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Balkan Insight Feature Updates: October 18, 2010 - RSS Feeds Added!

Keep track of the latest changes on BalkanInsight.com: Updates, new features, bug fixes and more. You can always contact us by writing to [email protected] over technical issues and [email protected] regarding your personal account or the content on the web site.

October 18, 2010

RSS feeds added! You can now subscribe to one or more of our RSS feeds to recieve our headlines in your favourite RSS reader, on your mobile device, or to add Balkan headlines to your blog or web site. You can see the complete list of RSS feeds here.


October 8, 2010

Comments to articles added

We have implemented the Disqus.com commenting system on the new Balkan Insight. You can now post comments to all articles using accounts on Disqus.com, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo. You can also use your OpenID account or you can post without logging in.

Visitors are kindly asked to contribute to the discussion on Balkan Insight with constructive, insightful, critical and witty comments without using foul language and without any kind of personal or general discriminatory remarks.

You can start using discuss right at the bottom of this Feature Updates log, by sending your own comments and suggestions for current and new features and tweaks that could make Balkan Insight even better. We promise to take each suggestion into consideration.


October 6, 2010

The new web site has switched to the original url and domain: www.balkaninsight.com

The old web site is still available on the subdomain: old.balkaninsight.com

New specials on the web site: Bosnia Elections 2010, Serbia: A decade after Milosevic

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September 25, 2010

Dear visitors and subscribers,

In the coming weeks and months,  the redesigned Balkan Insight will bring you a fresh look and a wealth of features that will raise your experience of our website to  a new level.

What you see before you is a website still under construction, so why are we showing it you now?

The main reason is that we would like you to have a look and feel of our new platform and tell us your thoughts.

Keep in mind that a whole range of features and improvements to the old web site are still to come and you can have a look at what is in store for you further down in this welcome note.

We would also like you to login to your account, if you already have one, and make sure your premium subscription is still active. Registration on the new web site will be available very soon.

We will welcome all bug reports, remarks, suggestions and questions you may have for us and encourage you to send them to [email protected]

You may also leave your impressions on Balkan Insight's Facebook Page


What is new about our new web site and platform?

A fresh and spacious page layout has been designed for more comfortable reading and better navigation throughout the entire website.

We have reorganized the navigation and made it country-centric, since we have come to realise that visitors most often focus on a country of interest first.

Under each Country Section in the top navigation, you will notice there several categories - Politics and Society, Business and Culture and Lifestyle, as well as a special Category for access to Premium Content Only.

These will soon be complemented with the categories we already have on the old web site - Blogs, Videos and Photo Galleries, albeit in a much more attractive and practical attire.

We are also test-launching the web site without Comments to individual articles and User Account settings. These will show up in the coming couple of weeks. For all all information regarding your account and subscriptions, please contact us at [email protected]

Below the main navigation you will find links to our current Specials and Topic pages, which are now going to provide even more organised and content-rich focal points, aggregating information about current issues in the Balkans. We plan to expand the range of issues we cover from the region.

We will always try to bring the most interesting and important stories to the center of attention on each page and you are free to tell us about your thoughts and wants regarding what and how we write about Balkans and how you would prefer the content organised or personalised on our pages.

We will take your suggestions into consideration in each step of developing our news portal.

In the coming weeks and months, you can expect features that will boost interactivity, personalisation and the ability to easily syndicate or view our content on various platforms and devices.

We also plan to transform this welcome note into a change log. Each novelty that appears on the website will be duly recorded and explained here to make browsing, interaction and the use of our web site a pleasant and fretless experience.

We hope you will enjoy the New Balkan Insight and wish you all the best.  


- Comments to articles

- Blogs

- Video

- Full user account pages

- Redesigned newsletters

- Advanced Search


Yours Truly,
Balkan Insight Web and Editorial teams


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