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16 Dec 14

Montenegro Opens New Chapters with EU

Montenegro is to open talks with the EU on four chapters dealing with consumer and health protection and customs regulation.

08 Dec 14

VIDEO: Searching for Solutions in the Balkans

Croatia made it across the finish line, but the rest of the Balkan countries seem to be far away from their European future. What kind of new approaches can be explored to ensure that the accession story ends well?

05 Dec 14

EU Tells Bosnia to Get Moving on Reforms

During her visit to Sarajevo, the EU’s foreign policy chief is urging Bosnian political leaders to get the country’s reform process back on track after the October elections.

21 Nov 14

EU Chief Reassures Montenegro on Enlargements

The EU's new Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn, welcomed Montenegro's decision to back EU policy on Ukraine - and said his visit was a reminder that the EU remained committed to an enlargement policy.

20 Nov 14

Hahn Tells Serbia to Join Sanctions on Russia

Johannes Hahn, the EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, has told Serbia it must join EU-imposed sanctions on Russia.

05 Nov 14

UK, Germany Launch Joint Initiative on Bosnia

Lamenting the years of waste and stagnation, Britain and Germany have launched a new initiative on Bosnia, promising real progress towards the EU if its politicians sign up to reforms.

07 Oct 14

EU Serbia Report Highlights Kosovo, Rule of Law

New EU progress report says Serbia is advancing towards EU integration, but needs to focus on judicial reforms, implementing agreements with Kosovo and aliging it foreign policy with that of Europe.

07 Oct 14

Balkan Progress Slow, EU Commission Says

Upcoming EU Progress Reports on the Western Balkan countries will say each of the countries has much to do - though some are clearly making more progress than others.

05 Sep 14

Romania Politicians Feud Over EU Commission Post

The prime minister and opposition leaders are blaming each other because Romania is expected to get a less important portofolio than expected in the next European Commission.

05 Sep 14

Berlin Summit Encouraging for Balkans’ EU Future

Despite the announced freeze in the EU enlargement process in the next five years, experts say that German re-engagement in the Western Balkans is a positive sign for the region.

01 Sep 14

Romania Nominates Woman for EU Commissioner

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said he has nominated a woman for an EU commissioner post’s as well as the current EU agriculture commissioner, Dacian Ciolos.

29 Aug 14

Merkel Hails Progress in Balkan Cooperation

At the end of the West Balkan leaders' summit in Berlin, the German Chancellor praised leaders for working together more closely - and said their countries are on the right track in terms of eventual EU membership.

28 Aug 14

Balkan Leaders in Berlin Pledge to Work Together

Balkan economy and finance ministers meeting in Berlin have agreed that their countries must jointly resolve economic issues that trouble the region.

28 Aug 14

Balkan Leaders Have High Hopes of Berlin Summit

Regional leaders have high hopes that the conference will attract German investment and support for large infrastructure projects, as well as boosting their EU progress.

27 Aug 14

Romania Puts Gas Price Rise on Hold

Romania is delaying plans to rise the price of gas for households, owing to an ongoing dispute with Brussels.


19 Nov 14

Interview: Europe is the Only Hope for Bosnia

Europeanisation is the ‘only mechanism for moving things forward’ in the divided country’, Balkan expert Professor Adam Fagan says.

18 Sep 14

EU Enlargement Pause Leaves Balkans in Limbo

The announced pause in the European Union enlargement process has obvious consequences for the Balkan region, where several countries are anxiously knocking at the door.

05 Sep 14

Ukraine Conflict Escalation Threatens Serbia’s Neutrality

Serbia’s attempts to maintain friendly relations with Russia while moving towards EU membership could come to an end if the fighting in Ukraine intensifies.


01 Jul 14

Albania Faces Bumpy Road to EU Accession

As Tirana struggles to satisfy membership criteria, internal dynamics in EU member states add a new burden to hopes for a smooth and speedy accession.

25 May 14

EU Election Fails to Catch Fire in Romania

The politicians may be excited by the campaign - but poverty and deep disappointment with the current elite are likely to contribute to a low turnout on the part of voters this Sunday.

05 Mar 14

Time to Try a Third Way in Bosnia

A new approach, combining a focus of local ‘ownership’ of reforms with a stronger engagement by the international community, could offer a way out of the current dead end.

19 Feb 14

Kacin: Snap Polls Won't Slow Serbia EU Talks

European Parliament Rapporteur says early elections will not affect Serbian negotiations with the EU if a new government is formed soon following the vote.

18 Oct 13

Pitfalls Lie Ahead Following Kosovo’s EU Advance

The five EU ‘non-recognizers’ could yet slow the process of Kosovo signing a landmark stabilization agreement.

17 Oct 13

Brussels Runs Short of Levers in Macedonia

As the EU uses up its ‘soft power’ in terms of carrots and sticks to keep the integration process alive in Macedonia, there are fears about the consequences.

16 Oct 13

Bosnia’s EU ‘Advance’ Remains Stuck in Slow Lane

Another failure to end the logjam over the Sejdic-Finci rights ruling has led some in Bosnia to call for stronger pressure from Brussels. Whether it will come or not remains another matter.