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23 Jun 17

Macron to Visit Romania After Vowing to Tackle Cheap Labour

President Macron’s harsh line on Eastern Europeans who work in the West - but pay less in social contributions – will impact on the Balkans, as well as on his primary target, Poland.

22 Jun 17

Romania Ruling Party Set to Name New PM

Romania’s Social Democrat Party will nominate a new Prime Minister by Monday after ousting the government, but the ruling coalition risks losing its majority in parliament. 

21 Jun 17

Romania’s Ruling Party Ousts Own Government

Romania's ruling Social Democrat Party impeached its own government on Wednesday after a week of skirmishes between the party leader and the Prime Minister who refused to resign.

21 Jun 17

Romanian Parliament to Hold No-Confidence Vote

Parliament is to vote on a Social Democratic Party motion of no confidence in its own government after a week of political turmoil and a nationalist backlash over a failed deal with an ethnic Hungarian party.

20 Jun 17

Romania Arrests Target Child-Trafficking Crime Gang

Romanian organised crime prosecutors say that more than 70 Roma children from the east of the country were trained to pick pockets and then sent to Paris to steal and beg.

19 Jun 17

Iohannis Assures Merkel of Romania's Stability

President Klaus Iohannis said Romanian foreign policy would remain stable despite the current government crisis, after meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

19 Jun 17

Poles, Romanians Fervently pro-Western, Survey Shows

An opinion survey of seven countries conducted by the NGO Globsec highlights the staunchly pro-EU and pro-NATO views of Romanians and Poles compared to some other regional states.

17 Jun 17

Romania Opposition Scents its Chance in Govt Crisis

Romania’s centre-right opposition National Liberal Party is to choose a new leader on Saturday, seeing new opportunities for itself in the unfolding crisis that is gripping the ruling Social Democrats.

16 Jun 17

Crisis Over Govt Splits Romania’s Ruling Party

Romania’s ruling Social Democrat Party is at a crossroads, with party leader Liviu Dragnea and Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu at loggerheads with one another. 

15 Jun 17

Romania's Ruling Party Set to Impeach Own Govt

Romania’s Social Democrats on Thursday agreed to submit an impeachment motion against Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu and exclude him from the party, as the defiant PM starts to recruit a new cabinet. 

15 Jun 17

Romania Faces Crisis as PM Refuses to Quit

Romania's Social Democrat Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has refused to resign, despite his own party withdrawing support for the government he leads.

09 Jun 17

Ruling Party Power Struggle Threatens Romanian Cabinet

Romanian Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu’s cabinet is being officially assessed by the ruling Social Democratic Party - a move which could see ministers sacked or the entire cabinet replaced.

09 Jun 17

Moldova Energy Deal Raises Concerns of Russian Pressure

A new deal signed quietly by the government in Chisinau with the Russian operator of a power plant in Moldovan breakaway region Transnistria has worried EU observers and the Moldovan opposition.

07 Jun 17

Russians See Serbia, Bulgaria Among Closest Friends

Russians see Serbia and Bulgaria among their top 20 closest allies, but consider Romania among the nations hostile towards them, survey shows.

06 Jun 17

Moldovan President Ridiculed after Putin Joke

Critics nicknamed Moldova’s pro-Russian President Igor Dodon the ‘czar’s doormat’ after Russian President Vladimir Putin joked at his expense during a summit in Moscow.


23 Jun 17

Romanian Top Filmmakers Fight for Reform

Hopes of comprehensive change to the film industry – deemed vital for this flourishing field - have suffered another blow after Romania’s parliament withdraw the reform legislation.

26 May 17

Balkan States Struggle to Meet NATO Benchmark


20 Jun 17

Romania’s Political Turbulence Threatens Economic Growth

By the end of this year, Romania is set to become the largest economy in the Balkans - but experts warn that if political instability continues, it will struggle to maintain the current momentum.

15 Jun 17

Balkan EU States Drop Roaming Fees

15 May 17

Romania Worst Hit in Balkans by Cyber-Attack

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06 Jun 17

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