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27 Nov 15

Serbian, Kosovar Journalists Build Bridges with Words

In a bid to bring their estranged communities closer together, Serbian and Kosovar reporters worked on stories in each other’s countries in a collaborative project that could highlight paths towards reconciliation.

26 Nov 15

Anti-Schengen Clamour Holds Dangers for Balkans

Growing calls to scrap a border-free Europe - in the wake of the Paris attacks – are a real threat to stability in the Western Balkans.

25 Nov 15

Belgrade Locals Puzzled by Mystery ‘Love Wall’

Down Hilandarska Street is a building whose decorated walls divide residents, stirring up a debate about whether it is art or vandalism.

25 Nov 15

Unbiased Critical News ‘Not Welcome in Serbia’

Recent attacks on independent media by pro-government news outlets threaten freedom of speech and citizens’ rights, experts warn.

24 Nov 15

Serbia’s Gay Couples Face Legal Discrimination

Same-sex couples can’t get married or form civil partnerships in Serbia – just one of the legal obstacles faced by gay people which prevent them enjoying the same basic rights as heterosexuals.

23 Nov 15

Serbia Eyes Windfall from Telecom Sale

The sale of shares in Telekom Srbija is dividing unions and experts- but the government looks determined to sell if right price is offered.

21 Nov 15

20 Years after Dayton, Bosnia’s Neighbours Still Worry Bosniaks

The open hostilities between Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia in the 1990s have long given way to friendlier relations - but Bosniaks are still anxious about their neighbours.

20 Nov 15

Refugees Fear Being Trapped in Balkans

Refugees in the Balkans fear borders may be closed - leaving them in limbo in countries that cannot deal with refugees over a longer period.

19 Nov 15

Motherhood on Ice: Women Face Egg-Freezing Quandary

Women in the West are being encouraged to freeze their eggs to have a better chance of conceiving later in life. Will the procedure catch on in Serbia and Croatia?

16 Nov 15

Hungarian Rightists’ Motives Remain Mysterious in Serbia

Far-right Hungarian party Jobbik raised fears of extremist provocations by opening an office in Senta, a mainly ethnic Hungarian town in north Serbia, but locals know little about the party's agenda and local staff were reluctant to talk.

13 Nov 15

Fr. Sava: Time to Go Forward and Start Dialogue

Sava Janjic, the Abbot of Visoki Decani Monastery, says Serbian heritage needs to be settled within the Brussels dialogue before any further discussion on UNESCO status.

12 Nov 15

Economic Crisis and Red Tape Vex Business World

Despite a higher ranking on the World Bank’s Doing Business report, experts say Serbia urgently needs more regulation reform.

12 Nov 15

Shakespeare Reconnects Serbian and Kosovo Theatregoers

With a Kosovo Albanian playing Romeo and a Serb playing Juliet, Predrag Miki Manojlovic’s production of the Shakespeare classic is intended to bring Belgrade and Pristina closer together.

10 Nov 15

Serbia’s Tabloids: Freedom Fighters or Warring Tycoons?

The war between Serbian tabloids Informer and Kurir went nuclear when one accused the other of racketeering - but are claims that it’s a dispute about media freedom true?

07 Nov 15

Serbia, Croatia Solve Migrant Crisis Together

Serbia and Croatia are now working together to handle the refugee flow - to the dismay of traffickers, taxi drivers and other profiteers.