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17 Jan 18

Macedonia, Greece, ‘Must Seize Historic Opportunity’ – Dimitrov

In an interview with BIRN, Macedonia’s foreign minister, Nikola Dimitrov, says the two countries have a duty to use the current momentum to finally resolve their ancient disputes.

12 Jan 18

Macedonia 2018: All Eyes Focus on ‘Name’ Agreement

After a year of turbulence, there are hopes of breakthrough this year in Macedonia’s stalled NATO and EU accession bids, provided a compromise is finally reached on the long-standing ‘name’ dispute.

13 Nov 17

Hopes Rise for Settlement to Macedonia Name Dispute

Optimism is growing that Greece and Macedonia can finally settle a long-standing dispute that has held up Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

16 Aug 17

Macedonia’s Battered Army Eyes Future With More Hope

Poorly paid and badly equipped, Macedonian soldiers celebrating the army's 25th anniversary hope for better days, as the country’s new government rekindles hopes of joining NATO.

10 May 16

Macedonia’s Kumanovo Shootout Still Raising Suspicions

A year after 18 people died in fighting between Albanian gunmen and Macedonian police in Kumanovo, locals still believe that the reasons for the violence are being suppressed.

11 Nov 14

Nimetz’s Name Proposal for Macedonia Revealed

BIRN reveals the name that the UN mediator suggested for Macedonia in April 2013 plus his other proposals for resolving the years-long dispute.

17 Oct 13

Brussels Runs Short of Levers in Macedonia

As the EU uses up its ‘soft power’ in terms of carrots and sticks to keep the integration process alive in Macedonia, there are fears about the consequences.

28 Jun 13

Macedonia Vanishes from View at EU Summit

Disappointed by Macedonia’s unsolved name dispute and internal quarrels, the country is visibly slipping down Brussels’s list of priorities.

01 Apr 13

Spring Could Prove Fateful for EU Balkan Enlargement

Three upcoming reports will help determine the EU prospects of Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia; of the three, the latter is causing by far the most concern.

09 Jan 13

Macedonia: All Eyes on June EU Deadline

Macedonia will spend next year chasing the slim prospect of un-blocking EU accession talks, with local elections in March being the major political distraction at home.

17 May 12

Hague Ruling Won’t Help Macedonia in Chicago

The continued blockade of Macedonia’s NATO hopes - which we’re seeing once again at the Chicago summit - shows the West still prefers the principle of solidarity to obedience to international law.

08 May 12

Teuta Arifi: Europe is Macedonia’s Best Hope

Sticking to the path of European integration offers the best hope for Macedonia to overcome the tensions aggravated by the recent killings in Skopje, says the Vice-Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs.

09 Dec 11

The ICJ Ruling Does Not Worry Greece

Partly because its grave economic problems are a matter of global concern, Athens is unlikely to come under international pressure to modify its policy towards Skopje.

09 Dec 11

World Court Brings Macedonia Comfort, Not Victory

Macedonia may have won a round with Greece at the ICJ - but the battle over the country’s name is far from over.

11 Oct 11

Brussels Approves Macedonia Accession Talks Again

For the third year in a row the Commission is urging a start to membership talks with Macedonia at the end of a generally positive progress report on the country.



Macedonia-Greece Name Dispute: What’s in a name?

Ever since Macedonia gained independence in 1991, its name has been the subject of a bitter dispute with southern neighbor, Greece.


11 Mar 13

The Ugly Face of National Pride

Harald Schenker

It was bound to happen. And it did. I can't really say finally, but here I am, perplexed and unsurprised.

13 Dec 12

Macedonia and the EU Council Conclusions

Gerald Knaus
26 Nov 10

I’m Tired of Being ‘The Girl From Macedonia’

Tanja Milevska
21 Jun 10

Macedonia Celebrates its Defeat

Sinisa Jakov Marusic