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Serbia Mulls Banishing Reality TV to Night-Time

Serbian television regulators want to prohibit the broadcasting of popular reality TV shows before 11pm after complaints that they contain promiscuous sex, violence and hate speech.

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24 Nov 15

Serbian Fighter Describes ‘Extermination’ of Kosovo Villagers

At the retrial of 12 former Yugoslav Army troops for war crimes during the 1999 conflict in Kosovo, a Serbian ex-fighter recalled how scores of Albanian civilians were shot and died “like sheep”.

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Serbia’s Tabloids: Freedom Fighters or Warring Tycoons?

The war between Serbian tabloids Informer and Kurir went nuclear when one accused the other of racketeering - but are claims that it’s a dispute about media freedom true?

Serbia Press Review – September 9, 2015

Belarus wants to invest in Serbia; Tomislav Nikolic sides with Ivica Dacic; New donations from EU for the refugee crisis.


Shakespeare Reconnects Serbian and Kosovo Theatregoers

With a Kosovo Albanian playing Romeo and a Serb playing Juliet, Predrag Miki Manojlovic’s production of the Shakespeare classic is intended to bring Belgrade and Pristina closer together.