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28 Nov 14

Belgrade Faces Pressure over West-Russia Balancing Act

Military cooperation between Belgrade and Moscow remains limited but experts warn Serbia’s neutral stance over West-Russia tensions following the Ukraine crisis could prove untenable.

25 Nov 14

Serbia NGOs Demand Action on Violence Against Women

With as many as 30 women killed each year by relatives or spouses, NGOs say it’s time Serbia stopped averting its gaze from violence against women and dealt with this scourge head on.

24 Nov 14

Why Serbia’s Leader Keeps on Producing Enemies

Manufacturing plots and enemies is tempting tactic for any government seeking to divert public attention from poverty and difficult policies – but it comes at a cost.

24 Nov 14

Moonlighting Serbian Police Suspected of Violence and Corruption

Police officers working as nightclub bouncers are accused of beating customers and taking part in protection rackets.

24 Nov 14

Student Risks All to Patch Up Beloved City

After seven years of hitting the streets, reporting problems and even being attacked for his pains, Filip Vuksa has become a hero to many locals - and a thorn in the side of officials.

19 Nov 14

Belgrade’s Last Shoe-shiners Face Oblivion

Thousands of shoe-shiners used to ply their trade in Belgrade in years gone by – but today only a handful of old-timers remain, remembering the good old days.

19 Nov 14

Serbia Helpless to Arrest Dinar’s Steady Slide

The National Bank has little chance of halting the steady slide in the value of the dinar without economic growth, stronger exports and higher investment.

14 Nov 14

Seselj Homecoming Promises to Shake Up Serbia

The homecoming of the ultra-nationalist leader - who is on trial for war crimes in The Hague - will add a new element of drama to the political scene.

13 Nov 14

Seselj Revives the Rhetoric of the 1990s

Nationalist songs, anti-Western slogans and roasted pork: the return of war crimes suspect Vojislav Seselj from the Hague Tribunal looked like an attempt to return to Serbia’s recent past.

07 Nov 14

Serbia’s Bosniaks Face More Years With No Council

With the two blocs representing Bosniaks in Sandzak at odds over the National Council election results, the community faces another four years without a body representing its interests in Serbia.

06 Nov 14

Lawyers and Notaries at War in Macedonia, Serbia

Conflicts over jurisdiction and profit have put lawyers and notaries in Macedonia and Serbia at each other’s throats – though the battlelines in the two countries are drawn differently.

31 Oct 14

Improving Justice System is Vital for Serbia

The Council of Europe Office’s new head in Belgrade, Tim Cartwright, says strengthening the rule of law will not only improve the justice system but stimulate investment, uphold a free media and help Serbia on its way to Europe.

31 Oct 14

Austerity is Bringing Serbia No Benefits

The revised budget reveals that the effects of the government’s ‘austerity’ policies are practically nonexistent - and will only result in a yet higher budget deficit.

31 Oct 14

Lawyers War with Ministry Paralyses Serbian Judiciary

While Serbia’s justice ministry and striking lawyers trade bitter accusations, experts say resolution must urgently be found to the conflict.

28 Oct 14

Vucic Sells Reformist Image to London Audience

The Serbian leader’s speech to the LSE confirms that ‘the Balkan peacemaker’ wants to rebrand himself as the region’s great economic reformer.