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dacic-presents-goals-of-new-govt 27 Jul 12

Dacic Presents Goals of Serbia's New Govt

Prime Minister designate presents the programme of the future government whose 19 members took their oaths of office on Friday.

new-serbia-ministers-to-be-sworn-in 26 Jul 12

Serbia's New Government Sworn In

New Prime Minister and 19 members of the government are scheduled to take their oaths of office on Thursday in Belgrade.

serbian-parliament-elects-new-speaker 24 Jul 12

Serbian Parliament Elects Speaker From Progressives

Nebojsa Stefanovic of the Serbian Progressive Party has been elected Speaker, and promised to rebuild popular confidence in the workings of the assembly.

serbia-progressives-unveil-names-of-new-ministers 23 Jul 12

Serbia's Progressives Unveil Names of New Ministers

The Progressives, the biggest party in the new Serbian government, have announced the names of 19 future members of the government.

progressives-offer-bosniaks-to-join-new-serbia-govt 18 Jul 12

Serbian Progressives Tempt Bosniaks Into Govt

Nationalist-led coalition is trying to lure ethnic minorities into the new government, but after Hungarians said no, Bosniaks are still weighing their options.

serbian-new-coalition-seeks-support-west-s-support 16 Jul 12

New Serbian Coalition Seeks Support from West

As talks for the new government near completion, Serbia's nationalist leaders are trying to secure support from the West.

new-serbia-govt-mulls-replacing-governor 16 Jul 12

Serbia Mulls Sacking Central Bank Chief

Serbia's new leaders are already at odds with the austerity policies of the head of the national bank.

serbia-nationalists-sign-deal-on-govt 10 Jul 12

Serbia Nationalists Seal Deal on New Govt

Leaders of three parties - the Progressives, Socialists and United Regions of Serbia, have signed an agreement to form a new government and outlined its priorities.

nationalist-led-serbia-govt-remains-in-place-despite-us-visit 05 Jul 12

Serbia Coalition in Place Despite US Nudges

As top US official meets Serbian politicians to urge the inclusion of Democrats in new government, Progressives, Socialists and United Regions of Serbia say their existing deal on forming a new coalition is still in place.

serbia-new-govt-leaves-balkan-future-uncertain 02 Jul 12

Region Suspicious of Serbia’s New Govt

Serbia’s neighbours fear that the new nationalist-led government may threaten the region’s EU future.

serbia-govt-to-have-15-ministries 29 Jun 12

Serbia's New Leaders Agree on Cabinet of 15

Leaders of the Progressives and the Socialists have agreed that new government will have 15 ministries and said its final composition and agenda would be made clear within a fortnight.

brussels-us-welcome-nationalist-dominated-serb-govt 29 Jun 12

EU, US Welcome Nationalist-Led Serbia Govt

As Progressives and Socialists start talks on posts in the new government, Washington and Brussels extend a cordial welcome, suggesting once again that they are keen to put Serbia's past behind them.

socialists-to-get-mandate-to-form-serbia-govt 28 Jun 12

Serbia President Asks Socialists to Form Govt

Serbia's new President, Tomislav Nikolic, on Thursday gave Ivica Dacic, the leader of the Socialists, a mandate to form a new government.

dacic-tempted-to-become-serbia-pm 27 Jun 12

Progressives Likely to Form Next Serbian Govt

New government in Belgrade will probably comprise Progressives, Socialists and United Regions of Serbia, Balkan Insight has learned from two independent sources.

serbia-s-parties-enter-new-phase-of-talks-on-govt 14 Jun 12

Serbian Socialists Tempted by All Sides

While talks on forming a new government in Serbia continue, Ivica Dacic's Socialists continue to juggle their coalition options and offers.

Election Background


Serbian Elections 2012: What's at stake

This spring almost 7 million Serbians are entitled to vote in presidential, general, provincial and local elections. 


Two Decades of Election Tumult in Serbia

Since the renewal of multi-party politics in 1990 power has oscillated between a variety of parties in Serbia and votes have often followed by allegations of frauds and protests. 


Key Parties in Serbia

Twelve years after the overthrow of Slobodan Milosevic, the scene has changed significantly as parties rise, fall and change their minds. See Balkan Insight's profiles of Serbia's ruling and opposition parties.


Serbian Presidential Elections Since 1990

Since the first multi-party elections were held in 1990, Serbia has often had acting heads of state, while many of those elected ended their terms before their mandates expired.