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25 May 16

Tito’s Admirers Celebrate His Birthday Across Ex-Yugoslavia

Thirty-six years after the death of Josip Broz Tito, his nostalgic admirers in many of the former Yugoslav states still commemorate his birthday despite criticism of his undemocratic regime.

25 May 16

Serbian Activists Plan Fresh Waterfront Protest

The campaigning group 'Let’s Not Drown Belgrade' scheduled a rally in front of the Belgrade City Assembly for Wednesday, protesting over the recent demolition of sites presumably intended to make way for the Waterfront development.

24 May 16

Talks on New Serbian Govt to Start Monday

Discussions on forming a new government will start from Monday, announced Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, who said the administration will focus on building new infrastructure.

24 May 16

Serbian Security Officials Face 2017 Hague Retrial

The retrial of former Serbian state security officials Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic, who are accused of war crimes in Bosnia and Croatia, will start at the Hague Tribunal next year.

23 May 16

Serbia’s Nazi-Backed Leader ‘Did Not Kill Jews’

A historian who testified at a rehabilitation hearing for Milan Nedic argued that the Nazi-backed WWII-era puppet government leader was not directly involved in killing Jews.

23 May 16

PM Vucic Mulls Changing Serbian Constitution

Serbia's Prime Minister has hinted at the need to change Serbia's constitution as EU talks progress - and experts say he can probably count on a majority of MPs to get what he wants.

19 May 16

Serbia Accused of Not Cooperating with UN Court

A Serbian court decision not to extradite three Serbian Radical Party members who are wanted for alleged witness intimidation to the Hague Tribunal has sparked accusations of non-cooperation from Croatia.

18 May 16

Serbian Court Refuses to Extradite Wanted Radicals

A Belgrade court decided not to extradite three members of Vojislav Seselj’s nationalist Serbian Radical Party to the Hague Tribunal, where they are wanted for alleged witness intimidation.

18 May 16

Serbia Acquits 10 of Hiding Ratko Mladic

A Serbian court cleared 10 people of helping former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic evade arrest while he was on the run from war crimes charges in the 2000s.

18 May 16

Compensation Demand over Masked Belgrade Demolition

A company whose building in the Belgrade Waterfront complex area was demolished by unknown masked men told BIRN they will sue the state if they do not get compensation.

17 May 16

Serbian State News Agency Works On Despite Shutdown

State news agency Tanjug is still producing news and receiving money from the budget even though the government closed it down in October 2015 after failing to find a private buyer.

17 May 16

New Kosovo War Court Awaits Dutch MPs’ Approval

The new court in The Hague which will try former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters is still waiting for the Dutch parliament’s ratification and for the EU to supply its budget.

17 May 16

Report Laments Failings in Serbian Judiciary

A member of Serbia's Anti-Corruption Council, Jelisaveta Vasilic, told at a presentation of a report on the judiciary in Serbia that the country's courts are still in a poor state.

16 May 16

Kosovo Court Upholds Fatmir Limaj War Crimes Acquittal

Pristina’s appeals court upheld the acquittal of Kosovo Liberation Army commander turned politician Fatmir Limaj and nine other ex-guerrillas, clearing them of abusing Albanian and Serb prisoners during wartime.

16 May 16

BIRN’s Kosovo War Film Screened in Belgrade

BIRN’s film The Unidentified, which investigates the Serbian commanders responsible for brutal attacks during the Kosovo war, was screened at the BELDOCS documentary festival.


25 May 16

Picturesque Eastern Serbian Town Reveals Extent of Election Fraud

Opposition parties and local observers have complained that recent elections in Serbia contained significant incidences of election fraud. A BIRN investigation found that those worries might be true in the small Serbian town of Zagubica.

19 May 16

Serbia's Talent Hub Faces Economic Challenges

17 May 16

Freeloaders Foil Transit Ticketing System


11 May 16

New Serbian Government Must Hit the Ground Running

As the dust begins to settle over the conduct of Serbia’s elections, citizens look toward the daunting economic challenges awaiting the next government.

28 Apr 16

Hazy Future for Serbia's Copper Giant

23 Mar 16

Passing the Buck

Culture and Lifestyle

23 May 16

Yugoslav Film Legend Bata Zivojinovic Dies

Bata Zivojinovic, who was considered one of the most influential actors in Yugoslavia, died on Monday aged 83 in Belgrade.

20 May 16

Weekend Getaways for Couples and Families

14 May 16

Three Balkan Singers Bid for Eurovision Crown