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25 Jul 16

Nazi-Hunter Condemns Quashed Stepinac Conviction

A director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, said the Croatian court judgment, quashing the conviction of Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac in 1946 for collaboration, was 'shameful and horrible'.

22 Jul 16

Serbian Court Upholds Montenegrin Journalist's Libel Claim

A court in Belgrade confirmed an earlier judgment against the news portal E-novine for defaming the prominent Montenegrin journalist Milka Tadic Mijovic and ordered it to pay her about 8,000 euros.

22 Jul 16

Serbia Slams Croatia for Clearing ‘Collaborator’ Stepinac

Serbian officials condemned the decision by a Zagreb court to quash the conviction of WWII Catholic Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac for collaborating with Nazi Germany and its Croatian allies.

22 Jul 16

Serbia Braces For Rise in Refugee Numbers

Serbian authorities are expanding capacities in refugee camps following reports that the number of migrants and refugees could rise.

22 Jul 16

Croatia Quashes Conviction of WWII Cardinal Stepinac

A Zagreb court has quashed the Communist-era verdict convicting WWII Catholic Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac of collaborating with Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and their Croatian allies.

21 Jul 16

Croatia Urges Serbia to Probe Attack on Presidency

Croatia’s foreign minister called on the Serbian authorities to investigate the Yugoslav People’s Army’s missile attack on Franjo Tudjman’s presidential residence in Zagreb in 1991.

21 Jul 16

Kosovo President Lays Wreath at Serbs’ Memorial

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci paid tribute at a memorial to 14 Serbs killed after the war in the village of Staro Gracko/Gracke 17 years ago, but the victims’ families criticised his gesture.

20 Jul 16

Serbian Policeman ‘Inspired Threats’ to Peace Women

Threats against peace campaign group Women in Black increased after anti-terrorist police spokesperson Radomir Pocuca denounced them as anti-Serbian, activists told his trial.

20 Jul 16

Croatia Ministers ‘Play Politics’ with Serbia-EU Negotiations

Croatian government ministers are acting tough about the opening of rule-of-law negotiations between the EU and Serbia in an attempt to score popularity points ahead of the upcoming elections, analysts claimed.

19 Jul 16

Serbian Ruling Party Makes Exhibition of ‘Media Lies’

Serbia's ruling Progressive Party organised an unusual exhibition of press articles to back its claim that the media is free to lie about the government and that there is no official censorship.

19 Jul 16

EU Insists on Serbian Cooperation Over War Crimes

While opening two new chapters in Serbia’s accession negotiations, the EU has set benchmarks for Belgrade to meet, insisting it cooperates with Croatia and the Hague Tribunal over war crimes issues.

18 Jul 16

Serbia, Macedonia, Boost Controls to Stop Migrants

Serbia is sending a joint military and police force to its border with Bulgaria and Macedonia to help curb migrant flows while Macedonia has tightened security on its southern border with Greece.

18 Jul 16

Pristina ‘War Grave’ Excavation Distresses Relatives

Relatives of a man still missing from the Kosovo war said they were waiting with hope and fear for the outcome of an excavation of a suspected mass grave at Pristina University.

18 Jul 16

Serbia Welcomes Boris Johnson as UK Foreign Secretary

He may be controversial in some European capitals, but Serbian Prime Minister-designate Aleksandar Vucic has hailed appointment of Boris Johnson as British Foreign Secretary.

15 Jul 16

Balkan Leaders Unite to Condemn Nice Atrocity

Balkan leaders have condemned Thursday’s terror attack on the French city of Nice in which at least 84 people died after a lorry slammed through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day, calling for solidarity with the people of France.


25 Jul 16

It is Time to Let go of Cardinal Stepinac

The endless-seeming arguments over Cardinal Stepinac’s life and actions are a depressing reminder that World War II remains unfinished business in parts of the former Yugoslavia.

13 Jul 16

Srebrenica: An Intimate Genocide


25 Jul 16

Legendary Yugoslav Car Firm Fades Into History

The final closure of the long defunct Zastava car factory in Kragujevac has left many Serbs grieving for a part of their history that is now definitely over.

21 Jul 16

Serbia Braces for Brexit Fallout

28 Jun 16

Serbia Ponders Brexit's Impact on Economy

Culture and Lifestyle

24 Jul 16

Locals Fear Hidden Cost of Serbia’s EXIT Festival

While Novi Sad’s EXIT festival has undoubtedly boosted the local economy, some fear it might be doing the city more damage than good.

08 Jul 16

Belgrade Rising Star Returns Home

08 Jul 16

Summer in Belgrade: No Escape Needed

06 Jul 16

EXIT Festival Promises Magic This Year

01 Jul 16

Fresh Escapes From Serbia’s Summer Heat