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Latest Business News from Serbia

15 Jan 16

Air Serbia Threatened with Croatia Flight Ban

Despite charges of unfair competition filed by the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, Air Serbia keeps operating routes to and from Croatia to global destinations via Belgrade, risking a ban from the country.

27 Oct 15

Economy to Dominate Serbian PM’s Russia Trip

Belgrade officials hope that their visit to Moscow will boost trade and much-needed investment because so far Russia’s support for Serbia has largely been rhetorical, experts say.

21 Sep 15

Serbia Says Border Closures Are Hitting Economy

Serbian leaders have urged neighbouring states not to close their borders against the influx of refugees, saying that their country is suffering significant economic damage.

01 Sep 15

IMF Commends Pace of Reforms in Serbia

IMF representatives on Tuesday said they were satisfied with the economic reforms in Serbia - as a government decision on whether to raise wages and pensions was postponed.

31 Aug 15

Europe to Fund Balkan Transport, Energy Projects

Following the Vienna summit, the Western Balkans has been promised 200 million euro in co-financing for 10 transport and energy projects, to improve growth and energy security.

28 Aug 15

World Bank Analysis to Guide Serbian Layoffs

A forthcoming World Bank analysis of Serbia's public sector is likely to provide a basis for the government to determine further public-sector job cuts.

25 Aug 15

Serbia To Expand Gas Storage Capacities

Serbia's Prime Minister says Belgrade must develop the capacity of its only gas storage, at Banatski Dvor, after encountering obstacles in finding alternative gas supplies and routes.

21 Aug 15

Kosovo Business Chief Invites Serbian Investment

After the head of Kosovo's Chamber of Commerce invited Serbian businessmen to invest in Kosovo, a Belgrade economist has greeted the idea but warned of significant obstacles.

20 Aug 15

Serbia Starts Fresh Talks With IMF

Serbia opened a new round of talks with the IMF on its stand-by arrangement, amid conflicting reports about whether it will win IMF agreement to raise pay and pensions.

14 Aug 15

Serbian Workers Suffering in Heat Wave

After a number of heat-related injuries and a death, the governent has reminded employers of the need to protect people working outdoors from prolonged exposure to the fierce sun.

06 Aug 15

Precious Minerals Offer Hope for Serbian Economy

The government believes that exploiting mineral resources could generate huge revenues, but experts say that strategies are needed to ensure that investors don’t take the majority of the profits.

31 Jul 15

Serbia Warned Against Abandoning Austerity

Although Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic announced increased public sector pensions and salaries by the end of the year, the Serbian Fiscal Council warned it is too early to abandon austerity measures.

30 Jul 15

Belgrade Plans 'Free Economic Zone' for Investors

The City Assembly decided to establish a 'free economic zone' which the local authorities hope will bring in foreign investors and boost the Serbian capital's economy.

29 Jul 15

Business Conditions in Serbia 'Difficult', Experts Say

The economy minister promised that the government will prioritise developing small and medium-sized enterprises, but business experts warned that conditions remain tough.

21 Jul 15

US Trade Deal Gives Boost to Serbian Exports

Serbia has regained the status of 'privileged nation' in trade with the US but experts believe that businessmen will have to work hard to exploit the opportunity.

Politics and Society

05 Feb 16

Euro MPs Criticise Serbia’s Welcome for War Criminal

A European Parliament resolution criticised Serbia for staging an official welcomes for a released war criminals and urged Belgrade to do more to find missing persons from the 1990s conflicts.