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24 May 07

Kosovo Diplomacy in Suspended Animation

The process of reaching a deal for Kosovo seems to be nearing its end - with no deal in sight.
20 Apr 06

Flash Floods Bring More Misery to Balkans

As the second flood in a year hits the region, experts say planners must wake up to implications of climate change .
19 Jan 06

Serb Refugees Unmoved by Gotovina Trial

With so many of their problems still unresolved, Croatian Serbs seem to have little interest in the upcoming case
16 Nov 05

Presevo Valley Albanians Demand Place at Kosovo Talks

Albanians in south Serbia want their region to be included in negotiations on the future of Kosovo - but no one is really listening.

16 Nov 05

Power Struggle Unsettles Region

Push by hard-line nationalists to get rid of Presevo's mayor worries international community as well as Belgrade.

30 Sep 05

Net Closes on Alleged Suva Reka Killers

Ten Serbian policemen accused of having carried out one of the worst massacres in the Kosovo war may soon face justice.

29 Sep 05

Case for Autonomy Weakens

From a highpoint in the 1990s, popular support for restoring the autonomy that Vojvodina enjoyed in the pre-Milosevic era has declined.

29 Sep 05

Politicians Muscle in on Minority Media

Political parties take control of ethnic minority newspapers, triggering protests from staff.

22 Aug 05

Ten Years On, Refugees Remain On the Outside

Serbs from Croatia and Bosnia who arrived in the 1990s say they are still victims of local hostility.