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03 Sep 15

Serbia’s Ex-Royals Struggle to Win Back Riches

After all the members of the Karadjordjevic family, Yugoslavia’s former royals, were rehabilitated by the courts, their descendants’ legal struggle to regain their confiscated property is set to begin.

28 Aug 15

Refugees Face Cold Shoulder in Hungary’s Border Towns

As thousands of refugees heading to Europe cross Serbia and Hungary, hostility and fear of terrorism is on the rise in border villages.

28 Aug 15

Vienna-Based ‘Wahhabist’ Causes Headache for Serbia

A preacher accused of recruiting fighters for ISIS at the Furqan in Novi Pazar, in Serbia's southwest Sandzak region, says claims that he recruits Islamist fighters are wrong.

21 Aug 15

Europe’s Dilemma Over Migrants Can Only Get Worse

The confusion in Macedonia over how to deal with migrants – let them in or shoo them away – reflects a broader muddle over the issue in Europe as a whole.

19 Aug 15

Refugees in Serbia Dream of Better Tomorrow

The refugees crowding the parks of Belgrade on their way to Europe told BIRN they just want a better future, far away from their war-torn homelands.

19 Aug 15

Balkan Countries Must Take ISIS Seriously

Even if they are mostly just propaganda, Balkan governments must not dismiss any threats coming from ISIS, Middle East expert Janko Scepanovic tells BIRN.

13 Aug 15

Belgrade Roma Families Living in Fear of Eviction

Roma families who fled the Kosovo war in 1999 are waiting nervously for a European Court of Human Rights ruling on whether the Belgrade authorities can legally evict them from their informal settlements.

12 Aug 15

Kosovo’s New War Court: Major Challenges Ahead

MPs in Pristina finally voted to set up the court to try Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas, but protecting witnesses and assembling strong enough evidence to convict suspects could be formidable challenges.

11 Aug 15

Serbian Opposition Alleges Wave of Intimidation

Serbian opposition parties say growing number of incidents of intimidation of their politicians and activists is creating an atmosphere of fear aimed at neutralising dissent.

10 Aug 15

A Look Inside Russia’s Outpost in Serbia

The Serbian-Russian humanitarian crisis response centre in the city of Nis has been rumoured to be a covert intelligence facility, but visiting journalists were shown a very different picture.

07 Aug 15

Nationalist Commemorations Threaten Balkan Reconciliation

Recent events commemorating the region’s violent past have pitched several former Yugoslav countries into a nationalist frenzy, casting a shadow over hopes for reconciliation.

07 Aug 15

Children’s Killers in Refugee Bombing Go Unpunished

Twenty years after Croatian planes bombed a column of Serb refugees, killing four children and five adults near Bosanski Petrovac in Bosnia during military Operation Storm, no one has been prosecuted.

06 Aug 15

Kosovo’s New War Court: How Will it Work?

After MPs in Pristina voted to set up a new court to try Kosovo Liberation Army ex-guerrillas, BIRN examines how it will operate, who it can prosecute and for which offences.

04 Aug 15

Operation Storm: Childhood Memories of a Refugee Exodus

Twenty years after he fled the Croatian Army’s Operation Storm with his mother, two bags and a single toy, images of refugee convoys and burned-out houses remain vivid in 24-year-old Milos Ivanisevic’s memory.

03 Aug 15

Operation Storm: Croatia’s Triumph, Serbia’s Grief

Croatia this week celebrates its defeat of Serb rebels during Operation Storm 20 years ago, but Serbia will mourn the hundreds killed and the 200,000 who became refugees.