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05 Dec 16

Fascist Slogan Near Croatia Concentration Camp Sparks Anger

Serb politicians have condemned a memorial plaque with a fascist slogan which was installed by Croatian war veterans and right-wing politicians near the Jasenovac WWII concentration camp.

05 Dec 16

Montenegro Serbs Tell Serbia's PM Their Woes

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has agreed to hear the grievances of leaders of the pro-Serbian opposition in Montenegro - who wish to inform him of their plight in the country.

05 Dec 16

Serbia PM Mulling Fresh Elections, Experts Say

Serbia's ruling party may call another snap parliamentary election to boost the chances of its candidate in the presidential election in spring 2017, a number of experts say.

01 Dec 16

Serbian Minister Admits 'Mistake' Quitting Warsaw Summit

Ivica Dacic, Serbian foreign minister, said he ‘might have made a mistake’ when he walked out of a joint meeting of Visegrad Group and Western Balkan countries in Warsaw.

30 Nov 16

Attacks on Balkan Media Unchecked, HRW Says

Journalists across the Western Balkans face a hostile environment that impedes their ability to report in a critical fashion, Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday.

30 Nov 16

UN States Urged to Arrest Wanted Serbian Radicals

The Hague Tribunal has made public an international arrest warrant for three Serbian Radical Party politicians wanted for witness intimidation, calling on UN member states to detain them if possible.

29 Nov 16

Serbian Minister Demands Payout for Media ‘Defamation’

Serbian interior minister Nebojsa Stefanovic asked a Belgrade court to order news magazine NIN to pay compensation over an article saying he should take the blame for controversial demolitions in the city’s Savamala district.

25 Nov 16

Brussels Urged to Support Balkan Civic Society Groups

The civic society network BCSDN in a new report has called on the European Commission to deepen its commitment to civil society groups and initiatives in the Balkan region.

25 Nov 16

Serbian Ombudsman Urged to Run for President

A large number of Serbian intellectuals, writers, artists and public figures have urged Ombudsman Sasa Jankovic - who has frequently crossed swords with the government - to run as President in 2017.

25 Nov 16

Croatia Exhumes 18 Serb Casualties of ‘Operation Storm’

The Croatian authorities exhumed the remains of 18 bodies from a cemetery in the coastal town of Zadar - Croatian Serbs who died during or after the military operation ‘Storm’ in 1995.

24 Nov 16

‘Captain Dragan’ Trial: Croatian Troops Admit Using Church

Defence witnesses at the trial of former Serbian paramilitary commander Dragan Vasiljkovic, alias ‘Captain Dragan’, admitted that Croatian soldiers used Catholic church premises as a command post.

24 Nov 16

Kosovo Dissident’s Serbian Assassins Given Life Sentences

A Belgian court has given life sentences to a former Yugoslav secret police official and two Serbian hitmen for the assassination of Kosovo Albanian dissident Enver Hadri in Brussels in 1990.

23 Nov 16

Yugoslav Spy Chief Convicted of Kosovo Dissident’s Murder

A former Yugoslav secret police official and two Serbian hitmen were convicted of the assassination of Kosovo Albanian dissident Enver Hadri in Brussels in 1990.

22 Nov 16

Kosovo Serb Leader Ivanovic Claims Trial was Unlawful

Kosovo Serb political party leader Oliver Ivanovic, jailed for nine years for war crimes, told Pristina’s appeals court that his trial was unlawful because he had already been investigated over the same offence.

22 Nov 16

Vucic to Meet Montenegrin Serbs After Coup Claims

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic will meet leaders of the pro-Serb opposition in Montenegro even though some of them have been accused of involvement in a coup attempt.


04 Dec 16

State of the Unions in Serbia

Bullied or bought off, trade unions in Serbia and elsewhere in the former Yugoslavia have hit rock bottom, failing the workers they claim to protect.

02 Dec 16

Vucic Picks His Runner for Presidential Race

18 Nov 16

Child Abuse Revelations Alarm Serbia

14 Nov 16

Before Trump and Brexit, Milosevic


22 Nov 16

Bank of China Set to Start Serbia Operation

Bank of China will receive a full licence to start operating at the beginning of 2017 in Serbia - the first Balkan country to host one of the world's largest banks.

14 Nov 16

Serbia Must Make Better Use of Bumper Harvests

27 Oct 16

Serbia’s ‘Huge’ Tax Burden is a Myth

21 Oct 16

Crimea Officials Tout for Business in Serbia

Culture and Lifestyle

22 Nov 16

Belgrade’s Bookbinders, Symbol of a Bygone Era

While there were once more than 60 journeymen bookbinders working in Belgrade, only a handful remain to cautiously guard the craft.

10 Nov 16

Free Zone Kicks Off Across Serbia

03 Nov 16

New Yorker Finds Belgrade a Dream Come True

26 Oct 16

Belgrade's Festival Offers Trip to Planet Jazz