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09 Dec 16

Romania Braces for Uncertain Election Outcome

Amid visible dissatisfaction with the current politicians who are widely viewed as corrupt and ineffective, the outcome of the elections looks like remaining uncertain until the last moment.

09 Dec 16

Cleaning Up Romania

A team of technocrats had a year to try to turn around Romania’s abysmal record on recycling.

28 Nov 16

Job-Seeking Romanians End as “Slaves’ in West

Large numbers of Romanians seeking work in the rich western half of the EU find themselves as the mercy of unscrupulous traffickers.

24 Nov 16

Romania Court to Judge Attack on License Fee

The court in December will assess a move by MPs to scrap license fees for public broadcasters - which critics call a populist pre-election stunt.

20 Nov 16

Romanian Roulette

Neglect, ignorance and industry influence raise doubts about a Romanian pledge to fight the hidden scourge of gambling addiction.

15 Nov 16

Bulgaria, Moldova Complete Putin’s Lucky Week

Russia’s leader can only be satisfied that Donald Trump’s seismic victory in the US has been followed by the victories of pro-Moscow candidates closer to home.

11 Nov 16

Moldovans Dispute Presidential Election as East-West Choice

While the two would-be presidents of Moldova broadly represent pro-EU and pro-Moscow options, most ordinary people just want a leader they can trust and respect.

10 Nov 16

Romania Still Dodging Accountability for CIA Torture Site

Despite the evidence, the Romanian government is still refusing to acknowledge that the CIA operated a covert detention centre in Bucharest where ‘War on Terror’ prisoners were tortured.

09 Nov 16

Trump Triumph Celebrated and Mourned in Balkans

While many Serbs, Macedonians and Montenegrins hailed the victory of Donald Trump, many Albanians and Bosniaks are lamenting the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

09 Nov 16

Don’t Expect Balkan U-Turns From Trump Presidency

Serbs may be rejoicing over the Republican candidate’s win, but substantial changes in US relations with the region are unlikely.

27 Oct 16

NATO Boosts Eastern flank to Reassure Nervous Allies

The Western alliance has taken a significant step towards upping defensive capacities along its entire eastern flank amid growing concerns about Russia.

12 Oct 16

Romania’s Social Democrats Struggle to Reform

The Social Democratic Party remains the main political force in Romania, but its future hangs on party unity and attracting new members.

19 Sep 16

Klaus Iohannis: The President Who Promised to Clean Up Politics

Romania’s first ethnic-minority president was elected on an anti-corruption platform but critics say Iohannis is yet to deliver on his campaign pledges.


16 Sep 16

NATO Faces New Challenges on Eastern, Southern Flanks

NATO’s Deputy Secretary General tells BIRN that the alliance is facing up to new challenges, as the crackdown on government opponents in Turkey and tensions between the West and Russia continue.

31 Aug 16

Laura Codruta Kovesi: Romania’s ‘Mrs Justice’

As the chief prosecutor tasked with fighting widespread corruption in Romania, Kovesi has made her mark by bringing in the big scalps.