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18 Aug 14

EU Tells Serbia Not to Exploit Russian Embargo

Brussels has warned EU candidate countries against exploiting the Russian embargo on EU food imports to their own advantage.

11 Aug 14

Bulgaria Demands EU Meeting on Russian Food Ban

Bulgaria's Agriculture Minister, Vasil Grudev, has asked Brussels to call an emergency meeting to discuss compensation for farmers for the Russian ban on EU food imports.

10 Jul 14

German MPs Nudge Serbia Over Kosovo

A German parliamentary delegation has told Serbia it must implement the EU-led deal with Kosovo in full if it is to realise its EU accession hopes.

09 Jul 14

Jump in Asylum Requests From Serbia in 2013

Marked rise in number seeking asylum in EU does not imperil visa-free regime with EU, official says.

04 Jul 14

Greek Crisis ‘Undermined Balkan EU Accession Hopes’

Athens’ sovereign debt crisis not only hit Greece but also damaged its Balkan neighbours’ EU accession hopes, said a report by the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy.

02 Jul 14

Croatia EU Anniversary Passes Without Economic Progress

A year after Croatia joined the EU, President Ivo Josipovic said he remains optimistic despite continued recession, job losses, stagnant incomes and decreased foreign investment.

01 Jul 14

Serbia 'Won't Dump Russia for EU'

Despite pressure from Brussels, Serbia will not join criticism of Moscow over Ukraine or dump its plans to participate in the Russian-run South Stream gas pipeline, EU sources told BIRN.

20 Jun 14

Drug Raid Likely to Boost Albania’s EU Bid

The crackdown against marijuana growers in the outlaw village of Lazarat is likely to boost Albania’s bid for candidate status at the upcoming meeting of the EU Council of Ministers.

11 Jun 14

Drop in Albanian Support for EU Integration

The annual survey on the European perspective of Albania shows that fewer people support the EU integration process, although support levels remains robust.

10 Jun 14

Albania Uneasy Over Czech Stance to EU Bid

The Czech Foreign Ministry has downplayed reports that Prague may block Albania’s EU membership bid in connection to a dispute over a power company.

05 Jun 14

Romania, Bulgaria Not Ready to Adopt Euro

Seven EU member states, Romania and Bulgaria included, do not meet the requirements to join the eurozone, a new European Commission report says.

04 Jun 14

Commission Renews Call For Albania's EU Candidacy

The European Commission has issued a fresh recommendation for Albania to be granted candidate status in the upcoming EU Council of Ministers meeting.

02 Jun 14

Croatia, Slovenia Begin Border Line Hearings

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague is assessing a longstanding dispute between the two former Yugoslav neighbours over their mutual borders.

28 May 14

Bulgaria Nationalists Denounce Euro-Election Result

The nationalist party Ataka wants the results of the European Parliament elections in Bulgaria cancelled, after it failed to cross the threshold.

27 May 14

Eurosceptic Victories Cause Concern in Albania

The strong showing of Eurosceptic parties in several member states in the European elections concerns Albania, which hopes the result will not delay its June bid for candidate status.


01 Jul 14

Albania Faces Bumpy Road to EU Accession

As Tirana struggles to satisfy membership criteria, internal dynamics in EU member states add a new burden to hopes for a smooth and speedy accession.

25 May 14

EU Election Fails to Catch Fire in Romania

The politicians may be excited by the campaign - but poverty and deep disappointment with the current elite are likely to contribute to a low turnout on the part of voters this Sunday.

05 Mar 14

Time to Try a Third Way in Bosnia

A new approach, combining a focus of local ‘ownership’ of reforms with a stronger engagement by the international community, could offer a way out of the current dead end.

19 Feb 14

Kacin: Snap Polls Won't Slow Serbia EU Talks

European Parliament Rapporteur says early elections will not affect Serbian negotiations with the EU if a new government is formed soon following the vote.

18 Oct 13

Pitfalls Lie Ahead Following Kosovo’s EU Advance

The five EU ‘non-recognizers’ could yet slow the process of Kosovo signing a landmark stabilization agreement.

17 Oct 13

Brussels Runs Short of Levers in Macedonia

As the EU uses up its ‘soft power’ in terms of carrots and sticks to keep the integration process alive in Macedonia, there are fears about the consequences.

16 Oct 13

Bosnia’s EU ‘Advance’ Remains Stuck in Slow Lane

Another failure to end the logjam over the Sejdic-Finci rights ruling has led some in Bosnia to call for stronger pressure from Brussels. Whether it will come or not remains another matter.

17 Jul 13

Brussels Should Not Keep Albania Waiting

If Albania is kept in the EU ‘waiting room’ following the latest elections, Brussels will undermine the reform effort in Albania as well as its own credibility.

28 Jun 13

Economic Fears Overshadow Croatia’s EU Celebration

While top officials hail Croatia’s EU membership, the public seems far less enthusiastic, concerned by their uncertain economic future in the bloc.

13 Jun 13

German Parties Mull Line on Serbia-EU Talks

While the Bundestag is likely to back offering Serbia a start date for EU talks in June, some differences remain between the ruling and opposition parties on the issue.