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31 Mar 17

Sarcastic Blog: You are Not Taking the Bread Out of My Mouth!

Dusica L. Stilic

I hope this is just a bad dream and that I will, eventually, wake up to the beautiful yesterday, as it was. What are they thinking, these… (what are they?) … intellectuals? Seriously?

28 Sep 16

Goodbye to Dreams of Tuzla!

Dusica Stilic

I, a Bosnian, Dusica (daughter of a Serb) Lukrecija (daughter of a Croat) Stilic (wife of a Bosniak), have a feeling that my friends are subtly saying goodbye to Tuzla’s ‘otherness’ - hence the title; as if they are waking from a dream in which we all slept (or so I believed).

31 Jul 14

Why Constitutional Reform Will Not Solve the Bosnian Blockade

Florian Bieber

At a meeting at the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin on the future of Bosnia with senior international officials and experts, I have had a chance to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of constitutional reform, a perennial topic for Bosnia. Here are some of the considerations I had the chance to present and discuss on why I remain skeptical of the need to prioritise constitutional reform.

06 Mar 14

I am making a list, I am checking it twice: Identifying the enemies of RS

Florian Bieber

Most political parties are not successful publishers, but an exception seemsto be Independent Alliance of Social Democrats, SNSD, of Milorad Dodik.

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24 Feb 14

Taking Steps Towards Democracy in Bosnia

Alisa Mujanic

The ongoing protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina are a first step towards a more open and democratic society – but only a first step.

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18 Feb 14

Who’s Afraid of Milorad Dodik?

Alisa Mujanic

The president of Republika Srpska said the recent protests were a threat to Bosnia’s Serb-led entity, but his nationalist rhetoric was just another attempt to maintain a failed system.

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15 Feb 14

Plenums Are Teaching Bosnians Real Democracy at Last

Nidzara Ahmetasevic

After 20 years of botched ‘democratisation’, Bosnians are finally getting a chance to articulate something that truly belongs to them.

13 Feb 14

Can the Revolt in Bosnia and Herzegovina Send a Message To the Wider World?

Stef Jansen

In their justified revolt against a corrupt political caste, Bosnians must beware of further handing the country over to so-called ‘technocrats’ schooled in IMF-style austerity economics.

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11 Feb 14

I and My Fellow ‘Hooligans’ Can’t Stop Now

Nidzara Ahmetasevic

Last Sunday, I found myself caught up in the street protests that have rocked Bosnia - unable to remain apart from the events I was reporting on.

10 Feb 14

Is Change Coming (Finally)? Thoughts on the Bosnian Protests

Florian Bieber

In the middle of the protests, and they are far from over, it is impossible to guess the outcome. What is clear is that the current political elites, at least in the Federation, have widely lost their legitimacy.

09 Feb 14

After the Unrest in Bosnia: Arrest Facebook!

Aldin Arnautovic

Media, politicians and police are blaming ‘hooligans’ for Friday’s clashes during mass protests in Sarajevo, in an attempt to prove that the authorities never did anything wrong.

08 Feb 14

Sarajevo, My City on Fire

Elvira M. Jukic

The unrest in the Bosnian capital was violent and ugly, but even though some protesters seemed keen to wreak chaos, the reasons for people’s fury cannot be ignored.

05 Feb 14

Cantonal Prime Minister explains: “This is an unusual situation!” You don’t say!

Dusica L. Ikic Cook

I used to love my town and then I became indifferent to it. I dislike what they’re doing with it, as much as I dislike what goes on all over the country.

12 Jun 13

Is Change Coming to Bosnia?

Florian Bieber

When the protests in Turkey began on the 28 May, what struck me the centrality of the Mediterranean as the focus on social movements in the last two years.

11 Jun 13

I’m Not Ashamed to be an Online Revolutionary

Dusica L. Ikic Cook

Some of us in Bosnia have to stay at work and confine our protests to Facebook - so that others can take to the streets.

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