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Latest News from Romania

30 Oct 14

Romanian Dairy Sector Hit by Russia Food Ban

Sales of Romanian diary products are declining, with cheaper EU products flooding the country following Russia ban.

29 Oct 14

Low Turnout Expected in Romanian Presidential Poll

Prime Minister Victor Ponta is on course to win this Sunday’s presidential elections in Romania - but only half of the electorate are expected to vote.

28 Oct 14

Romanian Mayor Detained on Corruption Charges

The mayor of the eastern town of Piatra Neamt, Gheorghe Stefan, has been detained for alleged corruption in relation to the purchase of Microsoft software for schools.

27 Oct 14

Romanians Hanker for Slice of Communist Bread

Types of loaf like the 'Bucharest baguette', which haven't been seen in Romania since the Communist regime collapsed in 1989 will soon be on display in the shops once again.

24 Oct 14

Smokers Burn Hole in Romanian Health Budget

Romania is paying more to treat its legion of smokers than it is earning from taxes on tobacco.

23 Oct 14

Romania Makes More Use of EU Funding

Romania is now using about half of the money it is entitled to access from Brussels - well up on previous years, but still behind other Eastern European states.

22 Oct 14

Succession Strife Hits Romania’s Ruling Party

Romania's governing Social Democrats have suspended three senior leaders in a move to quell internal disputes over the succession to Victor Ponta as party leader.

22 Oct 14

Romania, Bulgaria Mull Two New Danube Bridges

The two neighbouring countries plan to start work on feasibility studies for two new bridges over the Danube.

21 Oct 14

Key Romanian Politician Quits Over Corruption Probe

The vice-president of Romania's lower house of parliament has resigned from his post following accusations of corruption.

21 Oct 14

Romania ups Defences Against Ebola Outbreak

Romania is taking steps to stop Ebola from entering the country - and ensure that if cases occur, the authorities can handle matters.

17 Oct 14

Romania Taken to Court Over Deadly Waste Pond

Brussels is taking Romania to the Court of Justice over its failure to clean up an abandoned waste pond, which the EU fears is leaking toxins into the river Danube and nearby farms.

17 Oct 14

Much of Romania’s Forest Restitution Deemed Illegal

Audit says a fifth of the cases of restitution to private owners of forest land confiscated by the Communist regime in Romania were illegal.

16 Oct 14

Romanian PM Tipped To Win Presidential Poll

Prime Minister Victor Ponta is expected to beat his closest rival, Klaus Iohannis, in the race to succeed Traian Basescu as President.

15 Oct 14

Romanian Pensions to Go up Next January

Pensions are to go up by 5 per cent, starting in January, the government says, maintaining that it has the resources to fund the hike.

14 Oct 14

Spying Charges Raise Tensions in Romanian Election

President Traian Basescu has accused former Prime Minister Victor Ponta of having been an undercover officer - in a move aimed at undermining his credibility to be the next President.


31 Oct 14

Romania-Moldova Gas Pipeline Still Not Open

A gas pipeline linking Moldova to Romania, aimed at reducing the former Soviet country's dependence on Russian gas, is still not working despite promises from politicians.

Culture and Lifestyle

04 Oct 14

Romania Marathon Heads For Starting Line

Thousands of people are expected to attend this year's seventh Bucharest International Marathon.