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27 May 16

Old Partisan Songs Have ‘New Revolutionary Potential’

Ana Hofman, a specialist in the music of former Yugoslavia, says wartime Partisan songs can be seen as subversive in today’s context of a global capitalist crisis.

26 May 16

Serbia's Controlled Media Are Ignoring Waterfront Protests

It is not surprising that most Serbian mainstream media either ignored or only selectively reported on a rally in which more than 10,000 marchers demanded resignations over the controversial demolitions in the Waterfront area.

26 May 16

Vojislav Seselj Seeks Political Resurrection in Bosnia

With his popularity boosted by his war crimes acquittal, Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj is hoping to stage a political comeback among Bosnia’s Serbs as well as in his home country.

25 May 16

Picturesque Eastern Serbian Town Reveals Extent of Election Fraud

Opposition parties and local observers have complained that recent elections in Serbia contained significant incidences of election fraud. A BIRN investigation found that those worries might be true in the small Serbian town of Zagubica.

23 May 16

Russian ‘Soft Power’ Wins Over Serbia’s Youth

Belgrade think tank director Jelena Milic says Russian-backed media, NGOs and parties are winning over the young in Serbia.

20 May 16

Serbian Presidential Race Gets Off to Early Start

Less than a month after recent general elections, Serbia is already gearing up for the next presidential race in 2017.

20 May 16

EU Chapters 'Will Improve Serbia's Rule of Law'

Director of body monitoring Serbia’s EU integration process says opening Chapters 23 and 24 will help resolve important problems over the rule of law in the country.

19 May 16

Serbian Ex-Security Chief Dodges Journalist Murder Trial

Former state security official Franko Simatovic, who could reveal the secret service’s role in the murder of journalist Slavko Curuvija, has repeatedly failed to appear as a witness at the trial.

19 May 16

Serbia's Talent Hub Faces Economic Challenges

Bureaucratic delays endanger programmes at the prestigious Petnica Science Centre, causing an outcry among experts and students.

17 May 16

Freeloaders Foil Transit Ticketing System

Upgraded technology and onboard controllers haven’t made bus and tram passengers pay their way.

16 May 16

Turkey’s Balkan Role Uncertain After Davutoglu

The resignation of Premier Ahmet Davutoglu - architect of Turkey’s assertive foreign policy in the Balkans - raises questions about who will now fill this role in future.

13 May 16

1990 Football Riot Becomes National Myth in Croatia

Hardcore Dinamo Zagreb supporters believe a riot at a match against Red Star Belgrade 26 years ago kicked off the war, while conspiracy theories still circulate about why the violence erupted.

13 May 16

Serbian New Government Likely to Mirror Old One

Although they exchanged harsh words during the campaign, Progressives and Socialists will probably be the core of the new Serbian government.

13 May 16

Kosovo’s EU Visa Victory Leaves Serbs Feeling Cold

Kosovo Albanians have welcomed the European Commission call to extend visa-free travel to Kosovo - but Kosovo Serbs fear they may be left out of the benefits.

11 May 16

New Serbian Government Must Hit the Ground Running

As the dust begins to settle over the conduct of Serbia’s elections, citizens look toward the daunting economic challenges awaiting the next government.