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25 Apr 17

Balkan States Rapped over Holocaust Property Restitution

Bosnia and Herzegovina has failed to comply with an international declaration on the restitution of property seized during WWII, while other Balkan countries have not honoured their commitments in full.

25 Apr 17

Romania Expects More Time to Improve Overcrowded Jails

The European Court of Human Rights is set to issue a ruling giving Romania time to come up with a policy to improve detention conditions, after the number of complaints spiked in 2016.

18 Apr 17

Romania Seeks Extradition of Former MP Arrested in Serbia

Romania's Ministry of Justice will request the extradition from Serbia of former MP and businessman Sebastian Ghita, a fugitive wanted in five different graft cases. 

13 Apr 17

Italy’s Romanians Fearful After MP’s Crime Claim

A claim by a right-wing Five Star Movement lawmaker that Romania is exporting criminals to Italy has raised fears of a possible repeat of the anti-Romanian hate crime surge of 2008. 

11 Apr 17

Romania Mulls Hosting NATO Counterintelligence Unit

The Western alliance asked Romania to host a counterintelligence unit to support its Black Sea area troops, as the country also awaits a British jet deployment and the largest NATO military exercise in its history.

10 Apr 17

Romanian Offer to Host Soros University Meets Scepticism

Romanian academics say Romanian mayors’ offers to host the Soros-founded Central European University, if it has to quit Budapest, are not serious.

07 Apr 17

Romanian Victim of London Terror Attack Dies

Romania’s ambassador has confirmed that the young Romanian tourist who was badly injured in the terror attack in London has now died.

05 Apr 17

Moldovan Power Deal with Ukraine Angers Transnistria

Moldova’s decision to scrap an electricity contract with a Russian-operated plant in breakaway Transnistria and sign a deal with a Ukrainian company has angered Tiraspol.

05 Apr 17

Romanian Pupils Warned About Blue Whale ‘Suicide Game’

The Romanian government has started an awareness campaign in schools after unproven claims that the Russian-origin online dare game ‘Blue Whale’ might have caused several juveniles to commit suicides.

04 Apr 17

Freedom House: Balkan States Hit by Democratic Setbacks

Balkan countries experienced democratic setbacks in 2016 because of corruption, political interference in the justice system and uncompetitive elections, said a Freedom House report.

04 Apr 17

Wave of Fake News 'Fuelling Divisions' in Romania

An article published on Sunday by Agence France-Presse claiming that fake news was flourishing in Romania has put the spotlight back on this troubling phenomenon.  

03 Apr 17

Moldova Debates Changing Country's Electoral System

Moldova’s ruling Democratic Party has submitted a bill to change the electoral system and scrap the old party lists so that districts directly elect their MPs - but critics of the idea spy an agenda.

29 Mar 17

Moldova’s PM Visits Brussels as President Courts Moscow

Moldova’s pro-European premier is meeting EU officials in Brussels to discuss the country’s reform agenda while its pro-Russian president continues his policy of rapprochement with Moscow.

28 Mar 17

Romanian MPs Vote on ‘Traditional Family’ Bill

After heated debates, Romanian MPs are to vote on whether to constitutionally define family as being based on marriage between a man and a woman, raising concerns over women’s and LGBT rights.

27 Mar 17

Romanian Deputy PM Fired After Row Inside Party

Deputy Prime Minister Daniel Constantin has been fired from his post after new skirmishes erupted with his fellow co-chair of ALDE - the junior partner in Romania's government.


18 Apr 17

Balkan Students Join Battle to Save ‘Soros University’

As the Hungarian government tightens the noose around the CEU, current or former CEU students from Balkan countries have joined the international outcry.

16 Apr 17

Christians Celebrate Easter Around the Balkans

22 Mar 17

Europe is not Going to Solve Balkan Dramas

08 Mar 17

Moldova Pays High Price for Power Games


25 Apr 17

Austria’s OMV Sues Romania over Environmental Clean-Up

Austrian oil group OMV, which controls Romania’s former state-owned Petrom, has filed an arbitration suit accusing Bucharest of not reimbursing environmental clean-up costs and violating its privatisation contract.

14 Mar 17

Romania Hopes to Become Regional Energy Hub

Culture and Lifestyle

21 Apr 17

Bucharest Municipality Plans Façade Contest to Revamp the City

Bucharest City Hall will cut municipality taxes for residents who refurbish their properties in a bid to involve citizens in revamping areas of the Romanian capital.

31 Oct 16

Dracula Legend Lures Halloween Fans to Romania

24 Aug 16

‘Game of Thrones’ Star to Visit Romania