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26 Aug 16

Protesters Denounce Belgrade Waterfront Eviction

The Let’s Not Drown Belgrade campaign group led a protest against the impending eviction of the last family still living in the state-backed Belgrade Waterfront luxury redevelopment area.

26 Aug 16

Hungary to Build Another Fence on Serbian Border

Hungary will build a second fence along its border with Serbia, and is offering Serbia help protecting its borders with Bulgaria and Macedonia.

25 Aug 16

Croatia Ex-PM’s Leaked ‘Insults’ Anger Bosnia, Serbia

Bosnian and Serbian officials reacted angrily after audio was leaked of Croatian Social Democratic Party leader Zoran Milanovic saying Bosnia and Herzegovina is not a state and the Serbian government is arrogant and nationalist.

25 Aug 16

Serbian PM Decides Against Croatia Visit

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic is not attending a ministrial forum in Dubrovnik this week which could have been an opportunity to ease tensions with Croatia.

24 Aug 16

Afghan Migrant Shot Dead in Serbia

A hunter has been arrested after a young Afghan migrant who had crossed over into Serbia from Bulgaria was shot dead in woodlands near the border.

24 Aug 16

Croatia Threatens to Arrest Vojislav Seselj

Croatia’s prime minister warned that nationalist leader Vojislav Seselj, who says he has been given a Serbian diplomatic passport and plans to visit Zagreb, will be arrested if he enters the country.

24 Aug 16

Vucic Visit to Croatia ‘Could Ease Tensions’

If Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic visits Croatia on Thursday to attend a ministrial forum in Dubrovnik, it could ease growing tensions between two countries, a political analyst suggested.

23 Aug 16

Serbian PM Calls Social Media Critics ‘Scum’

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic lashed out at social media and press critics, calling them “scum”, and slammed Serbia’s public broadcaster, accusing it of inciting hatred against him and other officials.

22 Aug 16

Serbia Joins US Military Drills in Germany

Serbian troops will join US-organised multinational exercises this month - an indication that although the country’s military collaborations with Russia grab headlines, it works more closely with the US.

22 Aug 16

Serbia Protests Over Kosovo War Crimes Billboard

Belgrade urged Pristina to remove a billboard about Serbian war crimes, saying it will intimidate Serbs who fled after the war and stop them returning to their homes in the former province.

18 Aug 16

Serbian Tycoon Accuses Soros of Attempted Subversion

Continuing a campaign against NGOs and independent media, the owner of pro-government TV Pink wrote to George Soros, saying the billionaire’s “small donations” will not destabilise the country.

18 Aug 16

Serbia to Host Two Military Drills with Russia

Serbia will host Russian Army troops in two separate exercises in September and October - although its most frequent military training cooperation is still with the US.

17 Aug 16

Biden Urges Kosovo to Seek Reconciliation with Serbia

Speaking in Pristina, US Vice-President Joe Biden said that Kosovo officials should work toward normalising relations with Serbia in order to make progress towards joining the EU.

17 Aug 16

Serbian Progressives Eye Bosnian Local Elections

The Serbian Progressive Party in Bosnia is trying to exploit the increasing popularity of Aleksandar Vucic to increase its support, but this may not help it win votes, an expert said.

17 Aug 16

Biden Offers Condolences for Victims of NATO Bombing

US Vice-President Joseph Biden offered condolences to the families of 1999 NATO bombing victims and urged Serbia and Kosovo to resolve open issues during a visit to Belgrade.


25 Aug 16

Kosovo War Ex-Prisoners Fear Arrest in Serbia

Kosovo Albanians detained during wartime by the Serbian authorities still fear that they could be re-arrested, as the case of a man held last week at the Croatia-Serbia border highlighted.

12 Aug 16

Vucic’s Long Wish List Fails to Impress

10 Aug 16

Vucic Accused of Recycling Old Promises


19 Aug 16

Serbian Unions Seek Higher Minimum Wage

The Serbian government, employers and several unions are negotiating a new minimum wage level, but the proposed rise has already been described by one independent union as an ‘insult’.

25 Jul 16

Legendary Yugoslav Car Firm Fades Into History

21 Jul 16

Serbia Braces for Brexit Fallout

Culture and Lifestyle

26 Aug 16

Belgrade’s Ancient Crafts Guardians

A traditional shoe-making shop is finding a way to survive and thrive in the modern world. Now, a fourth generation of the family is preparing to take the reins.

18 Aug 16

Serbia to Choose 2017 Oscars Candidate

15 Aug 16

Insiders’ Guide: Hidden Gems of the Balkans