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I Got Serbia to Stamp my Kosovo Passport

Taulant Hodaj

How a Danube cruise that ran aground ended with me becoming a Facebook sensation.

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A Tale of Two Generations

Mikra Krasniqi

When I was in high school in the mid-1990s in Prishtina, my friends and I would walk to school taking back roads and alleys in order to avoid running into the Serbian police patrolling the main streets.

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A Long, Cold Polling Day North of the Ibar

Chema Arraiza

It is six o’clock in the evening and every minute is passing by slowly. At a rate of 4 voters and hour, the ballot box rests hungry for more paper on the center of the classroom.

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Kosovo - what next?

Gerard M. Gallucci

When the election is run again, it will hopefully take place with adequate EULEX presence and with UN as well as OSCE observation. Whatever the outcome, the EU, US and NATO should resist pressures from Pristina to simply “take over” and impose its rule in the north.


From Solidarity to Entitlement

Kreshnik Hoxha

Anniversaries mark strong turning points in the life of an individual or the history of a society.

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An Unscrupulous and Offensive Celebration

Kreshnik Hoxha

Skopje is not alone on the list of ludicrous and bizarre cities, as Pristina has joined in with an unscrupulous and offensive idea.

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What Serbs Get

Daniel Serwer

I am struck in rereading the Serbia/Kosovo agreement that it is called “First Agreement of Principles Governing the Normalization of Relations.”

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Kosovo – what next from Pristina and friends?

Gerard M. Gallucci

A continued frozen conflict over north Kosovo is not the best option. It would have been better for the EU to break itself free of the German/US axis and broker a real compromise approach.


For Kosovo and Serbia, a Deadlock

Kreshnik Hoxha

The prime ministerial drama in Brussels has finally come to an end, at least for this season.

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The Battered Prime Ministers

Kreshnik Hoxha

Prime Ministers Hashim Thaci and Ivica Dacic can’t be enjoying having to deal with each other in Brussels while they pretend to show mutual courtesy.


Kosovo Lies and Dacic’s Good Cop/Bad Cop Routine

Florian Bieber

Dacic's contradictory statements suggest that he understands public opinion better than any of his predecessors.


The Autonomous Province of Kosovo

By Kreshnik Hoxha

Instead of nationalistic weeping, the Serbian nation should be presented with a more pragmatic question: Do they want Kosovo as a province, when it is evident that they cannot rule it with the oppression imposed on Albanians for nearly two decades?


The Kingdom of Looting

Kreshnik Hoxha

There is a phenomenon that is readily associated with swathes of Kosovo’s post war politicians. In diplomatic terms it is known as “corruption”. For me and many of my fellow citizens it is nothing short of robbery.


Dependent Independence

Lawrence Marzouk

The International Steering Group’s decision to free Kosovo from the shackles of supervised independence is unquestionably significant.

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Pristina - A City still under Occupation

Kreshnik Hoxha

Pristina, a city densely populated by locals, wannabe-locals and internationals, recently marked its thirteenth anniversary of liberation from Serbian forces. But has that occupation not just been replaced by another, albeit less murderous, version?