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30 Sep 14

Montenegro Muslims Battle Over Toddlers' Playground

A new kindergarten in Rozaje has reignited a conflict in Montenegro between the country's Islamic Community and the Muslim leader over the border in Sandzak, Serbia.

30 Sep 14

Serbia Prepares Grand Military Parade for Putin

After Vladimir Putin of Russia confirmed his forthcoming visit to Serbia, marking the liberation of Belgrade in 1944, Serbia's leader said the country would welcome him with a military parade 'such as the country has not seen in years'.

29 Sep 14

Serbia Reopens Batajnica Mass Grave Probe

Serbia reopened its investigation into the Batajnica police training centre, where hundreds of bodies of Kosovo Albanians were found buried, searching for another mass grave at the site.

29 Sep 14

Serbian Protesters Slate Axing of 'Utisak Nedelje'

Protesters in Belgrade have rallied against plans by the Serbian broadcaster B92 to ditch Olja Becvkovic's well-known politics programme.

28 Sep 14

Belgrade Holds Gay Pride Amid Heavy Security

Around 1,000 Gay Pride marchers took to the streets of Belgrade for the first time since 2010, protected by thousands of police after right-wing threats of violence.

27 Sep 14

Serbia TV Ditches Flagship Political Talk Show

Union calls for protests after B92 axes Olje Beckovic’s well-known politics programme ‘Utisak Nedelje’, which started in 1991.

26 Sep 14

Serbia Faces Dilemma Over Kosovo Football Fans

Fans from Kosovo have expressed their wish to go to Belgrade to support the Albanian national team in a football match against Serbia - but it is not clear they will be allowed into the stadium.

26 Sep 14

Serbia Says Gay Pride March May go Ahead

Officials say Sunday's Gay Pride Parade may proceed as planned - although the march could still be banned if current security assessments change.

26 Sep 14

Three Children Die in Fire in Belgrade

Three children died in fire that broke out in a Roma settlement in the Serbian capital.

25 Sep 14

Serbian PM to Give Gay Pride a Miss

Having promised to ensure the safety of participants at the upcoming Gay Pride parade on Sunday, Prime Minister Vucic said he would not be attending himself.

25 Sep 14

Serbia Ponders Health Benefits of Marijuana

Serbia's Health Minister has announced that the country is open to the idea of allowing people to use cannabis for medical purposes.

24 Sep 14

Croatia Veterans Give Govt Cyrillic Ultimatum

Veterans said all bilingual signs in Croatian and Serb Cyrillic must be removed from Vukovar or government politicians will be not be welcome at the annual commemoration of the town’s wartime fall.

24 Sep 14

Macedonia at Bottom of Regional Wage Table

Slovenes and Croats earn the biggest average wages in the former Yugoslavia, while Macedonians earn the least, according to Turkey's Anadolu Agency.

24 Sep 14

Serbia Gives Green Light to Gay Pride Parade

Although right-wing organisations have announced protests against the Gay Pride Parade, officials say the march will go ahead, following a pause of three years.

23 Sep 14

Millions Earmarked For Kosovo Serbs 'Wasted'

Hundreds of millions of euros from the Serbian budget that is supposed to help the Serbs in Kosovo have been misspent, a new TV investigation claims.



29 Sep 14

Balkan States to Cut Mobile Roaming Charges

Following the EU's example, regulators in four Balkan countries have finally agreed to reduce mobile phone roaming charges, which are much higher than in western Europe.

Culture and Lifestyle

26 Sep 14

Researchers’ Night Summons Up a Spirit of Adventure

A treasure hunt, decoding messages written in invisible ink, a chat with Nikola Tesla and a journey back in time to the age of the dinosaurs are just some of the adventures awaiting visitors to the fifth annual Researchers’ Night.