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10 Jul 15

Western Balkans on Alert Over ISIS Threat

Countries in the region have raised security levels and introduced new precautions to counter the threat of terrorist attacks by Islamic State.

25 Jun 15

Balkan Economies Brace for Impact of Grexit

Balkan countries are weighing up the likely impact on trade, banks, currencies and investment if Greece is forced out of the eurozone.

29 May 15

Romania’s ‘Calming’ President Hits Political Storms

Klaus Iohannis promised to be a ‘unifying’ President – but bitter clashes with the government have undermined that ambition.

07 May 15

Transylvania’s Last Germans Feel left Behind

After the revolution in 1989, most Transylvanian Saxons left for Germany - and some of those who stayed are plagued by a feeling that they made the wrong decision.

13 Apr 15

Romanians Start to Question Jailbirds’ Literary Skills

Many Romanians jailed for corruption write books in prison in order to get their sentences reduced - but their sudden enthusiasm for penmanship is drawing scrutiny.

23 Feb 15

Anti-Graft Drive Starts Hitting Home in Romania

A wave of corruption-related arrests and jail terms has sent shock waves through Romania’s political establishment, although how much it is affecting everyday life remains unclear.

09 Jan 15

The Balkan Muslim ‘Threat’ has Never Materialised

Paradoxically, the Islamist danger is not coming from where once it was most expected - from among Muslims in the Balkans.

02 Jan 15

Romania in 2015: New Era of Political Cohabitation

The installation of a new centre-right president poses new challenges for the centre-left premier, while in the arena of the economy, the austerity drive is set to continue.

29 Dec 14

Romania’s Resilient Generation: The Kids ‘Left Behind’ Who Get Ahead

Growing up alone while their parents worked abroad has been tough for many children but helped some of them to thrive.

22 Dec 14

Romania: Surprise Election Win Brings Hope

A new president as well as solid results in fighting corruption were the main achievements in 2014. Otherwise, it was business as usual in politics and the economy.

11 Dec 14

Balkan States Face Questions on CIA Report

Officials in several Balkan states have questions to answer about their countries’ involvement with CIA detention and rendition programs in the ‘war on terror’.

04 Dec 14

Romania Braces for Leadership Change

While the ruling coalition has so far hung on to power, Ponta’s presidential election failure makes a change of government in the near future increasingly likely.

20 Nov 14

Romanian Election Strikes Blow for Vanished Germans

The decision of the Romanians to elect an ethnic German as head of state marks a milestone in the history of a forgotten community in Eastern Europe.

19 Nov 14

Romania’s Net Generation Forces Change in Romania

Young, motivated urban voters - and Romanians living abroad - seem to have tipped the balance for presidential winner Klaus Iohannis.

28 Oct 14

Romania Expects President to Turn Page in History

Romania’s next president may not change much in day-to-day politics, but whoever it is, he will at least mark a symbolic departure from the communist era.