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18 Dec 14

Romania Vows to Come Clean on CIA Report

Prime Minister Ponta said the authorities intended to publish any information they possessed about secret detentions centres linked to the controversial CIA rendition program.

17 Dec 14

Romanian PM Gives Up Controversial Ph.D.

Two-and-a-half years after plagiarism allegations about his doctorate first surfaced, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said he was giving up his Ph.D. in Law.

16 Dec 14

Helicopter Crash Kills Four in Romania

Slow hunt for the survivors of a helicopter crash in eastern Romania may have cost their lives, according to reports.

16 Dec 14

Romania MPs Approve Ponta's Rejigged Team

Prime Minister Victor Ponta has obtained the approval of parliament for his cabinet reshuffle, which followed splits in the ruling coalition and his own defeat in the presidential election.

15 Dec 14

Romanian Government to Approve Austerity Budget

Romania is planning a tough state budget for next year which will see public spending cuts and state salary freezes but also increases in pensions and the minimum wage.

12 Dec 14

Romanians Keep Faith With Church and Army

Confidence in the military and the Church remains high in Romania, according to a poll, while trust in the institution of the Presidency has soared compared to last year.

11 Dec 14

Romania Tourism Operators Welcome Cut in VAT

The Romanian government plans to boost the tourism industry by lowering VAT on tourist services.

10 Dec 14

Romania Seals 2015 Budget Deal With Lenders

Romania has reached an agreement with the IMF and EC to run a deficit in 2015 of 1.83 per cent of GDP.

09 Dec 14

Ponta Plans Cabinet Reshuffle in Romania

Victor Ponta aims to restore momentum to his government with a reshuffle, following the departure of one of his coalition partners.

05 Dec 14

Romania ‘Broke Environmental Rules’ in Coal Expansion

The European Commission has opened an infringement case against Bucharest over deforestation caused by an expansion at a major mining complex.

05 Dec 14

Romania Probes 27 Suspects in 'Media Fraud' Case

Prosecutors are investigating alleged tax evasion case connected to a top media company which police believe has cost the state around 1.4 million euro.

04 Dec 14

Romanian Court Rules Facebook Pages ‘Not Private’

In the first case of its kind in Romania, the country's highest court ruled that an ‘offensive’ message that a man wrote on his Facebook page was not private.

03 Dec 14

Kosovo, Albania ‘Most Corrupt Countries in Region’

According to the 2014 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index, Kosovo and Albania continue to be the most corrupt countries in South-East Europe.

02 Dec 14

Romania Urges Moldova to Maintain EU Path

Bucharest hopes that Moldova will maintain its pro-European political position following hard-fought parliamentary elections that saw pro-Russian parties fail to capture a majority.

01 Dec 14

Romania Troops March in National Day Parade

More than 2,700 troops marched in the parade in Bucharest as people in Romania's main cities celebrated the country’s National Day.


11 Dec 14

Balkan States Face Questions on CIA Report

Officials in several Balkan states have questions to answer about their countries’ involvement with CIA detention and rendition programs in the ‘war on terror’.


18 Dec 14

Raiffeisen Gloomy About Croatia, Serbia Economies

Regional analysis conducted by Raiffeisen bank says the economies of Serbia and Croatia saw no growth in 2014 and will not do much better in 2015 - while the outlook for other countries is somewhat brighter.

Culture and Lifestyle

28 Nov 14

Transylvania Named as Essential Tourist Destination

National Geographic Traveler magazine has included the Maramures area of northern Transylvania in its list of the best 20 travel destinations in the world for 2015.