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Tirana Times

www.tiranatimes.com – Tirana Times is Albania’s first weekly newspaper of original news and views devoted to serving the English speaking audience of Albania and abroad. More and more Albanians are speaking English, in schools, business and government and in order to communicate with the rest of the world or travel outside the country it’s a virtual necessity. Tirana Times comprehensive weekly coverage of what’s happening in Albania and the Balkans.

Slovak Atlantic Commission

www.ata-sac.org - Slovak Atlantic Commission creates, in cooperation with political, governmental and non-governmental elements of the community, a new quality of discussion about current challenges to security, role, place, responsibility and potential of Slovakia in the Euro-Atlantic area. It provides assistance in looking for topics that unite the whole Slovak society in the field of security, defence and values. Stability, security, prosperity, freedom of choice and making decisions in politics and business, individual freedoms – all these are values that exist only when guaranteed by personal civic attitude, active approach and interest in social activities and willingness and ability of all of us to protect them, when in danger.

New Eastern Europe

http://www.neweasterneurope.eu/ - New Eastern Europe is a new quarterly focusing on Central/Eastern European affairs. The magazine is co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the grant programme Promocja wiedzy o Polsce (“Promotion of Knowledge about Poland”). Additional funding is provided by the European Solidarity Centre. New Eastern Europe is written in English as the sister edition of the Polish version, Nowa Europa Wschodnia, which is published by the College of Eastern Europe. New Eastern Europe presents its readers with provocative texts, in-depth analyses, stimulating reports from the countries that are to Poland’s East. Bridging old divisions, our authors come both from the East and the West. Through their reports, opinion pieces, analyses, book reviews and portraits of key figures, they provide our readers with the opportunity to see the whole spectrum of issues facing this broad, yet distinct region.