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21 Apr 17

Serbian Court Refuses to Call Mladic to Testify

A call for former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic to testify in an appeal against the acquittal of ten people accused of aiding him while he was a fugitive was dismissed.

21 Apr 17

Serbia's CINS Journalists Win European Press Prize

The Serbian Centre for Investigative Journalism on Thursday became the first media outlet from the country to win the European Press Prize - but at home it faces much official hostility.

21 Apr 17

Kosovo MP Haradinaj Faces Ethnic Hatred Lawsuit

A Kosovo NGO said it will file a criminal complaint against MP Daut Haradinaj for threatening that Serbs could be expelled from Kosovo if his brother, ex-PM Ramush Haradinaj, is extradited to Belgrade.

20 Apr 17

Finnish Ambassador Takes on Serbian Hockey Team

The Finnish Ambassador to Serbia Pertti Ikonen will represent his country in a friendly ice hockey match between Serbia's 'Little Wooden Legs' and Finnish 'Midnight Bats' on Thursday.

18 Apr 17

Romania Seeks Extradition of Former MP Arrested in Serbia

Romania's Ministry of Justice will request the extradition from Serbia of former MP and businessman Sebastian Ghita, a fugitive wanted in five different graft cases. 

18 Apr 17

VIDEO: Serbian Anti-Government Protests Set to Continue

After a break over the Easter holidays that saw far fewer crowds on the streets, rallies across the country are expected to resume in full force tonight.

17 Apr 17

In Pictures: Serbian Anti-Government Protesters’ Key Messages

As the protests against the rule of Serbian Prime Minister and President-Elect Aleksandar Vucic are set to resume on Monday, after slowing during the Easter holidays, BIRN has prepared a gallery of main messages that the protesters were carrying on their banners.

13 Apr 17

Serbia Poll Runner-up Jankovic to Form Political Movement

Former Ombudsman Sasa Jankovic will try to capitalise on his second place in the presidential elections by setting up a political movement to oppose the poll winner, PM Aleksandar Vucic.

11 Apr 17

Trade Unionists Join Serbian Anti-Govt Protests

Members of the Sloga union will join anti-government protests in Belgrade, demanding an end to political influence on state companies and the withdrawal of the Labour Law, which they claim is unjust.

11 Apr 17

Serbian Journalist Commemorated as Murder Trial Continues

Relatives and colleagues of opposition journalist Slavko Curuvija marked the 18th anniversary of his death, expressing concern about the slow pace of the trial of Serbian security service officials for his murder.

11 Apr 17

Serbian Police Probe Alleged Election Fraud Video

Questions have been raised about whether footage allegedly showing men filling a ballot box with votes for PM Aleksandar Vucic is genuine or not, but police have launched a probe.

10 Apr 17

Serbia Protests: Thousands Demand Vucic’s Resignation

Protests have been sweeping the country since Vucic’s election victory on April 2, amid accusations of electoral fraud.

10 Apr 17

Serbian Media Accused of Downplaying Protests

Anti-Vucic protests reveal deep divisions in the media in Serbia, with some trying to downplay the protests and accusing the opposition of planning violence on the streets.

10 Apr 17

McCain Tours Balkans to Boost US, NATO Ties

One of the strongest supporters of NATO expansion in the Balkans, US Senator John McCain has been visiting Belgrade to discuss further military cooperation, having earlier visited Slovenia and Croatia.

10 Apr 17

Council of Europe: Kosovo War Victims ‘Denied Justice’

The weakness of Kosovo’s witness protection system means that some war crimes perpetrators are not being sanctioned and victims are being denied justice, the Council of Europe’s rights commissioner warned.


24 Apr 17

Belgrade’s ‘Indestructible’ Mayor Faces Uncertain Future

The political future of Mayor Sinisa Mali remains cloudy as protesters in Belgrade on Tuesday showed they were not about to forget his role in the notorious Savamala affair.

20 Apr 17

A Turkish Scenario for the Balkans?

18 Apr 17

Serbian Opposition Split Over Fresh Election


19 Apr 17

Serbia Hosts Agrokor Summit Without Croatia

Serbia's Trade Minister on Wednesday will host a joint meeting with trade ministers from Slovenia, Bosnia and Montenegro on the Agrokor crisis - but apparently without a Croatian representative.

13 Apr 17

New Shopping Malls Spring Up Across Belgrade

Culture and Lifestyle

31 Mar 17

Belgrade Film Festival Going Strong

The 64th annual Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival once again showcases some of the country's brightest young cinematic talents.

30 Mar 17

Beer Museums: Another Reason to Visit Serbia

22 Mar 17

Vanished Mural Sparks Protests in Novi Sad

22 Mar 17

Belgrade Tween Conquers World of Music