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29 Jul 15

Serbian Prosecution Probes Lottery Fraud Claims

The National Lottery of Serbia has rejected allegations about a fixed lottery draw but the prosecution has already launched a probe.

29 Jul 15

Serbs Announce ‘Operation Storm’ Anniversary Mourning

Serbia and Bosnia’s Serb-led entity Republika Srpska will hold a day of mourning to commemorate Serb victims of the Croatian Army’s Operation Storm on its 20th anniversary in August.

29 Jul 15

ISIS Poses Threat to Balkans, Ministers Say

The interior ministers of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia said that ISIS was a real threat which could be fought only by cooperation between regional security services.

29 Jul 15

Serbian Whistleblower Law Faces First Serious Test

The case of Radovan Nenadic, a court intern who was fired after he criticised alleged misconduct by a judge, could be a test-case for the recently-adopted Whistleblower Protection Act.

28 Jul 15

US Criticises Balkans over Human Trafficking

All Balkan countries except Macedonia do not meet minimum standards in combatting human trafficking and some fail to punish the perpetrators adequately, the US State Department said.

28 Jul 15

Serbian Parliament Mulls Public Sector Layoffs

The Serbian parliament disussed a controversial law on establishing criteria for downsizing the public sector which envisages that 9,000 people will be fired by the end of the year.

27 Jul 15

Serbia’s Nazi-Backed WWII Leader Awaits Rehabilitation

A Belgrade court is to begin the process of rehabilitating Milan Nedic, leader of a Nazi-backed puppet government during WWII, who was branded a war criminal by the Yugoslav Communists.

27 Jul 15

Serbia Vows to Stop Kosovo Joining UNESCO

Belgrade said it will fight Pristina’s bid to join UN cultural body UNESCO, arguing that Kosovo is not a state and cannot protect Serbian religious monuments and heritage there.

27 Jul 15

Kosovo, Serbia Suspend Cross-Border Car Agreement

A long-awaited agreement designed to make travel between Kosovo and Serbia cheaper was suspended hours before its planned implementation, with both sides blaming the other. 

27 Jul 15

Serbia Toughens Inspections of 'Grey' Economy

While businesses back a new, tougher inspection regime targeting the untaxed 'grey' economy, some warn that the clampdown will most affect poor workers, especially women.

24 Jul 15

Serbia to Name School after Nationalist Writer Cosic

A primary school will be named after the late writer, politician and Serbian nationalist ideologist Dobrica Cosic in the village of Velika Drenova, where he was born.

24 Jul 15

Many Serbian Doctors Risk Losing Licenses

A sizeable percentage of Serbian doctors risk losing their licenses to operate by the end of the year, although they will still be able to work under the supervision of licensed colleagues.

23 Jul 15

Serbia to Probe Red Star Match Fixing Claim

Police and prosecutors are investigating claims that Sunday's football match between Red Star and another Belgrade club was fixed.

23 Jul 15

Balkan Countries See Police as Corrupt, Report Says

Only around 5 per cent of people in the Western Balkans see the police as an uncorrupt force, research by five civil sector organizations shows.

22 Jul 15

Serbia, Bosnia Pledge Friendship After Srebrenica Unrest

After Serbian premier Aleksandar Vucic was attacked in Srebrenica, leaders from both countries met in Belgrade and pledged to work together to put past disputes behind them.


29 Jul 15

Business Conditions in Serbia 'Difficult', Experts Say

The economy minister promised that the government will prioritise developing small and medium-sized enterprises, but business experts warned that conditions remain tough.

Culture and Lifestyle

29 Jul 15

Serbia's Tourist Mecca Keeps Dark Side Hidden

Dragan Marković – known as the 'Palm Tree' - has turned Jagodina into a real attraction, but not all locals feel they are benefiting.