must Develop Poor South

Prime Minister says economic development of the south is a priority if the country does not want it to become 'an empty territory'.

13 Mar 13

South Serbia Albanians Seek Community of Municipalities

As Belgrade and Pristina mull forming an association of Serbian municipalities in Kosovo, ethnic Albanians in South Serbia now want the same deal for themselves.

01 Feb 13

Serbia Albanians Rally Against Monument to Police

Around 1,000 ethnic Albanians demonstrated in the southern town of Bujanovac, demanding Belgrade remove the memorial which they see as provocative.

26 Jan 13

Thousands Rally in Kosovo Over Serbia Monument Removal

Demonstrators staged a mass rally in Pristina after Belgrade took down a memorial to ethnic Albanian guerrillas in the south Serbian town of Presevo.

20 Jan 13

Serbia Removes Albanian Guerrilla Monument

Police took down a controversial monument dedicated to ethnic Albanian fighters in south Serbia in the early hours of Sunday morning.

15 Jan 13

Kosovo and Serbia Militias Threaten Violence

Shadowy armed groups from Kosovo and Serbia have warned they are ready to fight over a controversial monument to Albanian guerrilla fighters.

14 Jan 13

Serbia Raises Pressure Over Albanian Monument

Belgrade has warned ethnic Albanians against involving Tirana in a dispute over a controversial memorial to guerrilla fighters that the Serbian authorities want removed.


History and Politics of South Serbia

The South Serbia region, predominantly populated by ethnic Albanians, lies some 350 kilometres south of Serbia`s capital, Belgrade. In contemporary political language, the term “South Serbia” is understood to refer to the territory of three municipalities - Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja.

The Economy of South Serbia

A snapshot of South Serbia's business and industry

Education and Culture in South Serbia

Resources and institutions of South Serbia

South Serbia Demographics

Facts and figures on the population, ethnic composition and geography of South Serbia

Key Figures in South Serbia

Profiles of main political leaders in South Serbia

Key Political Parties in South Serbia

Profiles of main political parties in South Serbia

Views and Analysis

23 Jan 13

Guerrilla Monument Dispute Divides Serbia’s Albanians

After Belgrade removed a memorial to ethnic Albanian fighters in Presevo, some locals called for political dialogue but others rejected cooperation with the government.

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