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Serbia’s Diplomatic Chief Faces Hard Choices

Balancing the contradictory wishes of Moscow and Brussels is just one of the tough tests facing Serbia’s pragmatic new Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic.


Election Tightens Vucic’s Grip on Kosovo Talks

Kosovo hopes the Progressive Party’s convincing win in the election in Serbia will give it a free hand to speed up talks with Prishtina.


New Belgrade Boss Awaits Progressives’ Call

Victorious Progressives have yet to decide on their candidate for mayor of the capital - but BIRN has learned that five candidates are in the running.


Further ‘Putinization’ Awaits Post-Election Serbia

The Progressives’ absolute triumph in the general election, and the lack of any discernible opposition forces, will further strengthen the trend towards authoritarianism.


Serbian Progressives Juggle Coalition Options

While the Progressive Party is on course to win on March 16, it will still need another partner – the question is which one it will choose.


Serbia’s ‘War on Corruption’ Dismissed as Hot Air

The fight against corruption, which the Progressive-led government calls its major achievement, has had limited results, experts say.


Serbia Progressives Turn Media Fire Onto Dacic

As the election date nears, the Progressives are using their media allies to demolish the Prime Minister’s standing, and so rid themselves of the Socialists as partners in government.


Kacin: Snap Polls Won't Slow Serbia EU Talks

European Parliament Rapporteur says early elections will not affect Serbian negotiations with the EU if a new government is formed soon following the vote.


Ex-Minister Vows to Take on ‘Parasitical’ System

Sasa Radulovic says if his team enters parliament, he will resume the battle against a corrupt system that is strangling the economy.


New Elections Highlight Old Broken Promises

Serbia is heading to the ballot box again soon but research shows that the current governing parties failed to fulfill the vast majority of election promises they made last time around.