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17 Oct 14

Green Power Boom Threatens Romania’s Wild Mountains

The boom in small hydroelectric power plants in the Romanian mountains is coming at a price for the environment.

26 Sep 14

Spying Rows Overshadow Romania’s Presidential Poll

Arguments about who may - or may not - have worked as an undercover intelligence agent are crowding out other political issues in the upcoming presidential election.

17 Sep 14

Romanian Election Raises Kosovo’s Hope of Recognition

If Victor Ponta wins the presidential poll in Romania, Kosovo will be waiting to see if he acts on his pledge to rethink Romania’s opposition to Kosovo’s independence.

22 Aug 14

Ponta Defies Recession to Woo Romanian Voters

With an eye on winning November’s presidential elections, Prime Minister Victor Ponta is in a give-away mood – although Romania has slid back into recession in the meantime.

09 Jul 14

Moldova Braces for Russian Ire Over EU Pact

The former Soviet republic’s decision to sign an EU association agreement has the potential to provoke conflict on a range of fronts with Moscow.

24 Jun 14

EU Deal Lures Moldova From Russia’s Embrace

Most Moldovans back the forthcoming agreement with the EU as the only option for their impoverished country – but whether ties to Europe can stop the massive emigration that is emptying the land is another matter.

27 May 14

Illegal Logging is Destroying Ancient Forests in the Balkans

An investigation shows that gangs are felling vast tracts that once gave the Balkans their name.

25 May 14

EU Election Fails to Catch Fire in Romania

The politicians may be excited by the campaign - but poverty and deep disappointment with the current elite are likely to contribute to a low turnout on the part of voters this Sunday.

23 Apr 14

Balkan Gems Surface in British Video Archive

Among the rare old video clips published recently by British Pathé are many recording key moments in Balkan 20th-century history.

16 Apr 14

Russia’s New Assertiveness Awakens Old Fears in Romania

Russia’s drive to restore itself as a great power touches a raw nerve in Romania, where for historical reasons many regard Russia with deep suspicion.

08 Apr 14

Balkans Weigh Impact of Russia-Ukraine Gas Feud

If Russia cuts or curbs the gas supply to Ukraine, some Balkan countries, especially Bosnia and Serbia, could be hard hit, as they lack alternative supply routes.

01 Apr 14

After Crimea, Transnistria Awaits Mother Russia

Following Russia's annexation of Crimea, many people in the unrecognized breakaway province of Moldova hope they will be next in line.

27 Feb 14

Liberal Exit Leaves Romania Coalition Weakened

Coalition ructions will not force early elections, but - with its reduced majority – a weakened government may resort to populist economics.

26 Feb 14

Embattled Black Sea Regimes Pile Pressure on Journalists

As protests engulf governments in Ukraine, Bulgaria and Turkey, the media is coming under greater pressure to fall into line.

27 Jan 14

Medical Exodus Drains Life From Romanian Hospitals

The departure of trained doctors and nurses to Germany and Britain is costing Romania money as well as creating staff shortages.