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29 Apr 16

Romanian Prosecutors Train Sights on Media Moguls

Romania’s anti-corruption drive is hitting more and more of the country's media moguls - a large number of whom are now already in jail or facing major coruption charges.

28 Apr 16

Romania's Anti-Graft Chief Slams Intelligence Service

The fierce attack launched by the chief prosecutor of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate on the Foreign Intelligence Service is seen as pointing to a serious inter-institutional conflict in Romania.

27 Apr 16

Romanian Minister Falls Victim to Battle at Opera

Culture Minister Vlad Alexandrescu has been forced to throw in the towel - the latest victim of a dramatic feud at the National Opera house, which he failed to resolve.

27 Apr 16

Balkan Press Liberty Declining, Freedom House Says

Freedom House report says media freedom in the Balkan region is in decline - with the fast decline noted in Serbia and Macedonia.

27 Apr 16

Romanians' Digital Skills Are Worst in Europe

Romania comes last in the whole of Europe when it comes to digital literacy, a new report shows.

26 Apr 16

Romania Mulls Curbs on Foreigners Buying Farmland

Amid worries about the high rate of foreign purchases, a legislative proposal aims to impose new conditions on foreigners buying farmland in Romania.

25 Apr 16

Indoor Bath Still a Luxury in Village Romania

Romania is still struggling to bridge the chasm between urban and rural areas where a lot of people still do not running water or indoor toilets and bathrooms.

22 Apr 16

Romania, Ukraine Plot Closer Defence Ties

Romania and Ukraine are mulling joining a joint Black Sea fleet under NATO control and creating a Ukrainian-Romanian-Bulgarian brigade, aiming to strengthen the region’s security.

20 Apr 16

Romania Ex-President Faces Money-Laundering Charge

Traian Basescu says he is being investigated in a case concerning real estate that he bought while he was Mayor of Bucharest.

20 Apr 16

Romanians Fear Living Near Refugees, Poll Says

Recent terror attacks and an upsurge in right-wing discourse are reflected in polls showing growing opposition to refugees settling in Romania.

18 Apr 16

Le Pen Hails New Nationalist Party in Romania

Attending a summit of far-right politicians in Romania, the French National Front leader has praised the programme of a new anti-EU, nationalist party in the country.

15 Apr 16

Labour Minister Steps Down in Romania

Ana Costea is the first minister to resign from Romania’s technocratic government, following a dispute over a planned law revising public-sector pay.

14 Apr 16

US Rights Report Highlights Corruption in Balkans

The US State Department's annual report on human rights worldwide, presented on Wednesday, described corruption as an endemic problem all over the Balkans.

14 Apr 16

Romania Dumps Reform of Public Sector Pay

Under pressure from trade unions, the government has abandoned plans for a draft law revising wages in the public sector.

13 Apr 16

Graft Charges Fail to Halt Romanians' Political Careers

Only a handful of Romanian politicians under investigation by the country's anti-corruption agency have pulled out of the campaign for the local elections in June.


23 Mar 16

Romania Means Business in Attracting Foreign Investors

As existing efforts to attract investors start to pay off, Romania is contemplating introducing newer, bigger incentives.

09 Mar 16

Romania Seeks Expanded Role in NATO

04 Jan 16

Romania Faces Challenge in Rebuilding Trust

23 Dec 15

Dramatic Changes Bring Hope to Romania


07 Apr 16

Bulgaria-Romania Gas Pipeline to Open in August

An Austrian company will complete the remaining 2.1 km of a long-anticipated gas interconnector that will help the energy diversification of the two Balkan countries.

22 Feb 16

Romanian Refinery to Process Iranian Oil

17 Feb 16

Romania Lures Russians to Cut-Price Resorts

Culture and Lifestyle

19 Apr 16

Romania Faces Eurovision Exit over €10m Debt

Romania could be excluded from this year’s Eurovision song contest because its cash-strapped public TV channel owes the European Broadcasting Union over 10 million euros.

15 Apr 16

Feud Over Foreigners Splits Romanian Opera

18 Mar 16

Romania Battles to Buy Back Brancusi Sculpture

11 Mar 16

Romanians Get to See Ceausescu’s Luxury Pad

24 Feb 16

Collapsing Churches Cause Dismay in Romania