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21 Mar 17

Balkan States Linked to Russian Money-Laundering Scheme

Media reports of an alleged global financial scheme to launder over $20 billion of suspect money from Russian banks have linked Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia to some of the dubious transactions.

20 Mar 17

Moldovan Ex-MP Accused of Spying for Russia

Prosecutors in Moldova on Monday announced that a former MP, Iurie Bolboceanu, had been arrested during a meeting with his Russian 'handler' a diplomat in the Russian embassy. 

20 Mar 17

Balkan States Look Gloomy on World Happiness Table

The peoples of the Balkans have little to smile about according to a new ranking released in time with UN’s World happiness Day.

20 Mar 17

Romania Claims Progress in Recovering Corrupt Officials' Assets

A Romanian agency set up in 2016 to manage the frozen assets of officials convicted of  corruption says it has started the process of recovering half a billion euros. 

17 Mar 17

UK Prince to Woo Romania Amid Brexit Talks

Decision to include Romania in major European royal charm offensive suggests UK Foreign Office has its eye on Bucharest as a regional ally.

16 Mar 17

Minister's Foreign Language Struggles Mocked in Romania

The linguistic blunders of Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu have become a fertile source of jokes on social media, after she had a few problems delivering speeches in English and French to a UN convention.

16 Mar 17

Romanian MPs to Inspect Intelligence Agency Offices

Romanian MPs are to make unannounced inspections at intelligence agency headquarters following a controversy over the extent of the agency's cooperation with the country's main anti-corruption body, the DNA.

15 Mar 17

Romanian Officials Clash over Anti-Graft Legislation

A bill meant to stop the Romanian president from appointing anti-graft prosecutors has created new tensions between the ruling coalition and the presidency.

10 Mar 17

Hungary Fears Measles Epidemic Coming From Romania

After a hospital in Hungary was quarantined on Thursday and a number of measles case were reported, doctors fear an epidemic might have spread from over the border in Romania.

09 Mar 17

Romanian Prison Warden Faces Trial for 102 Deaths

A former warden at the communist-era Galati prison is to be tried in Bucharest for the deaths of almost a hundred political detainees after historians who study communist crimes gathered dozens of testimonies.  

09 Mar 17

Romania’s Kovesi to Visit Bulgaria Despite Opposition

Romania's top anti-corruption prosecutor will speak before Bulgaria’s Supreme Court of Cassation just months after the Supreme Judicial Council refused to invite her to Bulgaria.

08 Mar 17

Romanian MPs to Debate Pardons for Graft Convictions

Romanian MPs are to discuss by April 25 controversial amendments to a bill that would allow pardons for some corruption convictions - a proposal that sparked major protests across the country. 

04 Mar 17

Anti-Hungarian Bill Alarms Romanian Rights Activists

A bill in Romania proposing jail terms for those aiming at 'changing the consitutional order' - apparently aimed at Hungarian separatists - has alarmed anti-corruption and human rights activists.

02 Mar 17

Balkan EU States Reject a ‘Multi-Speed’ Union

After France and Germany expressed support for a ‘two-speed’ European Union, officials in Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia said they wanted more integration and joint policies, fearing they could be sidelined.

02 Mar 17

MEPs Want Visas Reimposed on US Citizens

The European Parliament has urged the Commission to take reciprocal measures against US nationals over America's failure to lift visa requirements on citizens of Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Poland and Cyprus.


23 Mar 17

Romania Accused of Inaction Over ‘Slavery’ in Italy

After the latest UK media exposure of the slave-like conditions endured by Romanian migrant workers in Sicily, the government has been accused of making an inadequate response. 

22 Mar 17

Europe is not Going to Solve Balkan Dramas

08 Mar 17

Moldova Pays High Price for Power Games

02 Mar 17

How Did Romanian Protest Culture Evolve?


14 Mar 17

Romania Hopes to Become Regional Energy Hub

Bucharest’s plans to start extracting gas in the Black Sea zone and construct a regional pipeline aim to ensure Romania’s energy security and turn it into a regional gas exporter.

16 Jun 16

Romania’s Economic Recovery Comes at a Cost

Culture and Lifestyle

02 Jan 17

Balkans Celebrates NYE with Spectacular Firework Shows

Cities across the Balkans rang in the New Year with grand firework displays and family friendly music concerts, welcoming 2017 in style.

31 Oct 16

Dracula Legend Lures Halloween Fans to Romania

24 Aug 16

‘Game of Thrones’ Star to Visit Romania

15 Aug 16

Insiders’ Guide: Hidden Gems of the Balkans