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28 Jul 15

Serbian Parliament Mulls Public Sector Layoffs

The Serbian parliament disussed a controversial law on establishing criteria for downsizing the public sector which envisages that 9,000 people will be fired by the end of the year.

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Serbia’s Broken Promises Over US Albanians’ Murders

Officials again promised to solve the killings of the Bytyqi brothers at a Serbian police centre in 1999 - but their words just echo similar unfulfilled promises over the past decade.

Serbia Press Review – June 3, 2015

The adoption of a new constitution in 2017. The model used for privatization in Serbia was problematic. Not enough gynecologists in Serbia.


Serbian Musician Takes Peace Message to Srebrenica

Serbian star Marcelo says that music can’t heal the divisions of war but it can promote ethnic reconciliation - as he wants to do at his concert with Bosnian rappers in Srebrenica this week.