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04 Feb 16

Constitutional Courts Face Crisis Across Balkans

Mounting political pressures and blatant disregard for judgments are undermining the authority of constitutional courts across the region.

03 Feb 16

Expats Find Opportunity Knocks in Serbia

Meet the foreigners bucking the trend by building their careers and future financial security in Belgrade.

02 Feb 16

Briton’s Long Walk into Serbia’s Heart

British author and adventurer Kevin Shannon is raising money to publish a book about his 900km walk through Serbia.

02 Feb 16

Belgrade, Zagreb TV Stations Restore Broken Links

Serbia’s RTS and Croatia’s HRT public broadcasters, both accused of warmongering propaganda during the 1990s, are now making a new series together, reviving their Yugoslav-era links.

01 Feb 16

Little Access to End-of-Life Care in Serbia

Belhospice, Serbia’s only palliative care charity, is striving to ensure terminally-ill patients, and their families, are not left to face death alone.

29 Jan 16

Behind the Scenes at the Museums: Disarray in Athens and Belgrade

The saga behind a much-delayed showcase for contemporary art reflects many of modern Greece's woes — and has parallels with a troubled project in Serbia.

28 Jan 16

Keeping Out the Western Balkans Welcome Mat

Development actors like UNDP are supporting communities in the Balkans as they deal with the stress caused by the refugee flow, helping them to sustain their tradition of hospitality.

28 Jan 16

Serbian Photographs Have Survived an Ill-Thought Assault

It is a good thing parliament has not adopted a binding interpretation of the copyright act that showed so little understanding of the law.

28 Jan 16

Football on Sale: Serbia Facing Talent Exodus

Low wages for players and clubs’ financial instability in Serbian football leagues ‘chase away’ young, talented football players – weakening the domestic field.

27 Jan 16

Childhood Conflict Drama Takes Kosovo to Hollywood

‘Shok’ (‘Friend’), the first Kosovo-made film ever to be nominated for an Oscar, draws on some of its actors’ real-life experiences of intimidation by Serbian forces in the late 1990s.

25 Jan 16

Serbian Opposition Faces Uphill Battle in Elections

Failure to develop different policies, lack of cash, scant media coverage and the weight of ‘old recycled names’ are just some obstacles facing opposition parties this spring.

22 Jan 16

Don’t Give Serbia a War Crimes Pass

During EU accession talks with Serbia, Brussels must press Belgrade to take genuine action to resolve war crimes cases, prosecute senior officials and stop shielding suspects.

21 Jan 16

Oliver Ivanovic: Karate Master Defeated in Court

Kosovo Serb leader Ivanovic’s martial arts skills brought him to politics, and he was once seen as a key figure in Kosovo-Serbia dialogue - but he now faces jail for war crimes against Albanians.

21 Jan 16

Balkan Courts Packed Out – With Angry Police, Not Criminals

In Serbia and Macedonia, thousands of police sue state for unpaid wages

20 Jan 16

Can the New Kosovo Court Keep Witnesses Safe?

Courts have repeatedly failed to safeguard Kosovo war crimes witnesses from threats and violence - now the new Hague-based special court must protect those who testify against powerful defendants.