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entry-ban-s-to-serbian-officials-kosovo-s-force-demonstration-04-14-2016 News 15 Apr 16

Kosovo Flexes Muscles by Banning Serbian Politicians

Ban on entry of the head of Serbia's Kosovo Office - one of several recent bans - is designed to remind Belgrade that Kosovo does not want the Serbian election campaign conducted on its territory, experts say.

vucic-serbia-will-fight-over-trepca-04-04-2016 News 04 Apr 16

Serbia, Kosovo Tussle over Trepca Mining Complex

The Serbian prime minister insisted his government will not allow Pristina to claim the huge Trepca mining complex in northern Kosovo, but a Kosovo minister accused him of empty political posturing.

hand-grenade-explodes-as-vucuc-visits-kosovo-04-03-2016 News 03 Apr 16

Hand Grenade Explodes as Vucic Visits Kosovo

Kosovo police confirmed that a hand grenade exploded in the sports hall in Zubin Potok on Sunday where Aleksandar Vucic, the Serbian prime minister was due to hold a speech. No injuries were reported.

serbian-kosovo-office-denies-pristina-university-closing-03-29-2016 News 30 Mar 16

Kosovo Serb University Not in Danger, Belgrade

Officials in Belgrade have dismissed a reported threat to the ethnic Serbian University of Pristina - which in fact is based in Mitrovica, in northern Kosovo - as the result of confusion.

kosovo-serb-ngo-s-backed-serbia-appeal-for-diocese-fund-02-18-2016 News 19 Feb 16

Kosovo Serbs Back Appeal for Church Fund

Kosovo Serb NGOs have backed an appeal for Kosovo Serbs to set aside part of their income to support the work of the Serbian Orthodox Church there.

kosovo-fails-to-integrate-serbian-protection-force-01-22-2016 News 25 Jan 16

Kosovo Fails to Integrate Serbian Civil Protection Members

In spite of an agreement on re-integrating members of the Serbian Civil Protection Corps into Kosovo institutions, many of these people remain in working limbo.

arrest-warrants-issued-for-kosovo-serb-politicians news 01 Sep 14

Arrest Warrants Issued for Kosovo Serb Politicians

The EU rule-of-law mission wants to arrest a Serb mayor and former mayor – a move that could further heighten tensions in the north of Kosovo.

serbia-increases-police-forces-on-kosovo-border News 28 Aug 14

Serbia Reinforces Border After Policeman's Killing

Serbian Interior Minister says he is sending fresh police officers to the Kosovo border following the death of an officer who was shot near the border, allegedly by illegal loggers.

ivanovic-to-apear-before-kosovo-court-on-august-26 News 18 Aug 14

Kosovo Serb Leader Awaits War Crimes, Murder Trial

Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic will go on trial on August 26 for war crimes during the Kosovo conflict as well as committing murder during clashes that erupted afterwards.

kosovo-honors-killed-police-officer News 25 Jul 14

Kosovo Honours Killed Police Officer

Kosovo authorities inaugurated a new building in memory of Enver Zymberi, a police officer who was killed in disturbances in the north in 2011 and whose killer has not been caught.

kosovo-serbs-threaten-with-massive-quits-from-kosovo-institutions news 21 Jul 14

Kosovo Serbs Threaten to Quit Pristina's Institutions

Local leaders in the Serb-run north of Kosovo are threatening a collective resignation from Pristina-led institutions unless arrested Serbs are freed ahead of their trials.

serbs-and-albanians-mark-territory-in-northern-kosovo News 11 Jul 14

North Kosovo Serbs, Albanians, Erect Rival Monuments

Albanians and Serbs individed northern Kosovo are marking out their respectives territories by erecting rival monuments named after their respective heroes.

kosovo-serbs-build-car-lazar-square-in-mitrovica News 10 Jul 14

Kosovo Serbs Erect Square on Mitrovica Bridge

A new square erected over the bridge in the divided northern town of Mitrovica, apparently designed to stop it reopening to traffic, has revived tensions between local Serbs and Albanians in the south.

albanians-hang-on-in-serb-north Feature 04 Jul 14

Albanians Endure Isolation in Serb North of Kosovo

Isolated Albanian villagers say they are neglected by the Pristina authorities, cut off from their ethnic kin and vulnerable to political unrest in the Serb-dominated surrounding areas.

kosovo-police-arrests-several-people-related-to-mitrovica-clashes News 30 Jun 14

Kosovo Arrests 18 Over Mitrovica Barricade Unrest

Kosovo Police arrested 18 people after an outbreak of unrest this month in the divided town of Mitrovica amid protests at the blockade of the main bridge by local Serbs.

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