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Latest Business News from Serbia

01 Jul 15

Serbian Tourists Still Holidaying in Tunisia, Greece

The terror attack in Tunisia has not stopped more Serbian tourists from heading out there on holiday, while the financial drama in Greece is having little effect on people's vacation plans.

30 Jun 15

Romania Invites Serbia to Join AGRI Gas Project

Romania has invited Serbia to join the AGRI project, which aims to bring gas from Azerbaijan and so help countries in Europe diversify their gas supply.

29 Jun 15

Serbian Govt Criticised Over Telecoms Sell-Off

Right-wing opposition parties criticised the government’s decision to privatise the state-owned telecommunications provider Telekom, arguing that a profitable enterprise shouldn’t be sold.

26 Jun 15

Montenegro Court Blocks Deal to Cut Roaming Charges

An agreement on reducing roaming charges between Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia could fail after a Montenegrin court called it 'unacceptable' for the country.

19 Jun 15

EU Keen to Help Serbia Secure Gas Supply

After Serbia’s Foreign Minister accused the EU of bypassing Serbia in its plans to construct a new gas pipeline, the head of the EU delegation said Brussels wanted to help Serbia secure its gas supply.

17 Jun 15

Serbian Unions Slate Electricity Price Hike

Serbian unions condemn government's announced rise in the electricity price as a blow to ordinary citizens’ living standards.

10 Jun 15

Gazprom in Talks With Serbia on Turkish Stream Pipeline

As the West urges Serbia to reduce its dependence on Russian gas, Russia’s Gazprom says it is still in talks with Serbia on a pipeline to transport Russian gas to the Balkans and Central Europe.

22 May 15

Serbia’s Falling Jobless Rate Queried

Official statistical data say the unemployment rate in Serbia is falling fast - but some analysts are questioning the methodology.

19 May 15

Grey Economy Costing Serbia Dear, Expert Says

The shadow economy remains a threat to the Serbian economy, even though the authorities tightened up the control mechanisms in 2014, a member of the Fiscal Council has warned.

30 Apr 15

Watchdog Queries Serbian PM’s Pension Pledge

An independent fiscal watchdog has disputed the Serbian Prime Minister's assertion that the economy is strong enough for the government to raise pensions and public sector salaries.

22 Apr 15

EU Hails Balkan Transport Network Deal

Leaders of six Western Balkans countries meeting on Tuesday in Brussels agreed on plans for a regional transport network, to which the EU has pledged 130 million euros.

14 Apr 15

Kosovo Signs French Deal for Brezovica Ski Resort

Kosovo signed a 409 million euro investment deal with a French consortium for its largest ski centre amid worries in the Serb community that local workers will be pushed out.

13 Apr 15

Graft and Grey Economy Hindering Balkan Business, EBRD

A new survey from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD, shows that corruption, competition with the informal sector, complex taxes and lack of access to bank loans are the chief complaints of business leaders in the Balkans.

17 Mar 15

Serbia to Reveal Smederevo Steel's New Boss

Serbia on Tuesday will announce who has won the bid to manage the state-owned loss-maker Smederevo Steel - which the country has been trying without success to sell off.

13 Mar 15

Serbia Backs Down in Row Over Belgrade Waterfront

The Serbian government has decided against using emergency procedures to push through development of the Belgrade Waterfront project, following criticism from a number of groups.

Politics and Society

03 Jul 15

Serbian Security Officer Denies Journalist Murder Plot

Milan Radonjic, one of the former security officers on trial for organising the murder of Serbian opposition journalist Slavko Curuvija in 1999, said he was not in contact with the alleged killer.