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Latest News on Politics and Society from Serbia

20 Oct 14

Striking Serbian Lawyers Protest in Belgrade

Several thousand lawyers who have been on strike since the middle of September demonstrated in front of the Serbian government building in Belgrade.

20 Oct 14

Albanian PM’s Visit to Belgrade Postponed

After the disruption at the Serbia-Albania football match in Belgrade, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has postponed his planned visit to the Serbian capital until November.

18 Oct 14

Serbian Police Guards Albanian Embassy Ahead of Match

A heavy police presence has been deployed around the Albanian embassy in Belgrade amid fears it could be targeted by football hooligans.

17 Oct 14

Attacks on Albanian Shops in Serbia Condemned

A wave of attacks on Albanian businesses in Serbia has occurred in the wake of the disastrous Serbia-Albania football match earlier this week.

17 Oct 14

In Pictures: Serbian Military Parade

About 20,000 people gathered to see the grand parade marking the anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade.

17 Oct 14

Kosovo, Serbia Sports Fans Chew Over Football Violence

Sports players and commentators from Kosovo and Serbia on Kosovo TV have debated the causes and aftermatch of the abortive football match between Serbia and Albania, which ended in chaos.

16 Oct 14

Vucic Thanks Putin for Russia's Friendship to Serbia

After the Russian leader arrived in Belgrade to watch a parade marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade, Prime Minister Vucic lauded the ties between the two countries.

16 Oct 14

Kosovo Charges Serbia With Delaying Agreements

Kosovo has presented a report to the EU on the Kosovo-Serbia agreements, accusing Belgrade of being unwilling to implement all the accords reached in Brussels.    

15 Oct 14

Serbia Blames Albanian PM's Brother for Football Chaos

The office of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has accused the brother of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama of causing chaos at a football match in Belgrade.

15 Oct 14

Serbian Former PM Kostunica Quits His Party

Vojislav Kostunica, a former Prime Minister, has left the Democratic Party of Serbia, DSS, accusing the new leadership of having abandoned its core policy of Serbian neutrality.

15 Oct 14

Flag-Carrying Drone Ends Serbia-Albania Match

The Serbia-Albania Euro 2016 qualifier in Belgrade was abandoned after a drone flying an Albanian flag over the pitch sparked a brawl between the teams.

14 Oct 14

Mladic Denies Role in Serb Soldiers’ Mystery Killings

Bosnian Serb war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic said he was not involved in the unsolved murders of two soldiers at a Belgrade barracks in 2004, as their families have alleged.

14 Oct 14

Albania Fans Barred from Belgrade Football Match

No Albanians fans will be allowed will be allowed to watch Tuesday's Euro 2016 qualifying match between the Albania and Serbia in Belgrade because of fears of violence.

14 Oct 14

Union Demands Debate on Serbia's Media Freedom

Serbia's Independent Journalists' Association, NUNS, has urged parliament to start debating the state of media freedom in the country.

14 Oct 14

Serbian President’s Son to Become a City Mayor

Radomir Nikolic, son of the Serbian President, will most likely become the new mayor of Kragujevac, where the Progressive Party has taken control of the local government.


17 Oct 14

Balkan States Face Crisis if Russia Halts Gas Flow

Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia could face a very cold winter if Russia halts gas exports to the EU, a gas stress test carried out by Brussels says.

Culture and Lifestyle

11 Oct 14

Junkyard Art Holds Message for the Planet

Vlado Kostov’s sculptures, all made from scrap metal, are not just interesting artworks; they tell of the need to save planet Earth.