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Balkan Insight welcomes your reactions to our articles. Please write to [email protected] The most interesting reactions and replies will be published in this section


12 Feb 18 / 14:23:38

Reaction to the Article: Kelmendi Witnesses Faced Death Threats, Prosecutor Says

Dear Sir/Madame,
With respect to your segment of 02. February 2018, in which you aired certain statements by Mr Andrew Hughes of the Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office, we avail ourselves of this opportunity to advise you of certain facts, all with the goal of properly informing the public:

09 Jan 18 / 14:07:02

Reaction to Article: Macedonian, Greek Nationalists Mobilize Against 'Name' Deal

Dear Sinisa Jakov-Marusic, The League of Macedonian Americans (LOMA) is deeply disturbed by your characterization of Macedonian diaspora groups, such as Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI), that do not support a change of Macedonia’s name as rightist and nationalist organizations. LOMA supports MHRMI’s “Our Name is Macedonia” campaign and we are neither rightists nor leftists. Your recent article highlights the lack of objectivity and research that you employ in preparing and disseminating information.

31 Oct 17 / 10:25:42

Reaction to Article: Bosnian LGBTs Remain in Closet to Stay Safe

We would like to address your [recently-published] article 'Bosnian LGBTs Remain in Closet to Stay Safe' written by Mladen Lakic, published on October 9 via Balkan Insight. Although we do not doubt the good intentions of your journalist, or BIRN in general, and we do not dispute the fact that LGBT people in our society often face a series of unfavourable challenges, we fear that this article falls into the trap of tendentious dismissal of facts in order to satisfy the populist, victimising narrative so common when it comes to media representations of LGBT topics in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

23 Oct 17 / 13:36:40

Reaction to Article: Pro-Russian Montenegrins Publish New Anti-Western Media

Yesterday the website “Vijest” published an article entitled "New Media Block in Montenegro: То Russia with Love" with the header “Five Pro-Russian Dites Launched This Year in Podgorica”. This text was created, as it says at the end, as part of the project “I'm Investigating for M[e]NE and EU, implemented by the Center for Investigative Reporting of Montenegro (CIN-CG) in cooperation with BIRN (Balkan Investigative Reporting Network) Serbia , with the financial support of the EU”.

16 May 17 / 13:39:14

BIRN Statement on Reaction to Article: The Coyote’s Trail

Bulgarian Industrial Engineering and Management, BIEM, has requested that we publish a letter in response to the above article.

16 May 17 / 13:12:13

Reaction to Article: The Coyote’s Trail – A Machine Gun’s Path from Serbia to Syria

Dear Madams/Sirs,

In the light of the revealed information in “The Coyote Trail…” on 09.05.2017 and deepening trends towards publishing “fake news”, as managing director of BIEM JSC – the company quoted by Mariya Chereheva and team – I believe it is necessary to express my position on the tendentiously presented data that gravely lowers the reputation of our company and its stakeholders.

19 Sep 16 / 15:33:34

Corrections to BIRN Articles on Zetra, EXIT

It has been brought to BIRN’s attention that two stories published on Balkan Insight in recent months, ‘Yugoslav Rock Music’s Doomed Concert for Peace’ (September 12, 2016) and ‘Locals Fear Hidden Cost of Serbia’s EXIT Festival’ (July 24, 2016), contained material that was quoted from other media sources without attribution.

20 Jun 16 / 14:47:28

Serbian News Agency Denies BIRN Article on Protest Coverage


„News agency Tanjug wishes to draws public attention to the fact that the Saša Dragojlo, author of the article „Serbia’s Controlled Media Are Ignoring Waterfront Protests“ published on a Balkan Insight news portal, presented two false claims in his article. 

12 Feb 14 / 10:13:42

"Lobby Firm Behind Campaign to Smear Albanian Socialist"

Shirley Cloyes DioGuardi, Balkan Affairs Adviser, Albanian American Civic League

I am writing to report that your story is wholly unfounded. My husband, former Congressman Joe DioGuardi, and I were never involved in any campaign against Prime Minister Edi Rama or with any person or activity during the last election cycle in Albania.

15 Apr 13 / 16:47:37

Reaction to Article: Tax-Haven Data Leak Exposes Albanian Politician

Genc Pollo, Albanian Minister for Innovation and ICT

Dear Mrs Igric (BIRN Regional Director / Editor of Balkan Insight),
I read with dismay that the BalkanInsight article Tax haven data leak exposes Albanian politician, published on 12 April 2013 and authored by Altin Raxhimi and Besar Likmeta pretended that I have withdrawn a libel lawsuit against Socialist Party MP Taulant Balla.

20 Feb 12 / 12:21:05

Reaction to article: Secret Waste Imports Alarm Albania’s Greens

Ermal DIZDARI, Advisor of the Minister for Media

Dear Mr. Likmeta,

We have regretfully noticed that in the article that bears your name and that of the agency which you represent, you have stated that the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Water Administration of the Republic of Albania was not able to give reasons regarding the amount of hazardous waste coming in from France in 2004.

13 Sep 11 / 14:38:49

Comment on "Bosnian Serbs Funnel Taxes to Genocide-denying NGO"

Stephen Karganovic, Srebrenica Historical Project

In her recent Balkan Insight piece, “Bosnian Serbs Funnel Taxes to Genocide-denying NGO”, Valerie Hopkins makes a number of dubious and misleading allegations. She also violated a fundamental precept of responsible journalism by not providing her subjects an opportunity to explain or make any comments, while giving that opportunity to their critics.

29 Aug 11 / 09:00:12

Article “Haradinaj Re-trial: Prosecution or Persecution?” by Roland Gjoni

Nerma Jelacic, ICTY Spokesperson

Dear Gordana Igric [BIRN Regional Director], Ana Petruseva [Balkan Insight Managing Editor],

I am writing with regard to the article “Haradinaj Re-trial: Prosecution or Persecution” by Roland Gjoni, which appeared in Balkan Insight on 19 August 2011.