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08 Apr 14

Balkans Weigh Impact of Russia-Ukraine Gas Feud

If Russia cuts or curbs the gas supply to Ukraine, some Balkan countries, especially Bosnia and Serbia, could be hard hit, as they lack alternative supply routes.

01 Apr 14

After Crimea, Transnistria Awaits Mother Russia

Following Russia's annexation of Crimea, many people in the unrecognized breakaway province of Moldova hope they will be next in line.

27 Feb 14

Liberal Exit Leaves Romania Coalition Weakened

Coalition ructions will not force early elections, but - with its reduced majority – a weakened government may resort to populist economics.

26 Feb 14

Embattled Black Sea Regimes Pile Pressure on Journalists

As protests engulf governments in Ukraine, Bulgaria and Turkey, the media is coming under greater pressure to fall into line.

27 Jan 14

Medical Exodus Drains Life From Romanian Hospitals

The departure of trained doctors and nurses to Germany and Britain is costing Romania money as well as creating staff shortages.

06 Jan 14

Romania: Talk of Recovery Awakens Hope

Romanians anticipate 2014 with caution, hoping that signs of faint economic recovery will bear fruit - and that they can find less confrontational new president.

27 Dec 13

Romania: It’s the Environment, Stupid

Falling living standards and raw politics were not the only issues pulling protesters onto the street in 2013, as the environmentally conscious middle class made its disquiet heard.

21 Dec 13

Prisoner’s Ordeal Highlights Peril of Investing in Transdniester

The case of Vitalie Eriomenco - arrested over two years ago and who claims he was tortured into admitting a crime - sheds light on the dangers of trying to run a business in the breakaway region.

18 Dec 13

Job-Hungry Romanians Shrug off UK’s Migration Panic

Hysteria in the UK about a Romanian ‘invasion’ next year is unlikely to deter Romanians who are determined to try their luck in Britain’s more flexible jobs market.

29 Nov 13

No Cure for Corruption

Doctors bribe doctors in Romania’s healthcare system – but their patients also pay a price.

28 Nov 13

China Raises its Game on Europe’s Eastern Flank

Beijing is muscling its way into the eastern half of the continent with offers of large-scale investment - much to the dismay of the EU.

12 Nov 13

How to Get Ahead in Romanian Politics

Romania’s anti-corruption agency keeps convicting politicians – but the people keep bringing them back.

25 Oct 13

Romania’s Greens Hail Victory Over Chevron

Environmental protesters in Romania have won a major battle against shale gas exploration - but they have not won the war.

18 Sep 13

Gold Mine Row Highlights Romania’s Social Divide

The dispute over the mining project in Transylvania has highlighted the different priorities of urban middle-class environmentalists and those who feel desperate for work.

29 Aug 13

‘Gypsy King’s’ Death Stirs Ill Will in Romania

While Florin Cioaba’s death and funeral were a media circus, the death of another Roma leader of equal significance has passed almost unnoticed.