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kosovo-serbia-failing-to-implement-normalisation-deal-12-01-2015 01 Dec 15 Kosovo, Serbia Failing to Implement Normalisation Deal

Only four out of 17 agreements reached during EU-brokered talks between Pristina and Belgrade aimed at normalising relations have been fully implemented so far, a new report says.

albanians-join-ranks-for-the-28-november-kosovo-rally-11-27-2015-1 27 Nov 15 Kosovo Opposition Urges All Albanians to Join Rally

The opposition in Kosovo is arranging free transport for supporters from Albania to join a major anti-government rally in Pristina against the agreements with Serbia and Montenegro.

kosovo-police-arrests-opposition-mp-11-18-2015 18 Nov 15 Kosovo MP Arrested Over Tear Gas Incident

Kosovo police arrested another opposition MP, Donika Kadaj-Bujupi, on Wednesday, for allegedly setting off tear gas in parliament.

with-teargas-and-pepper-spray-kosovo-opposition-clears-the-parliament-hall-11-17-2015 17 Nov 15 Kosovo Opposition Force MPs to Flee Parliament

Ruling party MPs were forced to adopt the 2016 budget while barricaded in an alternative hall, after opposition MPs again threw tear gas in the main chamber.

belgrade-pristina-row-over-brussels-agreement-suspension-11-11-2015 11 Nov 15 Serbia Accuses Kosovo of Mocking Brussels Deal

Serbia says decision of Kosovo court to suspend Brussels agreement is a threat to regional stability - while Kosovo opposition parties have hailed the decision as a partial victory.

kosovo-court-defers-serb-majority-governance-deal-11-10-2015 10 Nov 15 Kosovo Court Defers Serb-Majority Governance Deal

Prishtina’s Constitutional Court suspends implementation of key agreement on Serb-Majority municipality powers between Kosovo and Serbia.

hahn-msa-will-not-solve-kosovo-s-internal-problems-11-06-2015 06 Nov 15 Hahn: Kosovo Opposition Must Not Block Parliament

The EU Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn, told Kosovo MPs that 'obstructive violence' has no place in a democracy - and defended the country’s agreement with Serbia.

kosovo-parliament-ratified-saa-11-02-2015 02 Nov 15 Kosovo Parliament Ratifies EU Association Agreement

MPs voted in favour of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the European Union - seen as a first step towards membership - although opposition parties boycotted the vote. 

serbia-slams-kosovo-over-obstructing-brussels-agreement-10-29-2015 29 Oct 15 Serbia Accuses Kosovo of Reneging on EU Deal

Serbia has accused Kosovo of violating the Brussels agreement by obstructing the formation of the Association of Serbian Municipalities in Kosovo.

class-boycott-over-school-books-from-kosovo-10-27-2015 28 Oct 15 Serbia Albanians Boycott Classes Over Missing Books

Albanian pupils and teachers in southern Serbia protested on Tuesday, saying the Serbian education ministry was obstructing the use of textbooks donated by Kosovo.

kosovo-signed-saa-with-eu-10-27-2015 27 Oct 15 EU and Kosovo Leaders Hail Signing of SAA

EU and Kosovo leaders hailed the signing on Tuesday of a Stabilisation and Association Agreement - seen as a milestone on the country's path towards European integration.

serbia-to-launch-internet-campaign-on-kosovo-10-26-2015 26 Oct 15 Serbia Plans Kosovo Online Propaganda Campaign

Belgrade is to launch an internet campaign in an attempt to undermine Kosovo’s bid to join UN cultural body UNESCO and combat what it describes as anti-Serbian “internet warriors”.

tear-gas-in-parliament-of-kosovo-10-23-2015 23 Oct 15 Kosovo Parliament Hit by Tear Gas Again

Opposition MPs set off tear gas inside the parliament building for the third time in a month to express anger at Kosovo’s recent agreement with Serbia.

kosovo-will-sign-stability-deal-with-eu-10-22-2015 22 Oct 15 Kosovo to Sign EU Stability Deal Next Week

Kosovo is to sign a Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the European Union next week, establishing a contractual agreement with the EU for the first time.

serbian-president-acting-irresponsibly-analysts-say-10-16-2015 18 Oct 15 Serbian President Slammed for ‘Civil War’ Comment

President Tomislav Nikolic’s suggestion that any recognition of Kosovo’s independence by Serbian officials would cause a civil war was criticised as irresponsible by local analysts.