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26 Aug 16

Belgrade’s Ancient Crafts Guardians

A traditional shoe-making shop is finding a way to survive and thrive in the modern world. Now, a fourth generation of the family is preparing to take the reins.

25 Aug 16

Kosovo War Ex-Prisoners Fear Arrest in Serbia

Kosovo Albanians detained during wartime by the Serbian authorities still fear that they could be re-arrested, as the case of a man held last week at the Croatia-Serbia border highlighted.

23 Aug 16

Football ‘Defections’ Highlight Albania’s Kosovo Problems

When three footballers said they were switching their allegiance from the Albanian national team to Kosovo, an outburst of anger revealed Albanians’ conflicted attitude to Kosovo’s statehood.

22 Aug 16

Western Failures Give New Life to Old Balkan Ghosts

The EU and US’s failure to better defend democracy and human rights in Turkey, where a government crackdown on opponents is continuing, sends a dangerous message to Balkan political elites.

16 Aug 16

Milosevic’s Old Allies Celebrate His ‘Innocence’

Disputed claims that the Hague Tribunal said that Slobodan Milosevic was innocent are being trumpeted by Serbian ministers, but analysts believe they are trying to whitewash the country’s wartime past.

16 Aug 16

Belgrade ‘Failing to Develop Mid-Market Tourism’

The city needs more mid-range hotels, a modernised convention centre, and innovative, accessible museums to boost tourist numbers, experts say.

15 Aug 16

Insiders’ Guide: Hidden Gems of the Balkans

Visiting the Balkans this summer? Get off the beaten track and visit some of the region’s lesser-known beauty spots.

12 Aug 16

Vucic’s Long Wish List Fails to Impress

Serbia’s Prime Minister has finally formed the new government with eight new faces, but few are impressed with his choices, or with his almost 48,000-word address that took six hours to deliver.

12 Aug 16

Political Satirists Eye Belgrade Local Elections

A spoof political group that came second in Mladenovac’s local election by pledging to ‘lie transparently’ say they might field candidates at the next Belgrade City Assembly vote.

11 Aug 16

Critics Take Aim at New Kosovo War Court

The new Dutch-based ‘special court’ that will try senior Kosovo Liberation Army figures is expected to issue indictments soon, but inside Kosovo, anger about the court continues to simmer.

10 Aug 16

Vucic Accused of Recycling Old Promises

While Serbia’s Prime Minister unveiled a long list of pledges in his new government program on Tuesday, critics pointed out that many of them were the same promises he made in 2014, or earlier.

09 Aug 16

Serbia’s ‘War’ on Crime Delivers Few Results

Political interference in the justice system is blamed for the failure of the courts to follow through on pledges to curb organized crime.

09 Aug 16

Kosovo Genocide Suit Against Serbia ‘Likely to Fail’

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci’s proposed plan to bring a genocide lawsuit against Serbia at the International Court of Justice for atrocities during the 1998-99 war has little chance of success, experts suggest.

08 Aug 16

Will Serbia Ever Try Generals for Kosovo Crimes?

Two years after the Serbian prosecution started investigating a Yugoslav Army general for allegedly ordering attacks on Kosovo villages that left 120 civilians dead in 1999, no military official has been indicted.

08 Aug 16

A Belgrader’s Guide to Montenegro

Each Belgrade set has a favourite summer hangout in neighbouring Montenegro. Where is your crowd headed?