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04 Feb 16

Romania Lifts Immunity of Ex-Minister Oprea

Parliament voted on Wednesday to lift the immunity of former deputy prime minister Gabriel Oprea, accused by prosecutors of abuse of power.

03 Feb 16

Romania's Top Prosecutor Quits in Motorcade Row

Romania's general prosecutor resigned on Tuesday after being named in an investigation into the illegal use of official motorcades

02 Feb 16

Romania Calls for Permanent NATO Black Sea Force

Bucharest is urging NATO to strengthen its eastern flank and proposing a regular multinational naval patrol in the Black Sea.

01 Feb 16

Romania's 'Citizen' PM Spurns Official Motorcade

Prime Minister says motorcades are not necessary and block up the traffic - as MPs get ready to debate lifting the immunity of a former minister who used them five times a day.

29 Jan 16

Romania to End Scam Over Jailbird Authors

Romania is to scrap the law that allows prisoners to have their sentences reduced if they publish books behind bars - some of which, it appears, were written by paid ghost writers.

28 Jan 16

EU Cautiously Greets Romania's Justice Reforms

Romania is making progress in reforming justice and the fight against corruption, but further steps are needed, a new Commission report says.

27 Jan 16

Nostalgic Romanians Honour Dictator’s Memory

A small band of the faithful still pay tribute each year to the memory of Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu - while many Romanians believe life was better then than it is now.

26 Jan 16

Moldova’s PM Seeks Support Boost in Romania

Moldovan PM Pavel Filip is visiting in Romania on Tuesday in a bid to consolidate support for his new administration as protesters in his country's capital continue to rally for early elections.

24 Jan 16

Moldova Protesters Rally for Early Elections

Thousands of opposition demonstrators took to the streets of Chisinau again on Sunday despite sub-zero temperatures, demanding the resignation of the new pro-European government.

21 Jan 16

Moldova Braces for Fresh Anti-Govt Protest

Supporters of the pro-Russian opposition gathered in front of parliament for a second day on Thursday, protesting over the formation of a new pro-EU government.

20 Jan 16

Pro-Russia Protesters Break Into Moldova Parliament

Pro-Russian opposition protesters broke into the Moldovan parliament building on Wednesday, minutes after lawmakers approved a new, pro-European government.

19 Jan 16

Liberals Demand Change in Romania's Local Elections

Party urges new government to reinstate two-round mayoral elections - which civic activists agree would be fairer to the smaller parties and so more truly democratic.

19 Jan 16

Wary Romanians Await First Refugees from EU Quota

Romania is to receive its first refugees next month under EU mandatory quotas, but the majority of the population is still opposed to taking in any of them.

15 Jan 16

Romania Fears Moldova’s Political Crisis Will Escalate

As the Moldovan president and parliament fail to agree who should be the next prime minister, neighbouring Romania fears the crisis could seriously destabilise the country.

14 Jan 16

Bucharest Criticised for ‘Profligate’ Beautification Spending

Thousand-euro park benches and rubbish bins made of exotic wood are just some of the overpriced items bought by Bucharest authorities in recent years, auditors said.


04 Jan 16

Romania Faces Challenge in Rebuilding Trust

Restoring trust in politics, speeding up economic recovery, curbing corruption and dealing with refugees are some of challenges facing the country in 2016.


05 Jan 16

New Year Tax Cuts Take Force in Romania

Romania has started new year 2016 with some important - but potentially risky - tax cuts, including a significant drop in VAT.

Culture and Lifestyle

05 Feb 16

Ceausescu’s Palace Opens up to Virtual Tours

Visitors can now enjoy inside tours of Romania's Palace of the Parliament, the second largest building in the world, without having to leave home