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15 Apr 14

EU Ministers Slate Separatist Talk in Bosnia

After the EU Foreign Affairs Council discussed Bosnia on Monday, it said separatist rhetoric must go and politicians need to focus more on economic development and jobs.

11 Apr 14

Schroeder Optimistic About Serbia's EU Goals

The former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said in Belgrade on Thursday that Serbia's hopes of joining the EU by 2020 were realistic, as well as conforming to the historic wishes of the Serbian people.

02 Apr 14

Merkel Hedges Bets on Albania’s EU Candidacy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed cautious support on Tuesday for Albania’s bid to win candidate country status in June - but added that no decision can be made ahead of the next European Commission report.  

01 Apr 14

Rama Lobbies Merkel on Albania's EU Hopes

Prime Minister Edi Rama on Tuesday visited to Germany, where he is lobbying for a positive decision on Albania’s EU candidate status in June.

01 Apr 14

Albania Greets EU Decision on Pre-Accession Funds

Albania's government has hailed an EU decision to transfer responsibility for managing €64 million in IPA funds as a sign of confidence on the part of the European Commission.

13 Mar 14

Ashton Switches EU Focus on Bosnia to Economy

After months of vainly focusing on trying to solve the Sejdic-Finci rights ruling, the EU foreign policy chief says the focus now will be on the economy and on improving people's lives.

24 Feb 14

More Macedonians Seek Asylum in Germany

The number of Macedonians applying for asylum in Germany has increased fivefold in the past three years, according to German migration services data.

21 Feb 14

Serbia Must Clear up Djindjic Murder, Minister

Nikola Selakovic, the outgoing Justice Minister, said the government wished to do all it could to reveal the political background to the assassination in 2003 of Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic.

11 Feb 14

Elections Won't Slow EU Talks, Serbian Leader Says

Upcoming general elections this spring will not retard Serbia’s membership negotiations with the European Union, the Deputy Prime Minister said.

06 Feb 14

US Urged to Drop Visas for All EU States

The European Commission has requested that the United States lift its entry-visa regime for citizens of EU member countries Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania.

04 Feb 14

Graft Costing EU Billions, Commission Says

New report estimates that corruption is costing 28-member bloc 120bn euro annually, equivalent to the EU entire annual budget.

22 Jan 14

Serbian Clock Counts Days Before Joining EU

Serbia marked the start of EU accession talks by issuing commemorative stamps while a new website featuring a clock will count the days until the country joins the European club.

21 Jan 14

Officials, Analysts Praise Start of Serbia-EU Talks

Numerous officials and analysts commented on Twitter on what was dubbed as historic day for Serbia as it officially started EU membership talks on Tuesday.

21 Jan 14

Serbia Nervously Awaits Kosovo Chapter in EU Talks

Serbia starts EU accession talks on Tuesday in Brussels with no clear idea of what to expect in the all-important chapter on Kosovo, the Serbian premier said.

16 Jan 14

Serbia Set For First EU Accession Talks

Serbian leaders are readying for the first intergovernmental conference between the EU and Serbia, which opens on January 21, marking the formal start to accession talks.


05 Mar 14

Time to Try a Third Way in Bosnia

A new approach, combining a focus of local ‘ownership’ of reforms with a stronger engagement by the international community, could offer a way out of the current dead end.

19 Feb 14

Kacin: Snap Polls Won't Slow Serbia EU Talks

European Parliament Rapporteur says early elections will not affect Serbian negotiations with the EU if a new government is formed soon following the vote.

18 Oct 13

Pitfalls Lie Ahead Following Kosovo’s EU Advance

The five EU ‘non-recognizers’ could yet slow the process of Kosovo signing a landmark stabilization agreement.

17 Oct 13

Brussels Runs Short of Levers in Macedonia

As the EU uses up its ‘soft power’ in terms of carrots and sticks to keep the integration process alive in Macedonia, there are fears about the consequences.

16 Oct 13

Bosnia’s EU ‘Advance’ Remains Stuck in Slow Lane

Another failure to end the logjam over the Sejdic-Finci rights ruling has led some in Bosnia to call for stronger pressure from Brussels. Whether it will come or not remains another matter.

17 Jul 13

Brussels Should Not Keep Albania Waiting

If Albania is kept in the EU ‘waiting room’ following the latest elections, Brussels will undermine the reform effort in Albania as well as its own credibility.

28 Jun 13

Economic Fears Overshadow Croatia’s EU Celebration

While top officials hail Croatia’s EU membership, the public seems far less enthusiastic, concerned by their uncertain economic future in the bloc.

13 Jun 13

German Parties Mull Line on Serbia-EU Talks

While the Bundestag is likely to back offering Serbia a start date for EU talks in June, some differences remain between the ruling and opposition parties on the issue.

30 May 13

Kosovo Won’t Dominate Serbia’s EU Accession Talks

Although Kosovo has overshadowed Serbia’s EU agenda till now, the real task ahead will be harmonising Serbian laws and economy in 25 fields, Milica Delevic, former head of parliament’s EU integration committee, says.

16 May 13

Boosting the Balkans’ Progress Towards the EU

Ten years after the Thessaloniki summit, the EU enlargement process for the western Balkans needs an injection of new energy.