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Kosovo Recognitions

kosovo-announces-fresh-recognitions News 22 Jul 14

Kosovo Says More Recognitions Are in Sight

Kosovo minister say two more states plan to recognise its statehood by September, though neither country has been named and such predictions have proved false in the past.

serbia-s-diplomatic-chief-faces-hard-choices Analysis 15 May 14

Serbia’s Diplomatic Chief Faces Hard Choices

Balancing the contradictory wishes of Moscow and Brussels is just one of the tough tests facing Serbia’s pragmatic new Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic.

kosovo-marks-independence-with-dire-economic-prospects News 17 Feb 14

Kosovo Celebrates Anniversary as Economic Woes Continue

Kosovo marked the sixth anniversary of its declaration of independence amid improving relations with Serbia but poor economic prospects for its impoverished people.

kosovo-claims-recognition-by-lesotho News 11 Feb 14

Kosovo Claims Recognition by Lesotho

Kosovo leaders on Tuesday claimed that the small African state of Lesotho has granted the country diplomatic recognition - though no official confirmation of this has been made public.

kosovo-battles-to-boost-recognition-tally analysis 03 Jul 13

Kosovo Battles to Boost Recognition Tally

Kosovo claims that it has been recognised as independent by 101 states around the world, but it’s still struggling to verify that tally as it seeks backing from other countries.

egypt-recognizes-kosovo News 26 Jun 13

Kosovo Claims Recognition by Egypt

As questions continue about the exact number of countries that have actually recognised Kosovo, the foreign ministry on Wednesday added Egypt to the list.

kosovo-recognition-by-yemen-heightens-unclarities News 13 Jun 13

Yemen's 'Verbal' Recognition of Kosovo Fuels Confusion

Kosovo's alleged receipt of a verbal recognition pledge from Yemen raises questions about the number of countries that have actually recognised its independence.

romania-s-tough-line-on-kosovo-starts-to-crumble analysis 12 Jun 13

Romania’s Tough Line on Kosovo Starts to Crumble

It’s increasingly no longer a question of whether Romania will recognise Kosovo’s independence but when, analysts say.

kosovo-serbs-call-for-referendum-on-belgrade-pristina-dialogue News 26 Apr 13

Serbia Offers Referendum on EU Kosovo Deal

Aleksandar Vucic, Serbian deputy prime minister, said the government will meet the request of Serbs from Kosovo and call a referendum on the Belgrade-Pristina deal.

guyana-recognises-kosovo News 18 Mar 13

Guyana Recognises Kosovo as Independent State

Kosovo said the Caribbean country has become the 99th country to endorse its independence, but the real number of recognitions actually remains unclear.

serbia-vows-never-to-recognise-kosovo news 18 Feb 13

Serbia Dismisses Kosovo Independence Anniversary

As Kosovo marked the fifth anniversary of its declaration of independence, Belgrade reiterated that it would never recognise Pristina’s statehood claims.

kosovo-s-number-of-recognitions-questioned News 10 Jan 13

Dispute Arises Over Kosovo's 98th Recognition

Confusion over whether African island state has actually recognised Kosovo or not raises wider questions about the recognitions process.

dodik-opposes-bosnia-s-recognition-of-kosovo news 04 Jan 13

Republika Srpska Slams Kosovo Recognition 'Pressure'

The president of Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity said it would not allow the country to recognise Kosovo as independent.

kosovo-one-step-closer-to-100-recognitions News 25 Dec 12

Kosovo Comes Close to 100th Recognition

Pakistan became on Monday the 98th state to recognize Kosovo’s independence, moving the country a step closer to its strategic goal of achieving 100 recognitions by the end of 2012.

dominica-recognizes-kosovo News 11 Dec 12

Kosovo Notches 97th Recognition From Dominica

After the Caribbean island state on Tuesday recognized Kosovo’s independence, the country can now claim to be recognised by more than half of the UN's 193 member states.

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