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30 Apr 16

Serbian Opposition Rally Claims Election was Rigged

Thousands of Serbian opposition supporters demonstrated in Belgrade on Saturday, accusing the main ruling party of rigging the election and demanding resignations.

30 Apr 16

Serbia Opposition Takes to Streets Claiming Election Fraud

The right-wing coalition uniting Dveri and the Democratic Party of Serbia will take to the streets on Saturday after the Election Commission declares they did not meet the 5-per-cent threshold needed to enter parliament.

29 Apr 16

"Missing" Man's Return Causes Shock in Kosovo

The return to Kosovo of Sejdi Thaci, a man listed as a "missing person" from the 1990s war - after 17 years and in unclear circumstances - has caused consternation in his home country.

28 Apr 16

Belgrade Officials Deny Green-Lighting Nocturnal Demolition

Belgrade city authorities deny all knowledge about 30 masked men who demolished several buildings in the proposed Belgrade Waterfront area and allegedly mistreated locals.

27 Apr 16

Serbian Rightists Threaten Protests Over Election Results

The right-wing coalition uniting Dveri and the Democratic Party of Serbia has warned of street protests if the Election Commission declares they did not meet the 5-per-cent threshold needed to enter parliament.

27 Apr 16

Refugee Centre Razed For Belgrade Waterfront

Miksaliste, a refugee aid centre in the Serbian capital's Savamala district, was demolished on Wednesday to make way for the city's ambitious Belgrade Waterfront project.

27 Apr 16

Balkan Press Liberty Declining, Freedom House Says

Freedom House report says media freedom in the Balkan region is in decline - with the fast decline noted in Serbia and Macedonia.

27 Apr 16

Serbia's Ruling Party Takes Over Northern Province

The victorious Serbian Progressive Party has achieved one of its core election goals in winning control of the province of Vojvodina as well as most of the municipalities.

26 Apr 16

Dodik Urges Austrian Serbs to Vote for Nationalist

Republika Srpska’s President Milorad Dodik urged Serbs to back far-right candidate Norbert Hofer in the second round of Austria’s presidential election, but it is unlikely their votes will make a big difference.

25 Apr 16

Serbian Elections Deemed Fair Despite Irregularities

The consensus among observers of Sunday’s elections in Serbia was that the vote was broadly free and fair despite numerous irregularities observed at polling stations.

25 Apr 16

Serbian Election Result Creates Few Waves in Region

Apart from an argument in Kosovo about whether Serbia's elections should have taken place on its territory, the election and the victory of the governing Progressive Party have not excited much interest in the Balkans, as the outcome was widely anticipated.

25 Apr 16

Serbia Acquits Bosnian Serb Officer of Torture

The Belgrade appeals court acquitted former Bosnian Serb Army officer Boban Pop Kostic of torturing a civilian at the Luka prison camp in Brcko during the Bosnian war.

24 Apr 16

Serbian Ruling Party Wins Parliamentary Elections

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic’s ruling Progressive Party won around 50 per cent of votes in Serbia’s general elections on Sunday, securing him another four years in power, early results show.

24 Apr 16

Serbia Goes to Polls in Series of Elections

As Serbia heads to the polls to elect new national, provincial and local parliaments, the ruling Serbian Progressive Party is expected to again win easily.

21 Apr 16

Serbia Protests over Croatian Minister’s War ‘Insult’

The Serbian foreign ministry sent a protest note to Zagreb’s ambassador in Belgrade after a Croatian minister said that the 1990s war was planned in Serbia.


26 Apr 16

New Serbian Parliament Mirrors Politically Polarised Society

For the past few years, self-styled ‘pro-European’ parties have had no serious opposition in parliament, but that is about to change after radical pro-Russian forces won seats at the weekend’s elections.

21 Apr 16

The New Left is Rising in Serbia


02 May 16

New Smederevo Steel Mill Owner Promises Investments and Jobs - For Now

China's He Steel Group bids premium price despite falling prices, demand throughout Europe.

28 Apr 16

Hazy Future for Serbia's Copper Giant

23 Mar 16

Passing the Buck

04 Mar 16

Serbia Opens Tender For Smederevo Mill

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