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eulex-arrests-kosovo-serb-in-connection-with-police-murder News 11 Apr 14

Kosovo Serb Arrested For Policeman's Killing

Kosovo and EULEX Police on Friday arrested a 32-year-old Kosovo Serb in connection with the killing of a police officer in July 2011.

kosovo-s-constitution-challenged-in-the-north News 10 Apr 14

Kosovo Constitution Still Challenged in North

Six years after Kosovo's independence constitution came into force, authorities in Pristina are still struggling to implement it in the Serb-run north of the country.

kosovo-police-officers-survive-armed-attack-in-the-north News 01 Apr 14

Attack on Police in North Kosovo Probed

Kosovo Police have launched an investigation into an attack on three ethnic Serbian police officers in the north of the country.

kosovo-blames-serbia-for-delays-in-implementing-april-deal News 31 Mar 14

Kosovo Blames Serbia for Delays in Normalization Deal

The authorities in Pristina accused Belgrade of slowing the pace on implementing the EU-mediated deal to normalize relations and failing to fulfil commitments on judicial changes.

serbian-parties-rally-in-kosovo-ahead-of-polls news 28 Feb 14

Serbian Parties Take Campaign to Kosovo

Serbian parties are holding election rallies in Kosovo, even though the election cannot be extended there following last year's Brussels agreement.

the-us-blames-serb-hardliners-for-stalemate-in-kosovo-north news 28 Feb 14

US Blames Serb Hardliners for North Kosovo Violence

As Pristina and Belgrade strive to normalize relations between each other, a US State Department report said Serb hardliners had tried to block those efforts in northern Kosovo.

kosovo-serbs-questions-regularity-of-electoral-roll news 18 Feb 14

Kosovo Serb Claims Electoral Roll Contains Illegal Albanians

As the campaign begins for a repeat vote for the post of mayor of Mitrovica, the Belgrade-backed citizens’ initiative Srpska said the electoral register had been illegally packed with Albanian voters.

detained-kosovo-serb-leader-to-run-for-mitrovica-mayor news 30 Jan 14

Arrested Kosovo Serb Leader Runs for Mayor

Oliver Ivanovic, now in detention on suspicion of involvement in war crimes against Kosovo Albanians, has entered the race to run for mayor of the Serb-run north of Mitrovica.

kosovo-president-sets-date-for-mayoral-elections-in-mitrovica-north News 20 Jan 14

Kosovo’s North Mitrovica Set to Repeat Mayor Vote

Kosovo Serbs in the northern part of the divided town of Mitrovica will vote for a new mayor again in late February after the previous poll-winner refused the job.

kosovo-serbs-finalising-association-statute news 17 Jan 14

Kosovo Serbs Finalise Association Statute

Kosovo Serbs in charge of drafting a statute for an autonomous Association of Serbian Municipalities say they have nearly finished the document.

north-kosovo-official-shot-dead news 16 Jan 14

Kosovo Serb Politician Shot Dead in North

A member of the assembly in the Serb-run half of Mitrovica in northern Kosovo was shot dead shortly after midnight on Thursday.

dacic-urges-association-of-serb-municipalities-in-kosovo-north news 15 Jan 14

Dacic Urges Kosovo Serbs to Form Association

Serbia's Prime Minister has told Serbs in Kosovo to get a move on and form the planned Association of Serbian Municipalities.

north-kosovo-mayor-elect-refuses-to-verify-his-mandate news 13 Jan 14

Serb Turns Down North Kosovo Mayor's Post

Krstimir Pantic has refused to take office as mayor of Mitrovica, slamming the November local elections in Kosovo as “a major scam by the international community”.

kosovo-expects-increase-of-custom-revenues-in-the-north News 13 Jan 14

Kosovo Expects Customs Cash Boost from North

The Kosovo authorities expect to collect some 2.5 million euro this year from two border crossing points with Serbia which will be earmarked for the development of the north.

we-want-peace-with-kosovo-serbia-deputy-pm news 08 Jan 14

Serbia Seeks Peace with Kosovo, Deputy PM

Serbia's Deputy Prime Minister used an Orthodox Christmas visit to Kosovo to call for more talks with Kosovo Albanians, 'no matter how painful they may be for both of us'.

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