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Corporate Terms of Use

Balkan Insight’s Corporate Subscribers have access to Balkan Insight’s full archive and continually updated in-depth news and analysis

Balkan Insight will provide access for up to 20 individual users based in any one geographical location. Individual corporate users are not permitted to share their user details and/or password.

Corporate subscribers may freely copy and otherwise disseminate Balkan Insight’s products amongst their employees at the subscribed location.

Corporate Subscribers may quote from Balkan Insight’s articles news or analysis in their own documents or other printed or online media provided that:

1) The document or other media is not itself intended for further sale


2) No more than 30% of any one article or piece by word count is used


3) Balkan Insight receives appropriate credit on any of page of any document which contains a quotation from or reference to Balkan Insight’s Premium Content.

Save for any exceptions granted herein, Corporate Subscribers must additionally comply with Balkan Insight’s General Terms of Use.