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22 Mar 17

Vanished Mural Sparks Protests in Novi Sad

Artist Guillaume Alby aka Remed says Serbia’s authorities are trying to ‘keep people blind’ after his striking mural in the city of Novi Sad was suddenly painted over.

22 Mar 17

Vucic Team Use Arrests Ahead of Serbian Election

Grand mass roundups of criminals, staged ahead of elections, have become a trusted marketing instrument for Serbia’s ruling Progressive Party.

22 Mar 17

Belgrade Tween Conquers World of Music

For award-winning composer 11-year-old Tijana Bugarcic, every sound is a melody and her whole life is music.

22 Mar 17

Europe is not Going to Solve Balkan Dramas

The idea that the EU is going to speed up the accession process in the Balkans to prevent states from collapsing or fighting each other is a complete fantasy.

22 Mar 17

Serbian Diaspora Harbours Mixed Feelings Over Elections

Serbians living abroad are divided over whether they will cast a ballot in the country’s upcoming presidential elections.

21 Mar 17

Fiddling in Sarajevo as Europe Unravels

The pointless summit in Sarajevo showed only that Brussels remains in the grip of a dangerous illusion that the Balkans can remain perpetually unstable but peaceful in Europe’s waiting room. 

20 Mar 17

Call for Balkan Customs Union Draws Faint Praise

Economists have given calls for a new Balkans customs union a tepid welcome - saying the region’s political instability and poor business framework is a far bigger problem than lack of free trade.

17 Mar 17

Rival Activists Embody Serbia’s Russia-West Split

Two female activists who were born the same year and studied together now represent opposite ends of the political spectrum, reflecting Serbia’s deep divisions over EU membership and relations with Russia.

15 Mar 17

Millennials See Hope for Change in Serbia's April Election

Defying stereotypes about apathetic youngsters, most Serbian millennials at home and abroad plan to vote in April - seeing political participation as essential for change.

14 Mar 17

Belgrade Makeover: Grand Revamp or Fantasy?

Announced plans for the large-scale refurbishment of the Serbian capital have been broadly welcomed - but questions about the cost and overall strategy linger.

10 Mar 17

Genocide Appeal’s Rejection Sends Bosnia Critical Message

The International Court of Justice’s refusal to consider an application to review its 2007 ruling in Bosnia’s genocide case against Serbia could shake up the political scene and offer the country some vital lessons.

08 Mar 17

Chasing the Historic Traces of Serbia’s Heroines

If you know where to look, testaments to remarkable female pioneers are etched on several locations in urban Serbia.

07 Mar 17

Vucic Rivals Face Obstacle Course in Presidential Race

The regime of the Serbian Prime Minister has done it best to ensure that Prime Minister Vucic’s rivals in the presidential election remain virtually invisible.

03 Mar 17

Kosovo, Serbia and the Senseless Battle of New York

Officials from Kosovo and Serbia clashed spectacularly at the UN Security Council again this week, but their aggressive moral posturing does little to address the wartime past or prevent future problems.

27 Feb 17

Enfant Terrible of Croatian Theatre Continues To Shock

A decade on, Oliver Frljic is still challenging theatre audiences across Europe, as well as in the Balkans, using plays to confront the nationalist mythology of post-Yugoslav societies.