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21 Oct 16

Bratislav Dikic: Alleged Mastermind of Montenegro's ‘Coup’

Controversial retired Serbian general Bratislav Dikic is at the centre of a mass of conflicting theories over the background - and reality - of the alleged coup attempt in Montenegro.

20 Oct 16

Critical Voices Defy Fear in New Serbia

Victims of what looks like an organised campaign of intimidation tell how the ‘fear machine’ in Serbia works – and the impact it has on their personal and professional lives.

19 Oct 16

Serb Party Pushes Belgrade’s Agenda in Kosovo

The main Kosovo Serb party’s boycott of parliament shows that its decisions are guided by Belgrade, while also highlighting Pristina political leaders’ inability to integrate the country’s Serb minority.

19 Oct 16

Donald Trump Sows Confusion over NATO

The US needs to think seriously about NATO’s future involvement in the Balkans, but Donald Trump’s chaotic comments about the military alliance mean that the important issues are being obscured.

18 Oct 16

Albania PM Accused of 'Interfering' With Kosovo

Edi Rama's remarks on Kosovo during his visit to Serbia have sparked a row over the level of involvement that Albania should have in Kosovo's affairs.

17 Oct 16

Mafia-style Killing Reveals Serbian Sport’s Sinister Side

The latest assassination of another football supporters’ group boss has again underscored the close association between sport, politics and crime in Serbia.

17 Oct 16

Kosovo’s Privatisation Process Obstructed by Serbia

Kosovo’s efforts to privatise state companies from the Yugoslav era have continued to face strong opposition from Serbia, which has been seeking to assert control over key assets in its former province.

14 Oct 16

Vladimir Rajcic, Serbian Actor Who Shook Trump

A naturalized American of Serbian origin, Vladimir Rajcic finds himself in the middle of a row about an allegedly fake interview with US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

13 Oct 16

Serbia-Albania Relations: A Fragile Work in Progress

As Albania’s PM visits Serbia, experts argue that improving Belgrade-Tirana relations are a result of their leaders’ hope of pleasing the EU rather than a real breakthrough between the two countries.

13 Oct 16

Serbia Awaits Evidence of Lasting Recovery

While Serbia is recording the best economic results in years, ordinary people will not feel the recovery without much faster growth rates.

12 Oct 16

New Law Leaves Serbia’s Local Authorities Cash-Strapped

Change to finance law bolsters centralisation and will further impoverish Serbia’s underdeveloped regions, experts say.

11 Oct 16

Kosovo-Serbia Agreements Were Doomed From the Start

It is no surprise that none of the four agreements signed last year have got anywhere when both governments have been insincere about the normalisation process from the beginning.

10 Oct 16

Serbian Peace Women Mark 25 Years of Defiance

Belgrade-based peace group Women in Black is marking 25 years of staging peaceful demonstrations against militarism and standing up against threats of violence from Serbian nationalists.

10 Oct 16

Serbian PM’s Visit to Nis Dismissed as PR Stunt

Ahead of Aleksandar Vucic’s planned meetings with citizens in Nis, some experts say he would be better off solving issues at national level rather than trying to resolve individual problems - and call the visit a political stunt.

07 Oct 16

Serbian Socialists’ Divisions Come to the Surface

A series of resignations, expulsions and disciplinary proceedings have brought simmering disputes inside Serbia’s junior ruling party to the fore.