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Latest Culture and Lifestyle News from Serbia

22 Sep 08

Serbia Opens Memorial to Slain Germans

Belgrade _ A monument has been unveiled in northern Serbia honouring thousands of ethnic Germans killed after the Second World War.
18 Aug 08

Serbia's Muslims Hail Withdrawal of Book

Novi Pazar _ The Chief Mufti of the Islamic Community in Serbia has accepted an apology from a Belgrade publisher for distributing a book condemned by the country’s Muslims as ‘offensive.’

07 Aug 08

Bocelli Draws Crowds to Medjugorje

Sarajevo_ Large crowds were expected to hear Andrea Bocelli sing on Thursday, August 7, in Medjugorje, the shrine town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, about 25 kilometres from Mostar.
25 Jun 08

The Police Rock Serbian Capital

More than 30,000 people, some of them far afield packed into the Serbian capital for a concert by British rockers, The Police.

26 May 08

Russia Wins Eurosong 2008

Belgrade _ Russia's Dima Bilan brought his country its first ever victory in the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend with a performance that included a famous violinist and an Olympic ice skater.
21 May 08

Serb Capital Hosts Eurovision Semi-Final

Belgrade _ Serbia's capital hosted the first of two semi-finals on Tuesday night for the Eurovision Song Contest.
20 May 08

Bookies Tip Russia, Serbia for Eurovision Glory

Belgrade _ Bookmakers are taking a flurry of bets on who will win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest as Belgrade prepares to host the first of two semi-finals.
24 Mar 08

Famous Croatian Actor Dvornik Dies

Split _ Boris Dvornik, one of the best-loved Croatian actors has died from stroke at his home in the coastal city of Split, local media reported Monday.

08 Feb 08

Kosovo Art Show Stormed in Belgrade

Belgrade/Novi Sad _ Serbian ultra-nationalists have stormed a Belgrade gallery and prevented the opening of an exhibition by ethnic Albanian artists from independence-seeking Kosovo.
06 Nov 07

Serbia to Host Biggest Shopping Mall in Balkans

Belgrade _ Delta City 67, a new shopping mall in Serbia, costing 75 million euros, is nearing the end of construction and will open in Belgrade on November 1, Delta Invest said on Monday.
06 Nov 07

13th Sarajevo Film Festival Kicks Off

The 13th annual Sarajevo film festival kicked off with 175 films, 17 world premieres from some 40 countries and rewards for competition winners, Bosnian media reported Friday.

11 Jul 07

EXIT 2007 Festival Kicks Off In Serbia

Novi Sad _ One of the top music festivals in Europe is under way in Serbia, with organizers campaigning for easier access to European Union countries by members of Balkan nations.

Culture Policy Focus

12 Sep 17

Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Museum Faces Uncertain Future

The Nikola Tesla Museum’s building must be handed over to the heirs of its pre-war owners, but it’s unclear when plans to rehouse it in a derelict power plant will be realised.

22 Mar 17

Vanished Mural Sparks Protests in Novi Sad

20 Dec 16

Hidden Treasures of Belgrade’s Museum Scene

Politics and Society

23 Jan 18

Ivanovic Killing Shows Serbia and Kosovo Must Cooperate

The EU must use the momentum generated by the joint probe into Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic’s recent assassination to insist that Serbia and Kosovo’s prosecutors continue to work together to tackle serious crimes.

23 Jan 18

Challenges Facing Serbia in 2018


11 Jan 18

China’s Stealthy Advance in Balkans Should Worry EU

While Europe focuses on the threat of Russian penetration in Eastern Europe, it is neglecting the subtler dangers than come from China’s growing influence in the region.

27 Dec 17

Bosnian Serb Inspectors Halt Delta's Huge Mall