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17 Apr 14

Austerity Threatens Serbia With Worse Recession

Slashing public sector wages will hit consumption and reduce growth, and the savings effect could be less than expected, the leading economist Vladimir Gligorov warns.

08 Apr 14

Balkans Weigh Impact of Russia-Ukraine Gas Feud

If Russia cuts or curbs the gas supply to Ukraine, some Balkan countries, especially Bosnia and Serbia, could be hard hit, as they lack alternative supply routes.

04 Apr 14

Crimea, Kosovo: The Art of Getting it Right

You could not make half of it up. As the Ukraine crisis has developed, and with annexation of Crimea by Russia, it was inevitable that Kosovo and the Balkans would get dragged in to the arguments.

04 Apr 14

The Cynicism of the Croatia-Serbia ‘Atrocity Olympics’

By stubbornly pursuing doomed genocide lawsuits against each other, Croatia and Serbia entered a legal suicide pact that cost taxpayers millions and perpetuated pernicious narratives about the past.

03 Apr 14

Valjevo, Far from the Madding Crowd

With its blend of historic sites, rolling hills and colourful landscapes, Valjevo is a perfect spring destination for those who shun mainstream resorts and hanker for something off the beaten track.

03 Apr 14

Worried Banks Cut Loans to Serbian Businesses

As the number of companies in Serbia defaulting on their loans continues to rise, the banks are tightening their lending criteria.

27 Mar 14

Election Tightens Vucic’s Grip on Kosovo Talks

Kosovo hopes the Progressive Party’s convincing win in the election in Serbia will give it a free hand to speed up talks with Prishtina.

24 Mar 14

Topola, Serbia’s Royal Heart and Soul

In the midst of the hills south of Belgrade, known as Šumadija lies Topola, the hearth of the modern Serbian state and, some say, ‘its very own Provence’.

21 Mar 14

Election Win Gives Progressives Free Hand on Economy

Expected spending cuts and reforms in public enterprises will put the Progressives’ election pledges about tough reforms to the test.

21 Mar 14

New Belgrade Boss Awaits Progressives’ Call

Victorious Progressives have yet to decide on their candidate for mayor of the capital - but BIRN has learned that five candidates are in the running.

20 Mar 14

In the Darkness Beneath Belgrade

Tours of the tunnels and caverns that lie deep beneath the bustling city offer an insight into the city’s mysterious, turbulent past.

20 Mar 14

Further ‘Putinization’ Awaits Post-Election Serbia

The Progressives’ absolute triumph in the general election, and the lack of any discernible opposition forces, will further strengthen the trend towards authoritarianism.

19 Mar 14

Train to Serbia Leaves Kosovo Steaming

Rail service to Mitrovica from Kraljevo is an illegal incursion, Kosovo officials say.

14 Mar 14

Serbian Progressives Juggle Coalition Options

While the Progressive Party is on course to win on March 16, it will still need another partner – the question is which one it will choose.

13 Mar 14

Serbia’s ‘War on Corruption’ Dismissed as Hot Air

The fight against corruption, which the Progressive-led government calls its major achievement, has had limited results, experts say.