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05 Jan 17

Balkan Weapons Flowing to Iraqi Militias, Amnesty Warns

Arms from at least 16 countries have flowed to paramilitary militias allied to the Iraqi government who have used them to commit serious human rights violations, rights group Amnesty International says.

04 Jan 17

Romanian Ex-President Loses Moldovan Citizenship

Moldova's combative new pro-Russian President, Igor Dodon, has stripped Romania's former president Traian Basescu of his citizenship, accusing him of having pushed for Moldova to become part of Romania.

30 Dec 16

Romanian President Approves New Social Democrat PM

After rejecting the party's first candidate, Romania's President has given Social Democrat former minister Sorin Grindeanu a mandate to form a new government.

29 Dec 16

Romania's Social Democrats Nominate New PM

Romania's Social Democrat Party has nominated former Telecom Minister Sorin Grindeanu to become Prime Minister, after President Klaus Iohannis rejected the first proposal, Sevil Shhaide.

27 Dec 16

Romania President Rejects Muslim Woman as PM

President Klaus Iohannis did not give an immediate reason for the decision, but Social Democrat nominee Sevil Shhaideh had come under criticism over her husband’s support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

22 Dec 16

Terror Map Reveals Unresolved Cases in Balkans

Global Terrorist Data, GTD, records a large number of terror attacks in the Balkans between 1970 and 2015, and carries reminder of how many cases remain unresolved.

21 Dec 16

Muslim Woman Eyes PM’s Post in Romania

After President Klaus Iohannis refused to accept the Social Democrat leader Liviu Dragnea as head of the government, the party has put forward Sevil Shhaideh, 52, a former minister.

20 Dec 16

Romanian Parliament Convenes But PM Remains Unknown

The winners of the December 11 elections, the Social Democrats, formed a coalition with the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats to nominate a cabinet, but no prime minister has been chosen yet.

12 Dec 16

Leftist Win in Romania Creates Dilemma for President

After its overwhelming win in Sunday's elections, the PSD is set to nominate a Prime Minister, although President Klaus Iohannis is refusing to accept its leader, Liviu Dragnea, owing to his two-year suspended jail sentence.

11 Dec 16

Centre-Left Social Democrats Win Romanian Elections, Exit Polls

According to the first exit poll, Romania’s centre-left wing Social Democrats were victorious in Sunday’s elections, winning 45.8 per cent of the votes, but will have to negotiate a coalition with a smaller party to form a majority government.

11 Dec 16

Social Democrats Scent Victory in Romanian Election

The centre-left wing Social Democrats appear on course for a strong showing in this weekend's elections, although they are unlikely to win a majority and turnout could be low.

07 Dec 16

Six Balkan Figures Join European High-Flyers' List

The six Balkan personalities joining Politico's list of 28 European movers and shakers include an honest policeman in Romania, the tough-guy President of Turkey, a civic activist in Serbia and a Mayor in Kosovo.

02 Dec 16

Hungarian Snub to Romania Holiday Revives Tension

A Hungarian ministerial decision that the country's diplomats should ignore Romania’s National Day celebrations on December 1 - because they mark Hungary's loss of Transylvania - has breathed new life into an old dispute.

29 Nov 16

Romania Vows Support for Moldova Under New President

Romania vowed to continue supporting Moldova on its path to EU integration even though the newly-elected Eurosceptic Moldovan president criticised Bucharest’s interference in his country’s affairs.

25 Nov 16

Romanian Clinics Probe Prompts Organ Trade Row

An investigation by the Ministry of Health, which found that Romanian transplant clinics were not equipped for such surgeries, has triggered a row about organ-trading.


16 Jan 17

Romania 2017: Russian Shadow Falls on West’s Staunch Ally

Growing Russian influence on the borders, corruption and tough economic issues are the main challenges facing Romania in the months ahead.

13 Jan 17

NATO Ignoring Balkan Tensions, Experts Warn

23 Dec 16

Plan to Name Muslim PM Causes Storm in Romania


24 Oct 16

Bulgaria, Romania Still Hope Canada Lifts Visas

While a Belgian region holds up the EU’s CETA deal with Canada, Romanians and Bulgarians hope to end visa requirements with Canada regardless of the outcome.

16 Jun 16

Romania’s Economic Recovery Comes at a Cost

Culture and Lifestyle

02 Jan 17

Balkans Celebrates NYE with Spectacular Firework Shows

Cities across the Balkans rang in the New Year with grand firework displays and family friendly music concerts, welcoming 2017 in style.

31 Oct 16

Dracula Legend Lures Halloween Fans to Romania

24 Aug 16

‘Game of Thrones’ Star to Visit Romania

15 Aug 16

Insiders’ Guide: Hidden Gems of the Balkans