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02 May 16

New Smederevo Steel Mill Owner Promises Investments and Jobs - For Now

China's He Steel Group bids premium price despite falling prices, demand throughout Europe.

28 Apr 16

Hazy Future for Serbia's Copper Giant

While the longterm solution for RTB Bor remains uncertain, Serbian taxpayers will continue to pay for company mismanagement.

26 Apr 16

New Serbian Parliament Mirrors Politically Polarised Society

For the past few years, self-styled ‘pro-European’ parties have had no serious opposition in parliament, but that is about to change after radical pro-Russian forces won seats at the weekend’s elections.

22 Apr 16

Serb Fighters’ Mercenary Path from Ukraine to Syria

Serb paramilitary veterans of the Bosnian war are reported to have been part of mercenary units aiding Russian troops in Syria, after also being paid to do battle for pro-Moscow rebels in Ukraine.

22 Apr 16

Citizens Movement Takes on Big Parties in Serbia

A group of frustrated enthusiasts from the town of Kraljevo - disappointed in the existing political system in Serbia - are running in the local elections and totally bypassing the mainstream parties.

21 Apr 16

The New Left is Rising in Serbia

Disappointed in a weak political and economic system, new leftist political forces have emerged in Serbia in the last few years to oppose austerity measures and a reduction in workers rights.

20 Apr 16

Serbia’s Top Politicians Offer Humble Asset Declarations

Publicly available records show that the leading contenders in Serbia’s upcoming parliamentary election only own modest assets - although the documents may not tell the whole story.

19 Apr 16

Balkan Border Closures Fuel Surge in People Smuggling

After the recent clampdown on migrants using the so-called 'Balkan route,' smugglers are finding new ways to bring refugees into Serbia and across into Hungary.

18 Apr 16

Bojan Pajtic, Embattled Leader of a Declining Force

The head of the weakened and divided Democratic Party faces a struggle for political survival, unless he can restore its fortunes.

18 Apr 16

Italian Soldiers Keep Dying from ‘Balkan Syndrome’

At least 300 Italian soldiers may have died from exposure to depleted uranium in Bosnia and Kosovo - but the Italian authorities continue to deny the existence of a connection.

17 Apr 16

Boris Tadic, the Would-be Comeback Kid

After years of relative obscurity, Serbia’s former president has joined forces with other opposition leaders to try get back in the saddle.

15 Apr 16

Vucic Uses PM’s Post to Hog Limelight in Serbia

In the run-up to next week’s elections, it has become difficult to differentiate between the premier's official duties and his campaign rallies.

14 Apr 16

Vuk Jeremic, Serbia’s Would-be UN Chief

After three years of political obscurity, Serbia’s combative former 'minister for Kosovo' is again in the spotlight as he bids for the UN Secretary General's chair.

13 Apr 16

Sasa Radulovic, Ex-blogger Who Has Had Enough

The head of the ‘Dosta je bilo’ movement says Serbs have had enough of their old political parties – but the election will show if this is true.

12 Apr 16

Azem Vllasi, ‘Vucic Understands the New Age’

The veteran politician, rights activists and lawyer says Kosovo is on the right track, union with Albania is impossible - and Aleksandar Vucic is a more honest leader of Serbia than Boris Tadic was.