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ivanovic-death-is-failure-for-all-of-kosovo-01-17-2018 comment 17 Jan 18

Ivanovic Death is Failure for All of Kosovo

Serbia, the Kosovo Albanians and the international factors in Kosovo, such as the EU, all bear responsibility for creating the conditions that led to this shocking assassination.

business-cooperation-might-help-reconciliation-in-kosovo-11-30-2017 news 01 Dec 17

Kosovo Businesses Doubtful About Planned Free Trade Zone

After Kosovo's Foreign Minister urged Serbia to help set up a free trade zone in the divided town of Mitrovica, local businesses say they question the likely benefits.

kosovo-opposition-questions-serb-judges-and-prosecutors-oath-10-26-2017 News 27 Oct 17

MPs Ask to See Serb Judges’ Oaths to Kosovo

Opposition MPs demanded to see the oaths taken by Kosovo Serb judges and prosecutors this week to find out if they pledged loyalty to the Kosovo state’s constitution and laws.

kosovo-calls-political-serb-s-statements-on-trepca-mining-08-07-2017 news 11 Aug 17

Kosovo Albanians, Serbs Fear for Trepca Mine’s Future

Kosovo Albanian and Serb workers at the giant Trepca mining complex have a pessimistic outlook about the future of the mine because of its financial troubles and disputes between Pristina and Belgrade.

kosovo-arrests-russians-and-serbs-allegedly-part-of-a-military-group-08-09-2017 news 09 Aug 17

Kosovo Readies to Deport Arrested Russians, Serbs

A prosecutor told BIRN that 11 Russian and Serbian citizens arrested on Tuesday for illegally crossing the Kosovo border are likely to be deported soon.

kosovo-serbs-wait-for-albanians-to-agree-on-creating-the-govt-07-14-2017 news 17 Jul 17

Kosovo Serbs MPs Mull Likely Partners in Parliament

As Kosovo's political parties jostle for the right to form the next government, the country's ethnic Serbian MPS have yet to decide which coalition or party to support.

srpska-lista-ends-boycott-to-push-municipalities-deal-in-kosovo-03-27-2017 news 27 Mar 17

Kosovo Serb MPs End Boycott of Parliament

Serb MPs returned to Kosovo parliament after six months to speed up the formation of an Association of Serb Municipalities but also to try to stop the formation of a Kosovo Army.

america-first-from-north-kosovo-03-03-2017 news 06 Mar 17

Jokey Video Wants US to Put North Kosovo 'First'

Northern Kosovo is the latest place where people are making satirical YouTube videos about US President Donald Trump’s slogan “America first”.

mitrovica-s-flashpoint-bridge-symbolises-kosovo-s-divisions-03-01-2017 feature 02 Mar 17

Mitrovica’s Flashpoint Bridge Symbolises Kosovo’s Divisions

The bridge across the river dividing the Kosovo town of Mitrovica into ethnic Albanian and Serb areas is being reopened, but its history as a focus for tensions means locals are wary about expecting progress.

government-waits-on-kosovo-serbs-for-their-municipal-association-02-06-2017 news 07 Feb 17

Kosovo Serb Association Depends on Boycott Ending, Minister Says

Kosovo minister says government is committed to working on establishing the Association of Serbian Municipalities - once Kosovo Serb politicians end their boycott of state institutions.

kosovo-demolish-the-wall-in-north-02-05-2017 news 05 Feb 17

Kosovo Demolishes Controversial Serb-Built Wall

After reaching an agreement with Kosovo Serbs, the authorities knocked down a two-metre-high concrete wall which was the centre of a dispute in the divided northern town of Mitrovica.

dialogue-of-normalizations-or-tensions-02-02-2017 news 02 Feb 17

Kosovo-Serbia Talks Fail to Defuse Tensions

The second round of talks between Kosovo and Serbian politicians in Brussels was reportedly a failure - and the participants notably omitted to give any real details of what was said after the meeting.

kosovo-serbs-build-a-wall-in-northern-divided-city-12-08-2016 news 08 Dec 16

Kosovo Bans Building of Serb Wall in Mitrovica

The building of a concrete wall by the Serb authorities near their side of the bridge that ethnically divides the Kosovo town of Mitrovica was ordered to stop after strong criticism by Kosovo Albanian officials.

serbia-do-not-recognize-pristina-decision-10-11-2016 News 11 Oct 16

Serbia Rejects Kosovo’s Trepca Mine Takeover

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Belgrade does not accept the Kosovo government’s decision to put the huge ex-Yugoslav Trepca mining complex under Pristina’s control.

kosovo-bridge-restoration-brings-optimism-in-divided-mitrovica-08-15-2016 feature 15 Aug 16

Kosovo Bridge Restoration Brings Optimism in Divided Mitrovica

Serbs and Albanians in the ethnically divided city of Mitrovica in northern Kosovo welcomed the start of renovations on its bridge as a sign that normal relations between the city’s residents could be restored.

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