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02 Dec 16

Hungarian Snub to Romania Holiday Revives Tension

A Hungarian ministerial decision that the country's diplomats should ignore Romania’s National Day celebrations on December 1 - because they mark Hungary's loss of Transylvania - has breathed new life into an old dispute.

29 Nov 16

Romania Vows Support for Moldova Under New President

Romania vowed to continue supporting Moldova on its path to EU integration even though the newly-elected Eurosceptic Moldovan president criticised Bucharest’s interference in his country’s affairs.

25 Nov 16

Romanian Clinics Probe Prompts Organ Trade Row

An investigation by the Ministry of Health, which found that Romanian transplant clinics were not equipped for such surgeries, has triggered a row about organ-trading.

23 Nov 16

Labour Protests Shake Romania Ahead of Election

A wave of industrial unrest threatens Romania ahead of elections in December with public servants, police, healthcare workers and others all protesting and demanding higher wages.

18 Nov 16

EU Balkan States Score Poorly on Social Justice

Bulgaria and Romania ranked last in several categories in a new report on social justice compiled by the Bertelsman Foundation.

17 Nov 16

Romanian National Radio Probed Over Illegal Contracts

Romanian police and prosecutors searched the National Public Radio headquarters amid suspicions that members of the board have been awarding contracts to relatives.

16 Nov 16

Romania Election Boss Faces Corruption Charge

Prosecutors say Electoral Authority chief Ana Maria Patru took hefty bribes to assign IT contracts to favoured companies - and facilitate meetings between companies and ministers.

16 Nov 16

Kosovo, Bosnia, Most Worried by Corruption, Report Shows

New research by the watchdog organisation Transparency International shows that perceptions of corruption as a major problem in society vary widely in the Balkans.

15 Nov 16

Romanian Anti-Graft Prosecutors Probe Electoral Authority

Romanian anti-corruption prosecutors searched the headquarters of the Permanent Electoral Authority, whose head is suspected of poll fraud and money laundering.

14 Nov 16

Pro-Russia Candidate Wins Moldova Presidency

Victory for Igor Dodon underlines popular discontent with the poor results of pro-EU governments that have failed to improve most people's lives.

08 Nov 16

Gay Marriage Under Fire Ahead of Romania Election

Ahead of a constitutional court ruling - and general elections - the issue of banning gay marriage and redefining the notion of the family in the constitution is attracting the support of most senior politicians.

03 Nov 16

Romanian Ex-President Gets Moldovan Citizenship

Romania's former president, Traian Basescu, is to finally obtain Moldovan citizenship in a move intended to show support for Europe’s poorest country ahead of a presidential election run-off.

26 Oct 16

Cigarette Smuggling Reaches New Peak in Romania

Cigarette smuggling in Romania has reached a new high, with a new report showing that contraband cigarettes now make up 18.3 per cent of the market.

25 Oct 16

Romanian Liberals Back PM for New Term

Leaders of the National Liberal Party, the second-largest party in parliament, unanimously nominated technocratic PM Dacian Ciolos for a new term, but he insisted they must support his reform ideas.

24 Oct 16

Bulgaria, Romania Still Hope Canada Lifts Visas

While a Belgian region holds up the EU’s CETA deal with Canada, Romanians and Bulgarians hope to end visa requirements with Canada regardless of the outcome.


28 Nov 16

Job-Seeking Romanians End as “Slaves’ in West

Large numbers of Romanians seeking work in the rich western half of the EU find themselves as the mercy of unscrupulous traffickers.

24 Nov 16

Romania Court to Judge Attack on License Fee

20 Nov 16

Romanian Roulette


24 Oct 16

Bulgaria, Romania Still Hope Canada Lifts Visas

While a Belgian region holds up the EU’s CETA deal with Canada, Romanians and Bulgarians hope to end visa requirements with Canada regardless of the outcome.

16 Jun 16

Romania’s Economic Recovery Comes at a Cost

Culture and Lifestyle

31 Oct 16

Dracula Legend Lures Halloween Fans to Romania

Castle Bran in Transylvania is attracting growing numbers of foreign tourists over Halloween thanks to its connection with the world's most famous vampire, Count Dracula.

24 Aug 16

‘Game of Thrones’ Star to Visit Romania

15 Aug 16

Insiders’ Guide: Hidden Gems of the Balkans

05 Aug 16

Balkan Athletes Ready to Wave Flags in Rio