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21 Feb 17

Is Feudal Ex-Yugoslavia Incapable of Reform?

Western Balkan societies remain mired in squalor and resentment because we have not had the courage to demand anything better or confront our feudal, predatory elites.

20 Feb 17

‘Gifts’ to Serbia’s Military Come at a Cost

Serbia is hurriedly beefing up its military stocks but Russian and Belarusian donations of fighter jets will likely cost hundreds of million euros, since they are out of date and may require pricey adaptation.

20 Feb 17

Croatia’s Biggest Retailer Struggles to Avoid Collapse

The biggest retail company in the region, Croatia’s Agrokor, is facing an uncertain future due to its accumulated debt, and analysts say urgent measures are required to save it from demise.

17 Feb 17

Serbian Ruling Party Faces Vucic-Nikolic Showdown

Media reports that the Serbian prime minister and president might run against each other in presidential elections could lead to public divisions within the ruling Progressive Party.

16 Feb 17

Balkan Kafana Plants Slice of Belgrade in Berlin

Ex-Yugoslavs and Germans are flocking to Vlado Kostic’s ‘Kafana Berlin’, which brings the sights, scents, tastes and sounds of a regular Belgrade ‘kafana’ to the heart of the German capital.

13 Feb 17

More Work for the Balkan Map Makers?

The 1995 Dayton deal ended a boom time for Balkan mapmakers – but with ‘land swaps’ and frontiers once more up for discussion, they could find their services in demand again.

13 Feb 17

Mitrovica Bridge Still Dividing Instead of Uniting Kosovo

Kosovo, Serbian and international actors are going from one mistake to another as they try to resolve the issue of the infamous bridge in Mitrovica, Nexhmedin Spahiu says.

10 Feb 17

Hungary’s Harsh Laws Make Migrant Journeys an Ordeal

Hungary's tightened border measures have turned migrants’ once relatively easy passage to the EU into a nightmare.

09 Feb 17

‘Migrant Child-Snatcher’ Rumour Unsettles Serbian Town

Disputed media reports that migrants tried to kidnap a baby in Obrenovac have caused public unease in the Serbian town where a camp was set up to house 250 migrants last month.

08 Feb 17

Russia Never Went Away from the Balkans

If the West now has to compete with Russia for influence in the Balkans, that might not be a bad thing.

07 Feb 17

Presevo Mayor: Territorial Swap Would Destabilise Balkans

The mayor of Serbia's predominantly ethnic Albanian town of Presevo dismissed a US Congressman's idea of swapping mainly Albanian parts of southern Serbia for the Serb-populated part of northern Kosovo.

03 Feb 17

Serbia’s and Montenegro’s Leaders Need Each Other

The Prime Ministers of Serbia and Montenegro both stand to benefit from sending a message that their countries’ mutual relations are better than they once were.

03 Feb 17

Vucic’s Presidential Dilemma Grows as Race Draws Near

While polls suggest that Aleksandar Vucic would storm home in a presidential election, the big question is what he would gain from winning a largely ceremonial post.

03 Feb 17

Mattis Speech Reheats Debate Over Kosovo Army

A speech by the new US Defence Secretary - arguing that Kosovo should be allowed to defend itself - has alarmed Serbia and enlivened the debate in Kosovo on whether it is time to form a regular army.

02 Feb 17

Turmoils in EU, US Boost Russia Influence in Balkans

The Balkans may not be a priority for the new US administration but Washington wants to keep an eye on a region where Russian influence is growing, Damon Wilson, from the Atlantic Council, told BIRN.