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Latest Business News from Serbia

18 Aug 14

EU Tells Serbia Not to Exploit Russian Embargo

Brussels has warned EU candidate countries against exploiting the Russian embargo on EU food imports to their own advantage.

11 Aug 14

Croats Eye Using Serbia to Skirt Russian Ban

As Croatian exporters ponder repackaging goods in Serbia to evade Russia’s import ban, Serbia says it won’t let itself be used for sanctions-busting.

08 Aug 14

Serbia Eyes Windfall From Russia’s EU Food Ban

Russia’s decision to impose a ban on the imports of food products from the EU has created an opportunity for Serbia to improve its position on the Russian market, experts say.

05 Aug 14

Serbia's New Finance Minister Unveils Reform Plan

Dusan Vujovic says Serbia's economic reform will be based on 'four pillars' that will show results within a year and put the country back on the road to financial stability.

31 Jul 14

Tycoon Beko to Get Serbia Railways Back on Track

In a bid to revive Serbia's indebted railways, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has asked the tycoon Milan Beko to head the state-owned company - in spite of his perceived role in earlier controversial privatisation deals.

07 May 14

Ukraine Crisis Hitting Serbia, Bank Chief Warns

Jorgovanka Tabakovic, governor of the National Bank of Serbia, said Serbia was feeling the impact of the crisis in Ukraine - and she hoped a deal with the IMF will be signed soon.

02 May 14

Probe Launched into Serbia Power Monopoly

The Serbian prosecutor’s office is investigating alleged wrongdoing in the power company EPS following reports that the indebted monopoly may be privatized.

17 Apr 14

Serbian Companies in Restructuring Heavily in Debt

Serbian companies undergoing restructuring owe 1.5 billion euro to state creditors alone, World Bank official Dusko Vasiljevic warned, increasing the risk of them going bankrupt.

14 Apr 14

South Stream Work in Serbia on Course, Gazprom Says

The South Stream gas pipeline project in Serbia will this year enter the active implementation stage, a Gazprom official said.

07 Apr 14

New Flights Take Off From Belgrade

Several airlines are launching flights to new destinations this spring, including popular summer hotspots like Barcelona and Dubrovnik.

03 Apr 14

Wizz Air Slashes Belgrade Flights in Tax Row

The Hungarian low-cost airline has announced it will halve its Belgrade operations after the city airport increased taxes by 40 per cent.

25 Mar 14

Etihad Co-partnership With Air Serbia Sealed

Etihad Airways, the flag airline of the United Arab Emirates, is now officially the co-partner of Air Serbia, owning 49 per cent of the shares in a joint company with the Serbian government.

13 Mar 14

Last Chance for Serbian National Carrier

Draft contracts between Serbia and Etihad Airways, which BIRN obtained, reveal how they planned to turn Serbia’s loss-making carrier into a sustainable and competitive Air Serbia.

11 Mar 14

Kosovo Economists Query Public Sector Pay Hikes

As the Kosovo government announces major rises in public-sector wages, some economists say the focus should be on creating jobs, not raising the pay of those in employment.

21 Feb 14

Belgrade Illegal Market Traders Face Crackdown

Belgrade’s open-air markets will get stricter inspections after sausages made from rotting animal corpses were seized from illicit traders.


28 Jul 14

Serbia Shells Out for Pricey Foreign Advisors

Hiring famous international ‘advisors’ might boost Serbia’s brand image - but they do not come cheap and their use is limited if the government fails to act on their words.

Politics and Society

28 Aug 14

Serbia Reinforces Border After Policeman's Killing

Serbian Interior Minister says he is sending fresh police officers to the Kosovo border following the death of an officer who was shot near the border, allegedly by illegal loggers.