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23 Sep 16

War Talk Grips Balkans Ahead of Bosnia Vote

The controversial referendum in Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity has unleashed passions and language of a kind not seen since the 1990s - with the media in some countries fanning the flames.

21 Sep 16

Tara Mountain, a True Touch of Nature

September is the perfect time to escape the city’s heat and noise with a relaxing trip to one of Serbia’s most beautiful mountains.

15 Sep 16

Privatisation Decimates Serbia’s Local Media

The ongoing privatisation of media organisations in Serbia has forced many local, independent outlets to close - or become the tools of political parties.

14 Sep 16

Serbian ‘Bad Cops’ Bolster PM’s Image as Moderate

Serbian ministers use hardline rhetoric that contradicts the government’s pro-European stance in order to portray Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic as a reliable moderate, experts claim.

13 Sep 16

Eastern Europe Risks Losing UN Top Job Race

The four Eastern European candidates for the post of UN Secretary-General face serious problems - three could be voted down because they are male, while Bulgaria’s Irina Bokova could become a casualty to politics.

13 Sep 16

Unlikely Serbian Designer Heads to New York

After aimlessly bouncing between careers for years, Marina Micanovic finally found her calling as a fashion designer and will showcase her wardrobe at the upcoming New York Fashion Week.

13 Sep 16

Austerity Not Over for Serbia Despite Recovery

Positive economic trends and IMF support leave no room for complacency, as budget-tightening and unpopular reforms are not over for Serbia, experts warn.

12 Sep 16

Belgrade Pride: Hopes for a Third Peaceful Parade

The Belgrade Pride Parade will be held for a third consecutive time after years of bans and violence – but the organisers caution that attacks on LGBT people are still commonplace.

12 Sep 16

Bosnian Serbs Seek to Limit Referendum Damage

Under pressure from the West and Serbia, Bosnian Serb leaders are pondering last-minute options to avert the damage that would be caused by a disputed referendum, without losing credibility before local elections.

12 Sep 16

Life Remains Sweet for Belgrade’s Last Candy Store

Decades ago you could buy hand-made sweets in more than 100 shops in Belgrade. Now only one remains, well hidden among the tall buildings in the heart of the city.

07 Sep 16

Serbia’s Opposition Seeks Viable Presidential Contender

Although Serbia’s liberal pro-European opposition agrees that a joint presidential candidate is its best chance of victory next year, it remains wary of showing its hand by naming possible contenders.

06 Sep 16

Sharp Drop in Jobless Rate Masks Serbian Reality

While official figures show unemployment in Serbia to be at its lowest point since 2009, the ‘in-work’ figure includes many working part-time or only informally.

05 Sep 16

Balkan Leaders Revive Nationalism for Political Advantage

The increased nationalist rhetoric in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia is a ploy by some politicians to win votes at upcoming elections and by others to distract from economic problems, experts argue.

31 Aug 16

A Balkan Quarrel in a Donald Trump Style

This summer’s escalation of heated exchanges between Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina has produced a sense of déjà vu, but with a contemporary hint of Trump’s belligerent rhetoric.

31 Aug 16

Pro-Govt Media Keeps Right-Wing Serbs Onside

Anti-US reports in pro-government media aim to bolster support for the Serbian prime minister among right-wing voters who oppose his policy of forging close relations with the West, experts believe.