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20 Aug 14

Serbian Tabloid Targets BIRN after Airline Revelations

The pro-government tabloid ‘Informer’ has published a series of allegations about the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, following its investigation into a secret government contract with the UAE’s Etihad Airways.

20 Aug 14

Ukraine Rebels Appeal to Serbs to Donate

A Russian organization called the Kosovo Front has appealed to Serbs to donate money to the embattled pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

19 Aug 14

Ukraine Separatists Hail Arrival of Serb Volunteers

Defying warnings from the Serbian government and possible penalties for fighting in foreign wars, 14 Serbian fighters have reportedly joined the pro-Russian separatists in their Donetsk stronghold.

18 Aug 14

Kosovo Serb Leader Awaits War Crimes, Murder Trial

Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic will go on trial on August 26 for war crimes during the Kosovo conflict as well as committing murder during clashes that erupted afterwards.

18 Aug 14

Serbia Road Death Suspect ‘Hiding in Turkey’

Serbia has asked the Turkish authorities to arrest a man suspected of killing a 21-year-old in a hit-and-run incident on a bridge in Belgrade which sparked public protests.

15 Aug 14

Vucic Disputes BIRN Revelations on Etihad Contract

Serbian PM slates BIRN investigation into whether Serbia overpaid for airline contract with Etihad as inaccurate, and says the govt should have been contacted for up-to-date information.

14 Aug 14

Serbia To Jail Fighters in Foreign Wars

After a number of Serbs were reported to be fighting alongside the pro-Russian side in Ukraine, the government said it would pass legislation outlawing fighting in other countries.

13 Aug 14

Oliver Ivanovic Indicted For War Crimes in Kosovo

Kosovo Special Prosecutor on Monday issued an indictment against the prominent Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic.

13 Aug 14

Serbia, Montenegro to Boost Military Cooperation

Ahead of the Defence Minister's visit to Belgrade, Montenegro has outlined plans for intensified military co-operation with Serbia, as the two countries continue to patch up formerly cool relations.

11 Aug 14

Rain-Soaked Balkans Braces for Heatwave

After months of unusually wet weather, the countries of the Balkan region are finally bracing for a heatwave, which is expected to peak on Tuesday.

11 Aug 14

Serbia Ready to Plug Ambassadorial Holes

Serbia is to name 20 new ambassadors around the world over the next four months, including such major diplomatic postings as the US, China and Germany.

08 Aug 14

Serbia to Mull Rehabilitation of Nazi-Backed WWII Leader

Serbia’s high court was ordered to reconsider its decision to reject the rehabilitation of Milan Nedic, the controversial leader of a Nazi-backed puppet government during World War II.

08 Aug 14

Danger of Mass Flooding Eases in Bosnia, Serbia

Homes and farms remain flooded in parts of Bosnia and Serbia, but as river levels start to subside, there are hopes that the worst may be over.

07 Aug 14

Freak Floods Wreak More Havoc in Balkans

Torrential rain has caused more floods in many areas of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia, where rivers are bursting again, flooding homes and causing landslides.

07 Aug 14

Savage Murder of Teen Shocks Serbia

Minister has said he is sorry that Serbia no longer has the death penalty, after the body of  15-year-old Tijana Juric is found in a shallow grave.


15 Aug 14

Novi Sad Café Draws Putin Fans in Serbia

The boss of the café named after the Russian President Vladimir Putin says the furor over its name has brought in customers – and is furthering his goal of Serbian-Russian friendship.


18 Aug 14

EU Tells Serbia Not to Exploit Russian Embargo

Brussels has warned EU candidate countries against exploiting the Russian embargo on EU food imports to their own advantage.

Culture and Lifestyle

19 Aug 14

Cool Down a Stone’s Throw from Belgrade

As summer gets hotter, the aqua parks close to the capital are a fine way to escape the hurly-burly, and chill out.