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kosovo-serbs-petition-for-ivanovic-s-release 17 Apr 14 Belgrade Campaigns for Kosovo Serb Politician’s Release

The Serbian government and the political party of detained Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic, who is accused of war crimes, have launched a petition demanding his release.

kosovo-s-constitution-challenged-in-the-north 10 Apr 14 Kosovo Constitution Still Challenged in North

Six years after Kosovo's independence constitution came into force, authorities in Pristina are still struggling to implement it in the Serb-run north of the country.

serbia-mulls-new-kosovo-resolution 04 Apr 14 Serbia Mulls New Kosovo Resolution

Officials have suggested the possibility of a new parliamentary resolution on Kosovo after Serbia's new government is formed, but will not change their stance on non-recognition. 

kosovo-police-officers-survive-armed-attack-in-the-north 01 Apr 14 Attack on Police in North Kosovo Probed

Kosovo Police have launched an investigation into an attack on three ethnic Serbian police officers in the north of the country.

kosovo-blames-serbia-for-delays-in-implementing-april-deal 31 Mar 14 Kosovo Blames Serbia for Delays in Normalization Deal

The authorities in Pristina accused Belgrade of slowing the pace on implementing the EU-mediated deal to normalize relations and failing to fulfil commitments on judicial changes.

kosovo-opposition-criticizes-government-on-the-dialogue-with-belgrade 28 Mar 14 Kosovo Opposition Slate 'Failed' Serbia Dialogue

As Pristina and Belgrade prepare to resume dialogue on normalizing relations next week, the opposition has criticized the government's handling of the talks and the results so far.

photomontage-with-nato-and-nike-sparks-controversy-in-serbia 25 Mar 14 Tweets Hailing NATO's Kosovo War Offend Serbia

An image posted on Twitter lauding NATO's air war against Serbia has angered the Belgrade authorities, who have called it offensive.

kosovo-s-thaci-slams-speculations-on-kosovo-crimea-parallels 19 Mar 14 Kosovo Leader Dismisses Parallels With Crimea

Hashim Thaci, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, has strongly rejected claims that the secession of Crimea from Ukraine follows a pattern set by Kosovo's own secession from Serbia.

crimea-secession-just-like-kosovo-putin 18 Mar 14 Putin Says Kosovo Precedent Justifies Crimea Secession

Russian President likens Crimean secession from Ukraine to Kosovo’s secession from Serbia - and accuses the West of rewriting its own rule book.

kosovo-serbs-remember-march-riots 17 Mar 14 Kosovo Serbs Mark Tenth Anniversary of Deadly Riots

On the tenth anniversary of violence that left 19 people dead and caused many more to flee their homes, Kosovo Serbs paid homage to the victims and demanded more prosecutions.

russia-keeps-its-stance-on-kosovo 12 Mar 14 Russia Stance on Kosovo Unchanged Despite Crimea

Russia has reassured Serbia that it still remains opposed to Kosovo's independence - despite its apparent support for the secession of the Crimean region from Ukraine.

osce-to-collect-ballots-for-serbian-elections-in-kosovo 10 Mar 14 Serbs in Kosovo to Vote in Parliamentary Polls

Serbs in the former province will be able to cast ballots in the Serbian elections on Sunday but no Belgrade officials will be part of the process, the OSCE said.

serbia-opposes-kosovo-future-armed-forces 06 Mar 14 Serbia Seeks Guarantees About Kosovo Army

Serbian PM says Kosovo's plan to have its own armed forces breaches the Brussels agreement - and Belgrade wants to ensure such an army does not enter mainly Serbian north Kosovo.

serbian-parties-rally-in-kosovo-ahead-of-polls 28 Feb 14 Serbian Parties Take Campaign to Kosovo

Serbian parties are holding election rallies in Kosovo, even though the election cannot be extended there following last year's Brussels agreement.

the-us-blames-serb-hardliners-for-stalemate-in-kosovo-north 28 Feb 14 US Blames Serb Hardliners for North Kosovo Violence

As Pristina and Belgrade strive to normalize relations between each other, a US State Department report said Serb hardliners had tried to block those efforts in northern Kosovo.