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serbian-bloc-eyes-real-power-in-kosovo Analysis 26 May 14

Serbian Bloc Eyes Real Power In Kosovo

Prospect of united Belgrade-backed bloc in parliament raises chance of Serbia extending its influence to heart of Kosovo’s government.

train-to-serbia-leaves-kosovo-steaming feature 19 Mar 14

Train to Serbia Leaves Kosovo Steaming

Rail service to Mitrovica from Kraljevo is an illegal incursion, Kosovo officials say.

blerim-shala-kosovo-s-head-of-dialogue Profile 24 Jan 14

Blerim Shala, Kosovo’s Head of Dialogue

The rebel journalist who once expressed his political dissatisfaction through rock music is now of the key figures in the negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia.

kosovo-serb-election-turnout-makes-history Analysis 29 Dec 13

Kosovo: Serb Election Turnout Makes History

Almost everything was ‘historic’ in Kosovo in 2013, but the real ‘historic’ change was the turnout of Serbs in the north in polls organized by the Pristina government.

kosovë-ndjekja-e-ish-luftëtarëve-shpërthen-në-protesta 2013 in Review 26 Dec 13

Kosovo: Prosecutions of Ex-Guerrillas Spark Protests

Pristina in 2013 saw demonstrations after EU prosecutors arrested ex-Kosovo Liberation Army fighters for war crimes, while members of an organ-trafficking ring were sent to jail.

crime-allegations-shadow-kosovo-s-drenica-group Analysis 06 Dec 13

Crime Allegations Shadow Kosovo’s ‘Drenica Group’

Fifteen former Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas from the so-called Drenica Group have gone on trial for alleged war crimes, but some have also been accused of post-conflict corruption.

kosovo-counts-gains-from-landmark-election Analysis 03 Dec 13

Kosovo Counts Gains From Landmark Election

Both minority Serbs and the country generally stand to reap significant benefits from the relative success of the first nationwide local elections.

kosovo-seeks-new-paths-to-un-membership Analysis 25 Nov 13

Kosovo Seeks New Paths to UN Membership

Kosovo plans to work on new strategies next year to get closer to joining the UN, but experts warn that Pristina has little chance of immediate success.

kosovo-serbs-say-belgrade-coerced-them-to-vote feature 19 Nov 13

Kosovo Serbs Say Belgrade Coerced Them to Vote

Locals in northern Kosovo say the Serbian government played heavily on people’s fears to get them to vote in Sunday’s repeat election.

albanian-family-prospers-in-serb-north feature 13 Nov 13

Albanian Family Prospers in Serb North Kosovo

The north of Mitrovica is a risky and volatile place for most Albanians - but for the Fetahu family it’s home and a livelihood.

would-be-mayor-challenges-kosovo-s-deep-divide interview 01 Nov 13

Would-be Mayor Challenges Kosovo’s Deep Divide

Adrijana Hodzic discusses her difficult mission to bring change to divided Mitrovica in the historic local elections.

kosovo-amnesty-law-could-free-notorious-criminals Feature 30 Oct 13

Kosovo Amnesty Law Could Free Notorious Criminals

Killers, gunmen and a corrupt official are on a list of hundreds of convicts suggested for amnesty, although officials insist that serious criminals won’t be released.

fear-and-division-grips-north-kosovo Feature 22 Oct 13

Fear Grips North Kosovo Ahead of Polling Day

As historiclocal elections approach in Kosovo, the divided Serb-run north is being shaken with bomb blasts, shootings, threats and accusations of treason.

kosovo-can-war-heroes-be-war-criminals Analysis 06 Aug 13

Kosovo: Can War Heroes Be War Criminals?

The first half of 2013 in Kosovo was turbulent, with mass protests against the arrests of former fighters on war crimes charges, and convictions for organ-trafficking and the torture of prisoners.

albanian-and-serb-unite-to-find-kosovo-missing Feature 29 Jul 13

Albanian and Serb Unite to Find Kosovo Missing

An Albanian and a Serb have set aside their differences to work together to help find their disappeared relatives and the other 1,700 people who’ve been missing since the Kosovo war.