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Serbia Must Return Kosovo’s Cultural Treasures

Nora Weller

Kosovo needs to step up its campaign to ensure the return of important cultural artefacts that were removed before, during and after the war, and are now being kept by Serbia.

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Vucic’s Latest ‘Historic’ Promise: A Deal with Kosovo

Dejan Anastasijevic

The Serbian president has vowed to cut a deal to resolve the Kosovo issue once and for all – but don’t hold your breath waiting for it to actually happen.

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Serbia Reaches for the Heavens over Kosovo

Dejan Anastasijevic

Recent media claims that Belgrade might resume control over Kosovo’s airspace highlight how some Serbs still dream of compensating for defeat on land by winning victory in the heavens.


Progress Undone? Trading Democracy for Solving the Status Dispute in Kosovo

Bodo Weber

The EU and the US decided that Belgrade Pristina dialogue should be top priority, turning questions of democracy and the rule of law in Kosovo into secondary matters.

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Reliving Balkan Conflicts in a Canadian Taxi

Shpresa Loshaj

An angry encounter with a taxi driver in Toronto reminded me that people who have suffered often don’t feel for the suffering of others.

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I Got Serbia to Stamp my Kosovo Passport

Taulant Hodaj

How a Danube cruise that ran aground ended with me becoming a Facebook sensation.

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Of Heroes and Hoodlums

Mikra Krasniqi

One day in March 1999, I was loitering with friends in front of a grocery store in the village of Bardh i Vogel in Kosovo, smoking, gossiping, and trying to kill time when four young men in their early twenties came from a nearby village and told us one heck of a story.


Civil Society Recommendations for New EU High Rep Mogherini on the Dialogue

Valerie Hopkins

Kosovo Civil Society Recommendations for the EU High Representative prior to the re-opening of the Belgrade-Prishtina Dialogue

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The Strange Persistence of Mythology in Serbia’s Politics

Mikra Krasniqi

It is time for Serbs to stop confusing centuries’ old poetic mythology with the reality of today.

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The EU has its ‘envelope moment’

Nate Tabak

As legend goes, Atifete Jahjaga’s presidential career began abruptly in 2011 when the then US ambassador, Christopher Dell, produced her name from an envelope at a meeting of the big political parties.

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A Tale of Two Generations

Mikra Krasniqi

When I was in high school in the mid-1990s in Prishtina, my friends and I would walk to school taking back roads and alleys in order to avoid running into the Serbian police patrolling the main streets.

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A Long, Cold Polling Day North of the Ibar

Chema Arraiza

It is six o’clock in the evening and every minute is passing by slowly. At a rate of 4 voters and hour, the ballot box rests hungry for more paper on the center of the classroom.

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Kosovo - what next?

Gerard M. Gallucci

When the election is run again, it will hopefully take place with adequate EULEX presence and with UN as well as OSCE observation. Whatever the outcome, the EU, US and NATO should resist pressures from Pristina to simply “take over” and impose its rule in the north.


From Solidarity to Entitlement

Kreshnik Hoxha

Anniversaries mark strong turning points in the life of an individual or the history of a society.

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An Unscrupulous and Offensive Celebration

Kreshnik Hoxha

Skopje is not alone on the list of ludicrous and bizarre cities, as Pristina has joined in with an unscrupulous and offensive idea.