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23 Jan 15

Bosnian Declaration Will Test Europe’s Resolve

Having run into a roadblock at its onset, the new European initiative for Bosnia requires new international commitment or the risks of further crisis in Bosnia will continue to grow.

19 Nov 14

Interview: Europe is the Only Hope for Bosnia

Europeanisation is the ‘only mechanism for moving things forward’ in the divided country’, Balkan expert Professor Adam Fagan says.

07 Oct 14

The West Won’t Strike Gold in Bosnian Election

The West should not make the Bosnian electorate responsible for its own policy confusion.

25 Jul 14

Bosnia Gears up For ‘Crowded’ Elections

More candidates and parties are competing for the next general and presidential elections in Bosnia than ever before – but does quantity mean quality?

24 Jun 14

Activists Propose End to Bosnia’s Dysfunctional Politics

A new campaigning coalition has launched a plan to transform the ethnic-territorial political system that stands accused of crippling the country’s development since the 1990s war.

16 Jun 14

Whatever Happened to the Plenums in Bosnia?

The protest movement that swept Bosnia earlier this year may have faded, but its principal legacy - a new sense of empowerment among the people – will endure.

27 May 14

Floods Reveal Good Hearts, Bad Governments, in Bosnia

While a common tragedy has united all Bosnians in suffering, it has brought out the very worst in the country’s dysfunctional political establishment.

07 May 14

Bosnian Serb Residence Checks Alarm Returnees

A controversial decision to check people's residence in Republika Srpska has raised concerns among Bosniak returnees that they are being singled out.

01 May 14

Ageing Bosnia Faces Pensions Nightmare

As the number of workers and pensioners converges in coming years, Bosnia can expect to pay a heavy price for its failure to reform a pensions system that is wholly unsustainable.

18 Apr 14

Why Bosnia’s Protest Movement Ran out of Steam

Months after a wave of protests had Bosnia’s political establishment running scared, the energy has faded away, leaving some wondering what legacy – if any – the movement has left behind.

05 Mar 14

Time to Try a Third Way in Bosnia

A new approach, combining a focus of local ‘ownership’ of reforms with a stronger engagement by the international community, could offer a way out of the current dead end.

04 Mar 14

Croats Say Own Entity Will Make Bosnia ‘Home’

While many Croats in Bosnia seek their own ‘entity’, there is no consensus yet in the Croat camp on whether it would really benefit the community much - or where it should be.

25 Feb 14

Bosnia Needs the Right Strategy for Change

The urgent need to take action in Bosnia should not sacrifice the importance of doing it properly, or the need for a constitution that guarantees political accountability.

24 Feb 14

Politicians Play War Games With Bosnia Protests

Politicians in Bosnia have been trying to stir up bad memories of the 1990s conflict in a bid to undermine and discredit the nationwide protests against economic hardship and corruption.

21 Feb 14

Bosnia’s Only Starting on Road to Democracy

Lack of agreement on whether Bosnia’s root problem is the Dayton structures, corruption, inequality - or something else - is a reminder of the challenges facing the protest movement.