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18 Nov 15

Dayton’s Successes Offer Reform Lessons for Bosnia

The EU and US should learn from the successful outcomes of the 1995 Dayton peace deal to help Bosnia and Herzegovina create a comprehensive reform package that will ensure a functioning state.

17 Nov 15

The EU’s Responsibility Failure in Bosnia

Two decades after the Dayton Peace Agreement ended the 1992-95 war, Bosnia and Herzegovina presents risks that the European Union would rather avoid than confront.

13 Nov 15

Mounting Security Risks Leave Bosnia Vulnerable

Bosnia’s security situation looks increasingly precarious as rising ethnic and political tensions mingle with economic and social hardship and global and regional turbulence.

29 Oct 15

‘Give Bosnians a Future, Not Nationalist Rhetoric’

German ambassador Christian Hellbach notes ‘increased manipulation of ethnic sentiments’ in Bosnia and warns of looming confrontation with international community.

28 Oct 15

Bosnia’s Fragile Stability Masks a Downward Spiral

Underlying all the elements of a disturbing security picture is the West’s retreat from its role as enforcer of the Dayton order and driver of reform.

29 Sep 15

Bosnia’s Reckless Borrowing Brings Crisis Closer

Bosnia's profligate leaders have long seen borrowing as the answer to every problem – but the time is approaching when that option will no longer be on the table.

10 Sep 15

Serb Referendum Threat Again Looms over Bosnia

Diplomatic moves are being plotted after the Constitutional Court in Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity cleared the path for a controversial and potentially destabilising referendum.

03 Sep 15

Europe Must Not Leave Bosnia to its Despair

The deep depression afflicting so many Bosnians could end in violence, unless the international community finally wakes up to its responsibilities.


21 Jul 15

Bosnia Leaders Hope to Mend Fences in Serbia

The visit this week of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency to Serbia - shortly after the attack on the Serbian leader in Srebrenica - will test already strained relations between the two countries.

19 Jun 15

Speculation Grows of Russian Shift on Bosnia

Recent Russian statements on Bosnia fuel reports that the Kremlin is rethinking its traditional policy, at the possible expense of the Serbs.

10 Jun 15

Pope’s Justice Message Greeted Sceptically in Bosnia

Pope Francis’s message that Bosnia and Herzegovina can only achieve lasting peace through justice was supported by war victims’ groups and rights advocates - but they doubt if it’s actually possible.

25 May 15

The Balkans, Interrupted

The protests in Macedonia are only the beginning.

17 Apr 15

Bosnian Serbs Challenge Constitutional Court Over Holiday

Bosnian Serb ruling and opposition blocs have joined forces to challenge the right of Bosnia’s constitutional court to rule on Republika Srpska’s annual holiday - a move that could spark a crisis.

30 Mar 15

Cantonal Feuds Spell Trouble for Bosnia’s Federation Govt

The future of the coalition government in the Federation entity looks highly uncertain, given the wrangling between the three parties at the level of the entity’s ten cantons.

26 Mar 15

The EU is Paying a Protection Racket in Bosnia

By outsourcing conditionality to Bosnia’s own politicians, the EU is prioritising the ‘stability’ of the elites over the interests of Bosnia’s own citizens.