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15 Apr 14

EU Ministers Slate Separatist Talk in Bosnia

After the EU Foreign Affairs Council discussed Bosnia on Monday, it said separatist rhetoric must go and politicians need to focus more on economic development and jobs.

14 Apr 14

Serbia Ruling Party Backs Republika Srpska Opposition

The vice-president of the Serbian Progressive Party said that it would not forget the support it has received from Republika Srpska’s opposition Serb Democratic Party.

14 Apr 14

Restoration of Sarajevo's Iconic City Hall Nearly Over

More than two decades since it was burned down in the Bosnian Serb siege of the city, the Vijecnica, or City Hall, is preparing to reopen this summer.

09 Apr 14

Bosniaks and Croats Unveil Joint Plan For Mostar

The two main Bosniak and Croat parties in Mostar said they would work together on economic issues in the city, putting aside their political disputes over the voting system.

08 Apr 14

HDZ Chiefs Back Croat Demands in Bosnia

The heads of the Croatian and Bosnian wings of the HDZ on Monday said Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina needed real equality if Bosnia was to forward in EU integration.

07 Apr 14

Bosnia Given Deadline on Money Laundering Law

Bosnia could be placed on a list of countries with suspicious money transactions unless it adopts a law preventing money-laundering by June.

02 Apr 14

Dodik Accused of Manipulating Referendum Issue

Bosnian Serb opposition dismiss Republika Srpska leader's claim that he may go for independence if country is not reorganised as a tripartite confederation.

28 Mar 14

Foreign Ministers Back EU's New Line on Bosnia

On visits to Bosnia, the foreign ministers of Britain, Austria and Hungary said the EU's new approach to the troubled country - focusing now on economic issues - was the right one.

26 Mar 14

Bosnia's NATO Hopes 'Depend on Serbia'

Bosnia and Herzegovina can only join NATO once neighbouring Serbia has made up its own mind about the alliance, a conference organized by the Atlantic Initiative heard in Sarajevo.

26 Mar 14

Few Bosnians Expect Census to be Accurate

A survey shows that only 15 per cent of people in Bosnia have complete confidence in the results of the 2013 population census.

24 Mar 14

Serbia's Vucic Vows To Protect Republika Srpska

Aleksandar Vucic vowed to continue supporting Bosnia’s Serb entity after parliamentary polls in Serbia ended in victory for his Progressive Party.

24 Mar 14

Bosnia’s Mostar Airport Aims for Expansion

Mostar has announced new flight destinations amid hopes of attracting more tourists, bringing more money into the area and creating jobs.

20 Mar 14

Bosnia Serb Opposition Unites Against Dodik

Three opposition parties in Republika Srpska are forming a broad coalition aaimed at challenging the ruling Alliance of Independent Social Democrats led by the entity president, Milorad Dodik.

19 Mar 14

Ashdown Urges West to Stop Bosnia Sinking

Former High Representative Paddy Ashdown said the international community has to stop Bosnia from sliding into deep disfunctionality - and warned of a possible Ukrainian-style scenario.

13 Mar 14

Ashton Switches EU Focus on Bosnia to Economy

After months of vainly focusing on trying to solve the Sejdic-Finci rights ruling, the EU foreign policy chief says the focus now will be on the economy and on improving people's lives.