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06 Nov 14

Bosnians Greet Anglo-German Push for Reform

Political leaders agree that British-German initiative represents a new chance for Bosnia in terms of making progress with its EU agenda.

05 Nov 14

UK, Germany Launch Joint Initiative on Bosnia

Lamenting the years of waste and stagnation, Britain and Germany have launched a new initiative on Bosnia, promising real progress towards the EU if its politicians sign up to reforms.

04 Nov 14

Bosnia Federation Rules Against Ethnically-Divided Schools

Rights campaigners welcomed the Federation supreme court’s ruling that the practice of running ‘two schools under one roof’, separating Bosniak and Croat pupils, is discriminatory.

03 Oct 14

Bosnia’s Republika Srpska Criticised Over Debts

A report on the performance of the Republika Srpska authorities over the past four years said they accumulated public debts without tackling people’s everyday financial problems.

26 Sep 14

Bosnians Pay Tribute as Sulejman Tihic Dies

After years of battling with cancer, the president of the largest Bosniak Party of Democratic Action, SDA, Sulejman Tihic, died in Sarajevo aged 63.

01 Jul 14

Bosnia Prepares for Polls in Pessimistic Mood

Political parties are already preparing their campaigns for the general and presidential elections in October, but analysts say they don’t expect the polls to deliver positive changes.

18 Jun 14

Bosnia Arrests 30 Tax Officials For Corruption

Bosnian police have arrested over 30 taxation authority officials suspected of taking part in organized crime and corruption - the biggest post-war investigation of its kind.

05 Jun 14

Bosnia to Start Building New Prison Soon

After years of interruptions, the authorities announced the start of construction work on a high-standard state prison.

02 Jun 14

Warning Issued Over Bosnia Money-Laundering Risks

After the Bosnian parliament failed to adopt legislation to tackle money-laundering, Council of Europe experts urged other states to be vigilant in financial dealings with the country.

17 May 14

Inzko Highlights Threat to Bosnia's Integrity

The High Representative to Bosnia has told the UN Security Council that the work of internationally overseeing the 1995 Dayton Peace Accords was far from complete.

15 May 14

Mostar to Miss Bosnian Local Elections Again

After Bosnia's parliament failed to agree on changes to the electoral law for Mostar, it appears that the city will again miss out on local elections due in October.

14 May 14

Inzko Raises Bosnian Serb Residence Checks

The High Representative has raised the issue of residence checks in Republika Srpska in a meeting in Washington, while the Bosnian Croat Presidency member said the new rules had been rushed through ahead of the general election.

09 May 14

Bosnia Urged To Resolve Residence Rules

The EU, US and the OHR have urged Bosnia's authorities to adopt a residence law at state-level and assure that returnee rights are respected, following unilateral action on the subject in Republika Srpska.

06 May 14

IMF Cash Delay Threatens Bosnian Budgets

The budgets of Bosnia's two entities face trouble since a planned tranche of money from an IMF stand-by arrangement was blocked.

02 May 14

Opposition Parties Ally in Bosnian Serb Entity

Several opposition parties in Republika Srpska have formed a united 'Union for Changes', which aims to take on the governing Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, led by Milorad Dodik, in Bosnia's upcoming elections.