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19 Dec 14

Euthanasia Call Stirs Passions in Serbia

Ahead of a public debate on proposals to legalise euthanasia, doctors and experts have criticised the idea, saying the time is not ripe to allow ‘mercy killing’.

17 Dec 14

Alpine Bau and ‘the Balkan family’

Alpine Bau “strongman” Dietmar Aluta-Oltyan and his wife Helena were at the heart of the firm’s ruinous expansion into the Balkans, despite widespread confusion over their official roles at the now bankrupt Austrian construction giant.

17 Dec 14

Why Arkan’s Exploits Aren’t News in Serbia

It came as no surprise that the glamorous birthday party of paramilitary chief Zeljko Raznatovic’s son got more coverage than BIRN’s report on the wartime brutality of his ‘Tigers’.

12 Dec 14

Democrat Chief Calls Graft Arrests ‘Persecution’

Party leader’s claim - that high-profile arrests of Democrats for corruption are often politically driven - leaves experts divided.

12 Dec 14

A Grumpy American in Belgrade

Twelve years after he moved to Belgrade, Chris Farmer has published a book of humorous essays and blogs inspired by his life in the Serbian capital – a city with which he has a love-hate relationship.  

11 Dec 14

Alpine Bau’s Balkan Black Hole

A year-long investigation reveals the inside story of how construction giant Alpine Bau’s breakneck expansion into the Balkans played a major part in its destruction.  

08 Dec 14

Entrepreneurs Strive to Make Balkans Buzz With Tech Startups

Can a new generation of technology pioneers realise their dreams of Silicon Valley-style success?

08 Dec 14

Arkan’s Paramilitaries: Tigers Who Escaped Justice

Paramilitaries led by notorious Serbian warlord Zeljko Raznatovic, alias Arkan, fought their way through Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo – so why were none of them jailed for his unit’s crimes?

05 Dec 14

Serbia’s Pipeline Dreams Go up in Smoke

Russia’s decision to abandon the South Stream pipeline project left Serbia wondering about its future energy security and economic losses.

05 Dec 14

Why Serbia’s Leaders Fear Vojislav Seselj

The release of war crimes defendant Seselj has brought back memories of the murky nationalist past of his former allies, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and President Tomislav Nikolic.

01 Dec 14

Serbia Braces for Tough Economic Test

A deal with the International Monetary Fund means the Serbian government must make more cutbacks – but does it have the political will to swing the axe? 

28 Nov 14

Belgrade Faces Pressure over West-Russia Balancing Act

Military cooperation between Belgrade and Moscow remains limited but experts warn Serbia’s neutral stance over West-Russia tensions following the Ukraine crisis could prove untenable.

25 Nov 14

Serbia NGOs Demand Action on Violence Against Women

With as many as 30 women killed each year by relatives or spouses, NGOs say it’s time Serbia stopped averting its gaze from violence against women and dealt with this scourge head on.

24 Nov 14

Why Serbia’s Leader Keeps on Producing Enemies

Manufacturing plots and enemies is tempting tactic for any government seeking to divert public attention from poverty and difficult policies – but it comes at a cost.

24 Nov 14

Moonlighting Serbian Police Suspected of Violence and Corruption

Police officers working as nightclub bouncers are accused of beating customers and taking part in protection rackets.