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11 Sep 07

Trial Threat Hangs Over Suva Reka Suspects

As the men suspected of the 1999 killing of 48 civilians are detained, some say Serbia is finally facing up to its past in Kosovo, while others discern a hidden political agenda.

11 Sep 07

Serbs Sell Up In Presevo

Vastly outnumbered by Albanians and with little hope of new jobs, Serbs are rapidly leaving this remote border area.

10 Sep 07

Kosovo Talks Unlikely to Come to Anything

Fresh discussions over the future of Kosovo appear to be little more than a stalling tactic for all involved.

07 Sep 07

Kosovo Tactics May Split Serbia

Serbia’s threats to pull back from closer links with NATO over Kosovo are widely perceived as a step away from the West, and might shake the ruling coalition.
21 Aug 07

Serbia ready for make-or-break over Kosovo

Days before fresh talks start on the future of Kosovo, Serbia has yet to reveal its own negotiating team and strategy for the talks.

17 Aug 07

Serbia's South Remains Volatile

While officials insist the situation is stable, analysts warn that tensions could easily escalate into conflict in an area that saw an ethnic Albanian insurgency seven years ago.

02 Aug 07

Russia's Win-Win Situation in Kosovo

By blocking Kosovo’s independence, Russia reminds the world of its new power; it creates a gulf between Serbia and the West and slows the integration of Southeast Europe into the EU and NATO.

02 Aug 07

Serbia Ponders Reprisals if Kosovo is Recognised

Experts say Serbia may downgrade or even sever diplomatic relations with countries that recognise the province unilaterally.

02 Aug 07

Future of Hague Tribunal Archives Debated

A decision is yet to be made about where huge quantities of historically important documentation are to be sent when the court closes.

02 Aug 07

Ivanovic: 'Serbia will not become a Soviet republic'

Moderate leader of Kosovo Serbs says Serbia has no reason to fear a Russian alliance; it will join the EU in the end, whatever happens.

27 Jul 07

Belgrade Banks on Russian Muscle to Thwart West in Kosovo

If the Contact Group awards Kosovo independence, Russia may pursue a number of options in order to retain its influence in the Balkans.

10 Jul 07

Serbian Returnees Left to Fend for Themselves in Sandzak

Former Bosniak and Roma refugees, deported from Western Europe, are being dumped in Serbia’s most isolated and remote region.

02 Jul 07

Serbia Sidelines Roma Rights Campaign

‘Decade of Roma Inclusion’ inspires much talk but little action.

26 Jun 07

Tadic Apology to Croats Divides Serbia

Some praise historic gesture of reconciliation; others condemn it as treason and as a disgrace.
13 Jun 07

Belgrade Takes Comfort Between Moscow, Washington

Belgrade digs in against Kosovo independence as it draws attention from Moscow and the West.