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24 Apr 15

Mass Demo For Srebrenica Victims Planned in Belgrade

The journalist behind an action to honour the victims of Srebrenica in Belgrade hopes his initiative will send a different picture of Serbia to the world.

24 Apr 15

Serbia's Helicopter Crash Victims’ Families Demand Truth

The grieving relatives of those who perished in the helicopter crash on March 13 say they have yet to receive a convincing explanation of what happened in the skies above Belgrade.

23 Apr 15

Serbia’s Kosovo Cover-Up: Who Hid the Bodies?

The Belgrade officials and policemen who took hundreds of murdered Albanians’ corpses from Kosovo to Serbia and concealed them in mass graves have never been prosecuted in their home country.

22 Apr 15

New ‘Balkan Monaco’ Claims Rush on Citizenship

The boss of a new self-proclaimed Balkan statelet maintains that his tax haven on the Danube has received a quarter-of-a-million requests for citizenship.

17 Apr 15

Pay and Pension Increase Unlikely Despite Deficit Cut

Serbia’s surprise deficit reduction has led to optimistic talk of raising pensions and public sector pay to pre-austerity levels, but experts warn the economy remains far too fragile for that.

14 Apr 15

Drugs, Diamonds and Bullets: Balkan Arms Firm Linked to Criminal Investigations

The Montenegrin government sold its multimillion euro defence firm to an Israeli-Serbian consortium linked to businessmen embroiled in criminal investigations into alleged drug smuggling, money laundering and arms trafficking, BIRN can reveal.

06 Apr 15

Basketball Heroine is Back on Court

Losing part of her leg in a crash has not forced young Serbian basketball player Natasa Kovacevic to part with her dreams. A year-and-a-half later, she is playing once again.

06 Apr 15

Traces of Occupation Linger in Belgrade

As Belgrade remembers the anniversary of the Nazi invasion, traces of the occupation are still visible - though many are hidden and off the beaten track.

06 Apr 15

Cultural Guerrillas Strike Blow for Serbia’s Ruined Cinemas

The occupation of the Zvezda movie theatre by the Movement for the Occupation of Cinemas has put a spotlight back on the damage done by the privatization of a once mighty cinema network. 

06 Apr 15

The Belgrade Philharmonic is not Afraid of Controversy

The orchestra’s latest campaign, featuring the symbolic leek, may have drawn a sharp reaction - but it sees asking important questions about society as part of its role.

03 Apr 15

Import Flood Leaves Serbia’s Farmers Reeling

Serbian agriculture fears it cannot compete with the cut-price imported food products flowing in from the European Union and undercutting it.

03 Apr 15

Serbia Feels the Heat Over Seselj Extradition

Pressure on the Serbian government to send war crimes suspect Vojislav Seselj back to detention in The Hague is likely to prove insurmountable in the end.

30 Mar 15

How Belgraders Remember the NATO Bombings

As the Serbian state tries to construct a narrative of national victimhood around the 1999 NATO air strikes, how did ordinary Belgraders experience the days and nights under fire?

27 Mar 15

Serbia Keeps Downed US Stealth Bomber on Show

Sixteen years after it was shot down by Yugoslav air forces during the NATO bombing, the wreckage of a US stealth plane is still proudly displayed at the Belgrade Museum of Aviation.

24 Mar 15

Why I Named My Kosovo War Child ‘Victory’

Nazmi Kaciku’s daughter was born on the day NATO launched air strikes against Serbian forces on March 24, 1999, so he gave her a name that celebrated Kosovo Albanians’ struggle.