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05 Feb 16

Euro MPs Criticise Serbia’s Welcome for War Criminal

A European Parliament resolution criticised Serbia for staging an official welcomes for a released war criminals and urged Belgrade to do more to find missing persons from the 1990s conflicts.

05 Feb 16

Serbia Urges Unified Solution to Refugee Crisis

At the London donor conference, Serbia's Prime Minister has called for unified international solution to the refugee crisis - which is affecting the Balkan region's stability.

04 Feb 16

Corruption Hindering Serbian Justice, BIRN Report

Corruption is still thwarting the functioning of the justice system in Serbia, a report on battling corruption by BIRN and the Belgrade Center for Security Policy reads. 
04 Feb 16

Serbia Jails Bosnian Serb Soldier for Srebrenica Massacre

Bosnian Serb ex-soldier Brano Gojkovic was jailed for ten years after making a plea bargain with the Serbian prosecution, admitting he took part in executing 800 Bosniaks from Srebrenica in 1995.

04 Feb 16

Serbia Aims to Open Key EU Chapters in June

Negotiations on key chapters on Serbia’s European path could be opened as early as June, an expert said, after Enlargement Commissioner Hahn praised the progress made so far.

04 Feb 16

Serbia to Adopt War Crimes Strategy by July

The Serbian justice ministry has finalised its first war crimes strategy, expected to be adopted in the first half of 2016, promising to punish perpetrators while improving witness protection and transparency.

03 Feb 16

Kosovo Asks Serbia to Open Military Archives

The Kosovo government commission on missing persons called on Belgrade to open Serbia’s military and police archives in order to help find the locations of wartime mass graves.

03 Feb 16

UN Blames Kosovo Opposition For Stalling Dialogue

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has voiced concern about the violent tactics of Kosovo's opposition parties, saying they have undermined agreements between Belgrade and Pristina.

03 Feb 16

Belgrade Protesters Rally for Srebrenica Case Activist

Protesters rallied outside the magistrates court in Belgrade before rights activist Anita Mitic’s hearing for allegedly breaking Serbian law by holding a commemoration of the Srebrenica massacres last year.

03 Feb 16

Serbia MPs Duel Over Danger of Election Fraud

As Serbian opposition MPs warned of possible irregularities in the coming elections, ruling party lawmakers accused their rivals of fabricating excuses for their likely defeat in the polls.

02 Feb 16

Hague Prosecutors Dispute Mladic Expert’s Srebrenica Testimony

At the trial of Ratko Mladic, prosecutors tried to undermine claims by an expert witness who testified that thousands of Bosniaks were killed in fighting while escaping from Srebrenica, not in massacres.

02 Feb 16

Belgrade, Zagreb TV Stations Restore Broken Links

Serbia’s RTS and Croatia’s HRT public broadcasters, both accused of warmongering propaganda during the 1990s, are now making a new series together, reviving their Yugoslav-era links.

01 Feb 16

Job Insecurity Plagues Serbian Journalists

More than 60 per cent of Serbian journalists work in precarious conditions on low pay, resulting in self-censorship, overwork and disillusionment, according to new research.

30 Jan 16

Serbian PM Axes Defence Minister For Sexist Remark

After delaying action for some time, Serbia's Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vucic, on Saturday finally sacked Defence Minister Bratislav Gasic for the sexist remark he made to a reporter.

29 Jan 16

Kosovo Serbs Rally for Jailed Politician Ivanovic

Several hundred Serbs took to the streets of the Kosovo town of Mitrovica to support politician Oliver Ivanovic, who was jailed for ordering the murder of ethnic Albanians in April 1999.


03 Feb 16

Expats Find Opportunity Knocks in Serbia

Meet the foreigners bucking the trend by building their careers and future financial security in Belgrade.

Culture and Lifestyle

02 Feb 16

Briton’s Long Walk into Serbia’s Heart

British author and adventurer Kevin Shannon is raising money to publish a book about his 900km walk through Serbia.