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15 Apr 15

Bosnia’s New EU Chief Pushes Reform Agenda

At his first Sarajevo press conference, the new EU chief in Bosnia, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, announced a high-level meeting to push forward Brussels’ economic and social reform initiative.

13 Apr 15

Serb Party’s Resolution ‘Threatens Peace’ in Bosnia

A leading Serb party’s announcement that it will adopt a resolution about a free and independent Bosnian Serb entity has sparked allegations of separatism and attempted political destabilisation.

03 Apr 15

Bosnian Federation Vows to Honour EU Reform Package

New government of Bosnia's Federation entity showed its serious intentions towards reforms by slapping a blockade on any new hires and pledging to act on EU jobs compact.

12 Feb 15

Bosnian Serb Deputies All Back EU Declaration

The National Assembly of Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity, Republika Srpska, unanimously accepted the declaration pledging continued commitment to Bosnia’s European integration.

11 Feb 15

Bosnian Serb Deputies Mull EU Declaration

The Republika Srpska assembly on Wednesday began debating the declaration that is supposed to unblock the country’s EU path - which has been delayed by political intrigues.

21 Jan 15

EU Presses Bosnian Leaders to Form Govts

As political games as well as procedural problems continue to delay the formation of a Federation entity government, Brussels says valuable time is being wasted.

19 Jan 15

Bosnian Leaders Ponder New EU Declaration

Top European diplomats’ visit is expected to give a boost to the EU’s new plan for the country, although political differences over a declaration committing Bosnia and Herzegovina to reforms remain.

14 Jan 15

German, UK, Ministers Push Bosnia Reform Plan

The German and British Foreign Ministers are travelling to Sarajevo this week to give the stalled EU initiative on Bosnia - which they designed - a decisive push.

24 Dec 14

Bosnia Presidency to Consult Parties on Reforms

The chair of the state presidency, Mladen Ivanic, said talks with party leaders will soon be held on producing an agreed program of reforms to which all sides are signed up.

06 Nov 14

Bosnians Greet Anglo-German Push for Reform

Political leaders agree that British-German initiative represents a new chance for Bosnia in terms of making progress with its EU agenda.

05 Nov 14

UK, Germany Launch Joint Initiative on Bosnia

Lamenting the years of waste and stagnation, Britain and Germany have launched a new initiative on Bosnia, promising real progress towards the EU if its politicians sign up to reforms.

04 Nov 14

Bosnia Federation Rules Against Ethnically-Divided Schools

Rights campaigners welcomed the Federation supreme court’s ruling that the practice of running ‘two schools under one roof’, separating Bosniak and Croat pupils, is discriminatory.

03 Oct 14

Bosnia’s Republika Srpska Criticised Over Debts

A report on the performance of the Republika Srpska authorities over the past four years said they accumulated public debts without tackling people’s everyday financial problems.

26 Sep 14

Bosnians Pay Tribute as Sulejman Tihic Dies

After years of battling with cancer, the president of the largest Bosniak Party of Democratic Action, SDA, Sulejman Tihic, died in Sarajevo aged 63.

01 Jul 14

Bosnia Prepares for Polls in Pessimistic Mood

Political parties are already preparing their campaigns for the general and presidential elections in October, but analysts say they don’t expect the polls to deliver positive changes.