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23 Apr 14

Misuse of Official Limos Spotlighted in Serbia

As the government pledges to crack down on the abuse of official cars, the state auditor said he had found out that Serbian bureaucrats had amassed over 30,000 of them.

22 Apr 14

Controversial Ex-Yu Facebook Group Pops Up Again

A Facebook group, featuring half-naked photographs of underage girls from all over former Yugoslavia, and which was shut down, has reappeared.

22 Apr 14

Serbian President Invites Vucic to Form Govt

Following the Progressive Party's triumph in the March 16 election, President Tomislav Nikolic has given Aleksandar Vucic, the party leader, a mandate to form a government.

22 Apr 14

Kosovo Extends EU Rule-of-Law Mission Mandate

The government agreed to extend the mandate of the EU mission and its task force which investigates allegations of wartime organ-harvesting, illegal detentions, killings and torture.

22 Apr 14

Serbia Urged to Probe NATO Bombing of State TV

The Journalists’ Association of Serbia called on the authorities to reveal secret documents about the NATO bombing of the public broadcaster in 1999, when 16 people were killed.

21 Apr 14

Progressives Mull Belgrade Mayor Candidates

The new Belgrade mayor could be elected right after the inaugural session of the city’s assembly on April 23.

21 Apr 14

Serbia Socialists Face Deadline to Join Govt

The Socialist Party has to the end of the week to take up an invitiation to join a new government in Serbia - without its pre-election partners, the Pensioners' Party and United Serbia Party.

18 Apr 14

Accused Serbian Tycoon Asks to Travel Abroad

At his trial in Belgrade for fraud, accused Delta Group owner Miroslav Miskovic asked to be allowed to travel abroad, as his business was suffering because he was 'sitting in Serbia'.

17 Apr 14

Belgrade Campaigns for Kosovo Serb Politician’s Release

The Serbian government and the political party of detained Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic, who is accused of war crimes, have launched a petition demanding his release.

17 Apr 14

Former Yugoslav Royals Demand Montenegro Property Return

The Karadjordjevic family, descendants of Yugoslavia’s former royals, hopes that Montenegro will follow the example of Serbia and return property confiscated by the communists after WWII.

16 Apr 14

Kosovo and Albania Mark Anniversary of 1999 Exodus

Pristina and Tirana commemorated the 15th anniversary of the Kosovo exodus when thousands of ethnic Albanians fled their homes seeking refuge from the conflict with Serbian forces.

16 Apr 14

Kosovo Serb Arrested for Post-War Murder

The EU rule-of-law mission has arrested a Serb for an alleged murder linked to violent unrest that rocked northern Kosovo in 2000 after the war with Belgrade’s forces ended.

16 Apr 14

Serbia’s EU Progress ‘Not Dependent on Djindjic Case’

Revealing the background to PM Zoran Djindjic’s murder would help Serbia’s progress towards membership but is not a direct condition for successful negotiations, the European Commission told BIRN.

15 Apr 14

Serbian Leader Defuses Row Over TV N1

Following tensions in Serbia over CNN's affiliate in the Balkans, TV N1, Serbia's likely prime minister told the US investment firm behind the station that N1 is welcome in Serbia.

15 Apr 14

PACE Vote on Russia Splits Serbian Parties

The Serbian delegation's split vote about Russian actions in Ukraine in the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly has stirred controversy at home.


18 Apr 14

Nightmare Dilemma for Serbia Over Failed Companies

If Serbia does not postpone enforcement of a court ruling ordering companies in restructuring to repay debts, the results will be socially devastating, experts say.


17 Apr 14

Austerity Threatens Serbia With Worse Recession

Slashing public sector wages will hit consumption and reduce growth, and the savings effect could be less than expected, the leading economist Vladimir Gligorov warns.

Culture and Lifestyle

23 Apr 14

Balkan Gems Surface in British Video Archive

Among the rare old video clips published recently by British Pathé are many recording key moments in Balkan 20th-century history.