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27 Nov 15

Serbia’s ‘Institutional Chaos’ Deters Investors

Belgrade’s failure to implement reliable business regulations and judicial reform is damaging the country’s chances of economic recovery, warn experts.

26 Nov 15

Serbia to Adopt National War Crimes Strategy

More than a decade after Serbia started to prosecute war crimes, the country is to adopt its first-ever strategy to comprehensively deal with offences committed during the 1990s conflicts.

26 Nov 15

Serbian Farmers Say Land Law ‘Encourages Corruption’

Serbian farmers are campaigning for the withdrawal of draft legislation on agricultural land, claiming it would give the authorities unchecked powers to lease farmland to favoured investors.

26 Nov 15

Balkan States Woo Chinese Investors at Summit

At the '16 + 1' summit, which opened on Tuesday, China is deepening its interest in Southeastern Europe, investing in trade, finance, agriculture and infrastructure projects.

25 Nov 15

Serbs Sceptical About Patriarch’s ‘Return to Kosovo’ Call

Serbia’s Patriarch Irinej called for Serbs to return to their homes in Kosovo, but those who fled after the war said Belgrade and Pristina must guarantee their safety first.

25 Nov 15

UN Chief Hits at Balkan Restrictions on Migrants

The new border restrictions on refugees and migrants imposed by Balkan states violate their human rights, the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, warned on Wednesday.

25 Nov 15

Kosovo Cracks Down on Protesters Ahead of Rally

While the opposition prepares a 'peaceful march' on Albania’s Independence Day in Pristina, the police have arrested a number of those involved in recent violent demonstrations.

24 Nov 15

Serbian Official Criticised for Wearing Islamic Dress

The president of the Serbian parliament, Maja Gojkovic, was criticised for wearing conservative Islamic clothing during a visit to Tehran.

24 Nov 15

Serbian Fighter Acquitted of Bosnia War Rapes

A Belgrade court acquitted former Serbian volunteer fighter Miodrag Zivkovic of raping two Bosniak women in the Bosnian town of Bijeljina during the war in 1992.

24 Nov 15

Serbia Mulls Banishing Reality TV to Night-Time

Serbian television regulators want to prohibit the broadcasting of popular reality TV shows before 11pm after complaints that they contain promiscuous sex, violence and hate speech.

24 Nov 15

Serbian Fighter Describes ‘Extermination’ of Kosovo Villagers

At the retrial of 12 former Yugoslav Army troops for war crimes during the 1999 conflict in Kosovo, a Serbian ex-fighter recalled how scores of Albanian civilians were shot and died “like sheep”.

23 Nov 15

Complaint Against Pink TV over Serbia Coup Claims

A Serbian journalists’ association has lodged a complaint against Pink TV after it broadcast claims a coup would take place in Serbia on Monday.

23 Nov 15

Assault on Serbian Corruption Official ‘a Warning’

A senior Anti-Corruption Council member claims she was violently attacked because of her critical reports on government agencies.

21 Nov 15

Serbian Security Agencies Join Forces for Anti-Terror Exercise

In a display of force, a massive anti-terrorist exercise by all Serbian security agencies was held in Belgrade on Saturday as a joint effort by the Serbian army, the police anti-terrorist squad, the secret police and military security services.

20 Nov 15

Anti-Terror Exercise Shows Off Serbia's Muscle

A major anti-terrorist military exercise by the Serbian army, police anti-terrorist squad, secret police and military security services will be a show of force by Serbia's leadership.


23 Nov 15

Serbia Eyes Windfall from Telecom Sale

The sale of shares in Telekom Srbija is dividing unions and experts- but the government looks determined to sell if right price is offered.

Culture and Lifestyle

25 Nov 15

Belgrade Locals Puzzled by Mystery ‘Love Wall’

Down Hilandarska Street is a building whose decorated walls divide residents, stirring up a debate about whether it is art or vandalism.