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27 Jan 15

Dozens Injured in Kosovo Protest Clashes

Violent clashes erupted between riot police and several thousand protesters demanding the dismissal of Serb minister Aleksandar Jablanovic, who is accused of insulting Albanian war victims.

26 Jan 15

Kosovo Govt Rejects Protesters’ Ultimatum After Clashes

The government rejected an opposition ultimatum demanding the sacking of a Kosovo Serb minister whose comments sparked a major protest at the weekend that ended in clashes with police.

26 Jan 15

Serbian PM Slams BIRN Again

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic again accused the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network of lying to undermine his government in an investigation of a controversial mine tender.

24 Jan 15

Clashes Erupt as Thousands Protest in Kosovo

Protesters clashed with police as several thousand people rallied in Pristina for the sacking of a Serb minister and for Kosovo to take full control of the huge Trepca mine complex from Belgrade.

23 Jan 15

Kosovo Miners Suspend Strike at Trepca

Miners have announced they are suspending further strike action for a month, awaiting a decision of the Kosovo government on the mine's future.

23 Jan 15

Islamist Terror Threat Draws EU, Balkans Together

New internal security strategy for Europe will involve ever-closer links to security structures in the Western Balkans.

23 Jan 15

NATO Victims’ Families Condemn Charlie Hebdo Comparison

Relatives of those killed in the NATO bombing of the Serbian public broadcaster RTS in 1999 said that they resent comparisons with the attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

22 Jan 15

Trepca Miners Vow to Continue Strike

Miners have pledged to continue their strike, called to protest against the government’s decision to postpone the troubled complex’s long-term transformation.

22 Jan 15

Murder Testimony Against Kosovo Serb Leader ‘Unconvincing’

The defence of Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic, accused of ordering paramilitary police to kill several ethnic Albanians in April 1999, said an alleged eyewitness had failed to prove his guilt.

21 Jan 15

Kosovo Serb Politician ‘Led Deadly Police Squad’

A witness at the trial of Kosovo Serb political party leader Oliver Ivanovic said he saw him with a paramilitary police group that killed several ethnic Albanians in April 1999.

21 Jan 15

Hague Prosecutors Appeal Again for Seselj’s Detention

Prosecutors at the international war crimes court have again asked for Serbian nationalist leader Vojislav Seselj, who was released for cancer treatment, to be returned to custody.

21 Jan 15

Serbian Ombudsman Complains of Threats

Serbian ombudsman says he 'does not feel safe' after filing criminal charges against two members of the Military Police and after revealing his suspicion that the security agency has eavesdropped on opposition parties, union leaders and judges.

20 Jan 15

Delays Over Trepca Ignite Protests in Kosovo

The government's decision to postpone the transformation of the Trepca mining complex has been met with street protests - and has widened the rift between Kosovo Serbs and Albanians.

20 Jan 15

Students Rally for Kosovo Serb Minister’s Dismissal

Some 500 students marched through Pristina, demanding the sacking of minister Aleksandar Jablanovic, accused of insulting Albanians who blockaded Serb pilgrims at Orthodox Christmas.

19 Jan 15

Kosovo Serb Minister Apologises After Protest Clashes

Minister Aleksandar Jablanovic, accused of insulting Albanians who blockaded Serb pilgrims at Orthodox Christmas, said he didn’t want his words to cause unrest.


23 Jan 15

Mine Delays Cost Serbia Millions

A variety of options to fund the de-watering of Tamnava mine were seemingly ignored - causing major loses that a later World Bank loan will only partly cover.


23 Jan 15

Dilemma for Serbia Over Franc Borrowers’ Misery

The government is under pressure to help borrowers struggling to repay Swiss franc loans – but experts say that intervention should be minimal.

Culture and Lifestyle

12 Jan 15

Serbian New Year: Another Reason to Celebrate

If you come across posters promoting something called “Serbian New Year” well after December 31, don’t be surprised. Thanks to our church calendar, mid-January is celebration time for Serbs.