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08 Feb 17

Protests Expose Deep Rift in Romanian Society

While massive street protests have traumatised the ruling Social Democrats, experts say the discontent reveals something wrong at a structural level with Romanian political parties in general.

08 Feb 17

Russia Never Went Away from the Balkans

If the West now has to compete with Russia for influence in the Balkans, that might not be a bad thing.

27 Jan 17

Politicians Act to Curb Anti-Graft Drive in Romania

Proposed legislation that would pardon convicted politicians or reduce their jail terms is widely seen as an attempt to undermine Romania's campaign to stamp out corruption.

20 Jan 17

Birth of Trump Era Divides Balkan Countries

Right-wing Serbs are euphoric while Romanians and Bosniaks are worried. All over the Balkans, governments and people are watching to see what a new era in US diplomacy brings.

20 Jan 17

Balkan States Eye Their Prospects in Trump Era

Countries in the region are pondering whether they will lose or gain from a Trump presidency – but the end results of this new era are hard to call.

16 Jan 17

Romania 2017: Russian Shadow Falls on West’s Staunch Ally

Growing Russian influence on the borders, corruption and tough economic issues are the main challenges facing Romania in the months ahead.

13 Jan 17

NATO Ignoring Balkan Tensions, Experts Warn

Analysts question NATO’s strategy of focusing on building up forces on its eastern flank - while ignoring growing Russian-inspired tensions in the Balkans.

11 Jan 17

Moldova President Sparks Intrigue by Meeting Separatist Leader

A surprise meeting between Moldova’s new pro-Moscow president and the leader of separatist Transnistria triggered controversy over whether it was a political gambit or a sign of growing Russian involvement.

09 Jan 17

Balkans 2017: Economies Will Grow Despite Political Tensions

Most Balkan states will be slightly better off at the end of this year than they were at the beginning - despite the best efforts of the political class to keep tensions on the boil.

06 Jan 17

Romania’s New Ministers Called Unqualified for Office

Opposition politicians, the President and many experts have expressed strong doubts about the credentials of Romania’s new ministerial team.

26 Dec 16

Romania: Experiment With Technocrats Comes to Grief

The year started with big hopes that a technocratic government could radically change country’s political face but ended it with a return to power by the unreformed Social Democrats.

23 Dec 16

Plan to Name Muslim PM Causes Storm in Romania

The attempt of the Social Democrat leader to name a little known Muslim woman as Romania’s next PM risks backfiring badly.

13 Dec 16

EU Integration Won’t Stop Authoritarianism in Balkans

European integration will not stop Balkan governments from cracking down on independent voices unless societies have built up strong means of resistance, Kiril Koroteev, of the Moscow-based human rights centre Memorial told BIRN.

09 Dec 16

Romania Braces for Uncertain Election Outcome

Amid visible dissatisfaction with the current politicians who are widely viewed as corrupt and ineffective, the outcome of the elections looks like remaining uncertain until the last moment.

09 Dec 16

Cleaning Up Romania

A team of technocrats had a year to try to turn around Romania’s abysmal record on recycling.