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09 Jan 18

Hungarians in Romania Renew Call for Autonomy

As Romania gears up to celebrate its union with Transylvania in 2018, the three main ethnic Hungarian parties in the country on Monday launched a joint political agenda to renew their demand for autonomy.

08 Jan 18

Protest Threatens to Leave Many Romanians Without Doctors

Over 4 million Romanians may have to pay for their primary medical care, or change doctor, after 2,500 general practitioners refused to sign contracts with the government. 

05 Jan 18

Moldova President Defiant After Fresh Court Suspension

Moldova's Constitutional Courts of Moldova has approved the third temporary suspension from office in three months of the country's pro-Russian president, Igor Dodon.

03 Jan 18

Romania Seeks Ex-Mayor's Extradition From Madagascar

Romania on Wednesday said it had begun extradition procedures for Radu Mazare, the former mayor of Constanta, after he skipped meetings with his parole officer and went to Madagascar.

29 Dec 17

Romanians Gloomy About Future, Survey Shows

Despite outside perceptions of Romania as a booming country, a new survey has revealed a deep pessimism among people about about their future, their government and politics.

28 Dec 17

Romania Angers Palestinians by Mulling Jerusalem Embassy Move

A suggestion that Romania may follow America in moving its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem has dismayed Palestinians.

28 Dec 17

Moldova President Angers Govt by Vetoing Proposed Ministers

Moldova's Pro-Russian President, Igor Dodlon, has sparked a fresh political crisis after rejecting all the names of candidates for a government reshuffle following his return from Moscow.

27 Dec 17

Leading Romanian Transplant Surgeon Accused of Embezzlement

Prosecutors believe one of the country’s most acclaimed kidney transplant surgeons for years ran a lucrative business, transferring patients from the state institute where he worked to his own private clinic. 

27 Dec 17

Interpol Rejects Russian Request to List Moldova Leader

The international police organisation has reportedly dismissed Russian court’s request to add Moldova’s pro-Western party leader, Vlad Plahotniuc, to its ‘wanted’ list.

22 Dec 17

Moldova Bank Sheds Light on 'Grand Theft' Suspects

A new report commissioned by the country's central bank suggests a Moldovan banker and mayor, who is already on trial, was the possible mastermind behind the 2014 'billion dollar' theft that shook the country. 

22 Dec 17

UN Jerusalem Vote Reveals Split in Balkan States

Balkan countries voted in different ways on the UN resolution that criticised the US decision to recognise Jerusalam as Israel's capital, reflecting conflicts between the US and EU standpoints on this issue. 

21 Dec 17

Moldova Gives Secret Service Job to Communist Stalwart

Moldova's parliament on Thursday named Vitalie Pirlog as new head of the state security and intelligence service in what some experts see as a payoff for his services to the ruling party's leader.

21 Dec 17

Romania MPs Pass Controversial Justice Bill Despite Warnings

Romania’s parliament on Thursday adopted a controversial justice bill, despite warnings from civil society, opposition and foreign diplomats that it threatens to subvert the rule of law.

20 Dec 17

Uber Clampdown Leaves Many Romanians Dismayed

As Romanian taxi drivers protest in front of the government headquarters in Bucharest, complaining that Uber and Taxify carpooling apps steal clients, many passengers and drivers wish to defend the two companies.

20 Dec 17

Moldova Reshuffles Govt to Improve Tarnished Image

Moldova's ruling party has given the government a ‘facelift’ to improve its image in Brussels and among the voters – who will give their verdict in parliamentary elections due in 2018.


17 Jan 18

How Rich Are the Balkans’ Top Politicians?

Senior politicians in the region may earn far more than the average citizen – but the biggest earners are rarely those occupying the highest state posts. 

05 Jan 18

Christmas Comes Twice in Divided Moldova

03 Jan 18

Gagauz Resist Moldova’s Embrace of West

26 Dec 17

Balkans in 2017: Two Cheers for the Economy

25 Dec 17

Balkans Heroes – People Who Saved 2017


17 Jan 18

Moldova Toasts Wines' Success on Western Markets

Despite an economic embargo in the once crucial Russian market, Moldova's wine producers are selling more wine than ever – by shifting their sales to Western and Central Europe.

10 Nov 17

Romania Bank Chief Warns of High Trade Deficit

Culture and Lifestyle

01 Jan 18

Gallery: New Year’s Eve, the Balkan Way

New Year’s Eve was celebrated in true Balkan style across the region, with cities from Zagreb to Tirana putting on extravagant firework displays and open-air events, which saw regional and international stars performing to the swathes of jubilant crowds that came out to mark the beginning of 2018.

27 Dec 17

Balkan Cities to Party Their Way Into 2018