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Latest Profiles from Romania

18 Dec 17

Vlad Plahotniuc, Moldova’s Unloved ‘Puppet Master’

He may want to be seen as the EU’s champion in Moldova, but few people there believe the wealthy businessman and media mogul will really change anything for the better in the country.

12 Oct 16

Romania’s Social Democrats Struggle to Reform

The Social Democratic Party remains the main political force in Romania, but its future hangs on party unity and attracting new members.

19 Sep 16

Klaus Iohannis: The President Who Promised to Clean Up Politics

Romania’s first ethnic-minority president was elected on an anti-corruption platform but critics say Iohannis is yet to deliver on his campaign pledges.


31 Aug 16

Laura Codruta Kovesi: Romania’s ‘Mrs Justice’

As the chief prosecutor tasked with fighting widespread corruption in Romania, Kovesi has made her mark by bringing in the big scalps.

19 Aug 16

Dacian Ciolos: Romania’s Technocratic PM

Designated prime minister for a one-year term only, Ciolos will struggle to meet expectations on tackling corruption and stimulating economic growth.

08 Mar 16

Romania’s Ex-King Says Farewell to Public Life

After undergoing hospital treatment, 94-year-old former King Michael has announced that he will not make any more public appearances, marking the end of an era in Romania’s history.

12 Nov 15

Dacian Ciolos, Romania’s New Technocratic Chief

Romania's newly designated PM has a fine reputation as an expert in agriculture, but whether he has the strength to change things in Romania will be a major test of his strength.

07 Dec 12

Victor Ponta, Romania’s Young And Restless PM

The great hope of the political left hasn’t done much to tackle the economic crisis in seven months in office - but that won’t stop him from winning Sunday’s general election in austerity-weary Romania.

19 May 11

Emil Boc, Romanian Academic Turned Prime Minister

The quiet Transylvanian faces a rough ride, steering Romania’s troubled economy through the choppy waters of recession - and through an unpopular IMF-led package of austerity measures.

30 Mar 11

Adrian Severin, Romania’s Falling Star

Severin’s rise up the political ladder was meteoric. His descent looks like being just as rapid, now a British newspaper has accused him of accepting bribes.