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Latest News from Romania

05 May 15

Romanian Media Crisis Worsens, Report Says

The mass media in Romania face a major crisis, a new report by the Romanian Center for Independent Journalism says.

05 May 15

Romania To Name New Anti-Corruption Chief

A young prosecutor is to be nominated as the head of Romania's anti-graft body after its former chief was arrested over corruption allegations.

04 May 15

Romanian Mayor Investigated for Spying on Girlfriend

The mayor of the Romanian city of Iasi is under investigation for suspected abuse of office after he allegedly used local police to spy on his girlfriend and his political rivals.

04 May 15

Pressure on Central Europe to Take More Asylum-Seekers

Newer EU member states likely to face pressure to share the asylum burden, which is weighing on Germany on Sweden.

30 Apr 15

Bomb Injures Romanian Soldiers in Afghanistan

Four Romanian soldiers were injured when a booby-trapped car exploded in Afghanistan.

30 Apr 15

Romanian Civil Servants Strike Over Salaries

Some 30,000 public servants staged a one-day strike on Thursday in protest against the government’s failure to even out salary levels.

30 Apr 15

Romania Faces EU Penalties Over Law Delays

The European Commission on Wednesday said it would take Romania to court over its failures to adopt EU waste laws and fully transpose the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

29 Apr 15

Press Freedom Declining in Balkans, Report Says

The situation for the press has worsened in the Balkans over the last few years with Macedonia, Serbia and Greece seeing the sharpest drops, the US watchdog's new report says.

29 Apr 15

Romania To Toughen Law to Protect Forests

Romania is to change the law to tackle the problem of illegal logging, which is ruining some of the country's important forests.

27 Apr 15

Romania Govt Casts Predatory Eye on Waiters' Tips

Government plan to raise revenues by taxing tips meets scornful response from some waiters - who have vowed to hold on to their extra earnings.

24 Apr 15

Romanian Police Nab 14 'Crime Academy' Members

Following the most expensive investigation carried so far in Romania, police have arrested 14 members of a highly sophisticated crime ring that plundered luxury stores all over Europe.

23 Apr 15

Iliescu Admits Romania Hosted Secret CIA Base

Former president says he agreed to let the CIA set up a base in Romania - but had no idea it included a prison.

22 Apr 15

Ex-Minister Faces New Charges in Romania

Former tourism minister Elena Udrea faces fresh charges - this time for accepting bribes and abuse of power.

21 Apr 15

Romania Parties Ponder Changes to Election Laws

While all the main political forces in Romania appear to agree on the need to change the elections law, a consensus on what needs to be done still eludes them.

20 Apr 15

Romanian Hungarians Continue Demands for More Rights

The re-elected leader of the Democratic Union of Ethnic Hungarians from Romania said the party would continue to demand more legal, educational and cultural rights for the community it represents.


06 May 15

Romanian Bank Offers Lifeline to Franc Borrowers

Borrowers with franc loans in Volksbank may be able to convert them into cheaper loans in the national currency as of July.

Culture and Lifestyle

17 Apr 15

Romanian Films Selected for Cannes Festival

Two Romanian movies have been selected this year for the ‘Un Certain Regard’ section of the Cannes film festival dedicated to innovative work.