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28 May 15

Balkan Feuds Re-Surface at Leaders' Tirana Summit

Regional leaders attending the 'Tirana Talk' in Albania talked convincingly about the need for closer collaboration - but old disputes between the countries still made their presence felt.

28 May 15

Bosnia Charges Serb Over Crimes in Cajnice

The Bosnian State Prosecution has charged Dusko Kornjaca with committing war crimes in Cajnice municipality in the eastern part of the country in 1992.

28 May 15

Kosovo Veterans Protest Over Drenica Group Verdicts

Kosovo war veterans protested over the conviction of two former KLA commanders of the 'Drenica group' on Wednesday by blocking a road.

28 May 15

Balkans Features Low on Global Terrorism Map

The Balkan states are among the safest countries in the world in terms of the risk of terrorism, a new global risk map intended for investors says.  

27 May 15

Kosovo ‘Drenica Group’ Guerrillas Jailed for Wartime Crimes

Two former senior members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, Sami Lushtaku and Sylejman Selimi, were convicted of crimes against civilians during the 1998-99 conflict.

27 May 15

Serbian PM’s Visit to Tirana Divides Albanians

Historic’ visit to Tirana seen as unlikely to break down the wall of suspicion that has divided Serbs and Albanians for generations.

27 May 15

UN Presses Kosovo Over New War Court

The UN Security Council was told that Pristina must act quickly to set up a new special court to deal with alleged war crimes committed by senior Kosovo Liberation Army members.

26 May 15

Kosovo Serbs Rush to be Judges in the North

Following reports that no one in the Serb-run north of Kosovo had applied for the new posts created by a January Kosovo-Serbia agreement on justice in the area, candidates are now applying in significant numbers.

26 May 15

Serbia Told to Send Seselj to The Hague

The UN-backed war crimes court has told the Belgrade authorities to send Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj back to detention after he breached the terms of his temporary release.

25 May 15

Journalists Slam Russian Ban on Serbian Reporter

Serbian journalists’ associations condemned Moscow’s decision to ban investigative reporter Stevan Dojcinovic from visiting Russia for the next 15 years.

25 May 15

Serb Paramilitary ‘Captain Dragan’ Set for Extradition

The Croatian justice ministry confirmed that former Serb paramilitary leader Dragan Vasiljkovic will be extradited from Australia to Croatia by July 15 to stand trial for alleged war crimes.

25 May 15

Floods and Hailstorms Hit Serbian Towns

After several towns across the country were hit by floods and strong hailstorms, the Serbian authorities warned people to be on alert for heavy rains in the coming days.

22 May 15

Serbian PM Cool on President's Kosovo 'Platform'

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic queried the practicality of President Tomislav Nikolic’s new 'platform' on Kosovo, which experts say would complicate Serbia’s path to EU membership.

21 May 15

Serbian Army Minister Probed Over Relatives' Contracts

Serbian's Anti-Corruption Agency is investigating whether the Defence Minister had a conflict of interest, after BIRN revealed that when he was a mayor he awarded contracts to companies linked to his family.

21 May 15

Serbia Starts Mustering EU Accession Talks Team

Although it is not yet clear when Brussels will open accession talks with Serbia, Belgrade is already mulling its negotiating team, assuming that the talks open some time this year.


22 May 15

Serbia’s Falling Jobless Rate Queried

Official statistical data say the unemployment rate in Serbia is falling fast - but some analysts are questioning the methodology.

Culture and Lifestyle

25 May 15

Serbian Art Purchases Leave Artists Short-Changed

The Ministry of Culture has opened a new call for the purchase of art works - but some of the artists who sold their work a year ago say they still have not been paid.