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27 Jul 16

Making a Killing: The 1.2 Billion Euro Arms Pipeline to Middle East

An unprecedented flow of weapons from Central and Eastern Europe is flooding the battlefields of the Middle East.

27 Jul 16

Arms Exports to Middle East: A Question of Legality

Human rights and arms experts believe some of Central and Eastern Europe’s weapons trade with Saudi Arabia, the region’s principal supplier of weapons to Syria, is likely breaking international law. 

12 Jul 16

Bulgaria Gets its Teeth Into the Vampire Market

Romania may be the homeland of Dracula - but some Bulgarians insist they have a few vampires of their own, and are keen to market the potential.

28 Jun 16

Bulgarians, Romanians Face Uncertainty after Brexit

Bulgarian and Romanian economists and politicians are downplaying concerns over the effects of UK’s decision to quit the EU - while many migrants from the countries say they are determined to stay in Britain.

28 Jun 16

Black Sea Flotilla Fiasco Worsens Region’s Tensions

Bulgaria’s refusal to join Romania, Turkey and Ukraine in a Black Sea naval patrol has created new tensions in the region and has raised sensitive questions about their security priorities.

16 Jun 16

Romania’s Economic Recovery Comes at a Cost

It is forecast to have one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe this year - but underlying weaknesses continue, and the average Romanian has yet to see real benefits.

17 May 16

Romania Licks its Wounds as Daimler Turns Elsewhere

Romania’s failure to attract a sought-after investment by the German car giant is being blamed on poor infrastructure and the lack of a skilled workforce.

23 Mar 16

Romania Means Business in Attracting Foreign Investors

As existing efforts to attract investors start to pay off, Romania is contemplating introducing newer, bigger incentives.

09 Mar 16

Romania Seeks Expanded Role in NATO

As Russia's presence in the region grows, Romania aims to increase its role in NATO and so better protect the Alliance's eastern flank, as well as its own borders.

15 Feb 16

Romanian Village Hopes US Base Will Bring Rewards

People in the village of Deveselu see the opening of a US military base as a valuable opportunity - but also as a potential threat to their safety.

09 Feb 16

Fashion Victims: Even in EU, Garment Workers Face Tough Conditions

Women in Romania and Bulgaria endure low pay, long hours and gruelling work to make clothes for luxury Western brands.

08 Feb 16

Hit Book Paints Grim Picture of UK Romanians

The bleak lives of failed Romanian immigrants who camp in the London underpasses are brought sharply into focus in a new warts-and-all account of immigrant London.

04 Jan 16

Romania Faces Challenge in Rebuilding Trust

Restoring trust in politics, speeding up economic recovery, curbing corruption and dealing with refugees are some of challenges facing the country in 2016.

23 Dec 15

Dramatic Changes Bring Hope to Romania

A new president, a new government - and hopes of economic growth - made more Romanians feel hopeful about their prospects in 2015.

17 Dec 15

Romania’s Adoptees in West Find Their Way Home

More and more Romanian international adoptees are seeking their biological families in Romania. In the process, they turn to the Internet, journalists, private detectives and, with less success, to the authorities. The reunions are not always a dream come true.