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Latest News from Romania

28 Aug 15

Spike in Romanians, Bulgarians, Creates Heat in UK

Britain’s right-wing government faces political storm over the sharp rising in immigration from the EU and the Balkans.

28 Aug 15

Vienna Summit Binds Balkan States to Broad Reforms

Summit declaration obliges Balkan countries not to misuse the EU accession process against each other, calls for civil society to play a greater role - and welcomes EU pledge to help resolving outstanding bilateral disputes.

27 Aug 15

Merkel: Summit Has Shown EU's Commitment To Balkans

Austrian and German leaders hail Vienna summit as proof of the EU's commitment to the region, announce support for infrastucture projects and pledge solidarity over refugee crisis.

14 Aug 15

Prince’s Sudden Demotion Stuns Romanians

Ex-monarch’s decision to pull popular prince from line of succession has caught many Romanians by surprise.

23 Jul 15

Romania's Ponta Again Refuses to Quit PM Post

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta has again rebuffed calls for his resignation, saying he will only go when the ruling coalition withdraws its support and chooses a replacement.

20 Jul 15

Divisions Surface in Romania's Ruling Party

Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s decision to step down as president of ruling Social Democratic Party, PSD, has opened up a fight for power inside the party.

16 Jul 15

Romania Hopes to Revamp Irrigation With EU Cash

Romania hopes to win EU money to restore its old irrigation network, which has fallen into disuse, to boost the country's agricultural potential.

15 Jul 15

Romanian Mufti Eases Concerns Over Huge Mosque

Folllowing claims that a new Turkish-built mosque in Bucharest will attract Islamic extremists, Mufti says the community has a right to a place of worship in the capital.

14 Jul 15

Romanian Prosecutors Charge PM With Corruption

Anti-corruption prosecutors have indicted Prime Minister Victor Ponta and seized some of his assets in a criminal investigation.

13 Jul 15

Ponta Steps Down As Party Chief in Romania

Victor Ponta on Sunday quit as leader of the ruling Social Democratic Party in Romania, pending a criminal investigation into his affairs.

13 Jul 15

Romania Linked to European Highway Network

Following the opening of a new border checkpoint with Hungary, Romania is now linked to European highway network.

10 Jul 15

Beer is a Bargain in the Balkans, Study Shows

A study by a price comparison website suggests that thirsty  - and thrifty - beer drinkers might like to head for the Balkans where - in Belgrade especially - the drinking is cheap.

09 Jul 15

Romania Seizes Assets of Petrotel Lukoil

Prosecutors have seized assets worth some 2 billion euro in connection to a tax evasion and money laundering probe at the local unit of Russia's Lukoil.

09 Jul 15

Romania, Croatia Badly Governed, Index Shows

New German study rating 41 countries on Governance Indicators has little good news for the four Balkan countries it includes.

09 Jul 15

Romania Doubles Pay For Top State Officials

Romania's government has doubled the salaries of a number of top officials, including the President and Prime Minister, saying senior officials need to be rewarded more adequately.


21 Aug 15

Romania Parties Forge on With Tax Cuts

Parliament due to vote by end of month on new fiscal code, slashing VAT, which critics say could blow a hole in budget.

Culture and Lifestyle

17 Jul 15

Romanian Music Festival Trades Tickets For Blood

Music fans are being encouraged to donate blood in exchange for cheaper tickets to a festival in the Transylvanian city of Cluj.