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21 Apr 17

Orthodox Church Starts Flexing its Muscles in Romania

Organizations linked to Romania's powerful Orthodox Church are mobilizing with growing success against a liberal political agenda by catching the conservative mood sweeping the country.

18 Apr 17

Balkan Students Join Battle to Save ‘Soros University’

As the Hungarian government tightens the noose around the CEU, current or former CEU students from Balkan countries have joined the international outcry.

16 Apr 17

Christians Celebrate Easter Around the Balkans

While each country has its own way of celebrating the greatest Christian holiday, they also share many common traditions, such as dying eggs.

14 Apr 17

Political Strife Overshadows Easter Joy in Balkans

While millions of Christians prepare for Easter celebrations across the Balkans, political, economic and ethnic tensions are casting a dark shadow over the season of goodwill. 

07 Apr 17

Bucharest’s Historic Buildings Struggle to Find a Future

While many of the grand old buildings in Romania’s capital are now valued and increasingly sought after on the real estate market, others are caught up in endless litigation or are simply left to rot.

27 Mar 17

Justice Comes Late for Romania’s Ageing Torturers

Romania has only recently started trying the former wardens of the communist-era political prisons – and some say it is too late now for justice to be done. 

23 Mar 17

Romania Accused of Inaction Over ‘Slavery’ in Italy

After the latest UK media exposure of the slave-like conditions endured by Romanian migrant workers in Sicily, the government has been accused of making an inadequate response. 

22 Mar 17

Europe is not Going to Solve Balkan Dramas

The idea that the EU is going to speed up the accession process in the Balkans to prevent states from collapsing or fighting each other is a complete fantasy.

17 Mar 17

Refugees Face Cool Welcome in Romania, Bulgaria

Worsening relations between Turkey and Europe have raised concerns in Bulgaria andRomania that a new wave of migrants may be on the way - a prospect that both countries find daunting.

14 Mar 17

Romania Hopes to Become Regional Energy Hub

Bucharest’s plans to start extracting gas in the Black Sea zone and construct a regional pipeline aim to ensure Romania’s energy security and turn it into a regional gas exporter.

08 Mar 17

Moldova Pays High Price for Power Games

The former Soviet country’s energy security remains at risk as Moldova is unable to reform its power sector and to cut links to controversial intermediary companies.

06 Mar 17

Romanian Seeks Justice Over Dissident Father’s Death

After years of struggle with obstructive bureaucracy, Andrei Ursu will see four former communist police officers and officials go on trial next week for the murder of his dissident father.

03 Mar 17

East-West Divide Threatens Moldova’s Stability

The constant arguments between Moldova’s pro-Russian president and its pro-EU government are raising concerns for the country’s stability and worrying its neighbours.

02 Mar 17

How Did Romanian Protest Culture Evolve?

Romania has seen a spike in social engagement with waves of protests engulfing the country in recent years.

27 Feb 17

Fact-Checking Crusaders Push Romania Towards Transparency

Romania’s biggest protests since the fall of communism have brought a new generation of journalists - inspired by US-style fact-checking activists - to the fore.