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30 May 17

Trump’s Presidency Keeps US Balkan Policy Unchanged

While many expected US foreign policy to undergo some U-turns under Trump, his lack of engagement in international affairs – with a few exceptions – seems to mean Washington’s role in the Balkans is tantamount to “leading from behind”.

25 May 17

Why Serbian Presidents Rule like Milosevic

When Aleksandar Vucic takes over the presidency, he will be able to wield much more power than the job provides, just like his predecessors Slobodan Milosevic and Boris Tadic.

24 May 17

Mogherini Must Build on West’s Balkan Breakthroughs

The EU and US must follow up their recent successes in knocking heads together in Macedonia and Albania – or the region’s descent into a dangerous crisis will continue.

18 May 17

Tacit Thaci-Vucic ‘Alliance’ Again Outsmarts the West

As the leaders of both Kosovo and Serbia game the West - by feigning a commitment to the EU Dialogue that neither intends to honour – it is time the West came up with a master plan.

17 May 17

US Expects Zaev to Form New Macedonian Government

US State Department official Hoyt Yee, who is currently touring the Balkans, said that the Macedonian President understands that he is expected to give Zoran Zaev a chance to form a government.

16 May 17

Rabid Anti-Albanian Sentiment Grips Serbian Media

Growing ethnic and political tensions across the Balkans have triggered rabid warmongering and ethnic anti-Albanian ethnic slurs in Serbian media, local experts warn.

16 May 17

Anti-Darwin Campaign Highlights Serbia's Conservative Revival

As intellectuals petition for Darwin’s theory of evolution to be excluded from schools, experts warn of a more general resurgence of right-wing thinking in Serbia.

15 May 17

Shafiq Rafat: Engineer, Refugee and Artist

Meet the Afghan refugee civil engineer who discovered his artistic talent after fleeing to Serbia. 

11 May 17

Balkan Gunmen Refuse to Quit Ukrainian Battlefield

Some Balkan volunteers are still fighting alongside pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine despite new laws to prosecute them if they return home, a paramilitary from Serbia told BIRN in an interview.

09 May 17

The Coyote’s Trail – A Machine Gun’s Path from Serbia to Syria

A batch of heavy machine guns travelled from a Serbian state-owned factory to Syrian rebels, via a Bulgarian arms tycoon and a Saudi training camp, BIRN and OCCRP can reveal.

08 May 17

Balkan Rulers Who Just Won’t Say Goodbye

Kings may have departed from the Balkan stage but many of the region’s current leaders weild power in monarchical style - clinging to office for decades. Here is the selection of ten politicans who think it is never the right time to bow out.

05 May 17

EU Watches Idly As Balkans Slides Into Chaos

The recent violence in Macedonia, and the various crises in and between Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia, all suggest the Balkans may be sliding into turmoil and even conflict.

05 May 17

Far-Right Balkan Groups Flourish on the Net

Excluded from the mainstream media, whose content is more heavily policed, the purveyors of extreme ideologies are spreading their messages of fear and hatred on social networks.

04 May 17

Serbia’s Fading Protest Movement Splits

As the once mighty nightly protests against ‘the regime’ shrink from thousands to about a hundred, the movement has also split along ideological lines.

04 May 17

The Perilous Life and Times of Tito’s Translator

Ivan Ivanji, Tito's German translator, writer and Nazi concentration camp survivor, now 88, recalls moments of love, loss and survival in an extraordinarily dramatic life.