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Latest News from Romania

15 Jul 16

Romanian Prisoners Protest About Poor Conditions

Prison protests spread across Romania this week as inmates expressed their dissatisfaction with poor conditions, despite efforts to reduce overcrowding over the past decade.

08 Jul 16

Romanians Look to German Coach to Revive Football

Romanians hope a new German coach for the national team will restore the shattered reputation of the ‘beautiful game’ in Romania.

06 Jul 16

Romania PM Reshuffles Ministries to Regain 'Momentum'

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos has decided to change four ministers in his cabinet, saying the government has to deliver more results.

29 Jun 16

Rendition Victims Challenge Romania, Lithuania, in Court

Hearings on Wednesday at the European Court of Human Rights in cases against Romania and Lithuania for alleged complicity in the CIA-led rendition and secret detention programmes represent a milestone, Amnesty International said.

29 Jun 16

EU Balkan States Call for Change in Light of Brexit

As European leaders mulled the conditions for Britain to leave the EU at their Brussels meeting on June 28, EU Balkan states used the 'Brexit' drama as an opportunity to call for change in the way the EU works. 

27 Jun 16

State Cash For Royals Causes Ructions in Romania

Government move to set aside state money to finance the royal family's activities has divided opinion in Romania.

24 Jun 16

Balkans Shaken as UK Chooses EU Exit

Initial reactions from the Balkan region to the negative vote on the EU in Britain are gloomy - but concerns about the effects of a 'Brexit' on Southeastern Europe's economies are less dramatic. 

24 Jun 16

Romania to Curb Perks of Jailbird Authors

Romania is to finally change a law that allows prisoners to have their sentences reduced if they publish books behind bars, saying the privilege has been abused.

16 Jun 16

Bulgaria Pulls out of Joint Black Sea Patrol

Bowing to Russian pressure, Sofia has abandoned plans to join a Black Sea flotilla with Romania and Turkey.


15 Jun 16

Orthodox Feuds Dampen Hopes of Historic Council

Days before the start of the Great and Holy Council in Crete, aimed at uniting the world's Orthodox Christians, rows between the various churches have escalated - and several churches will not now be coming.

14 Jun 16

Romania Reopens Crime Probe Into 1989 Carnage

A Romanian court on Monday confirmed the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office to reopen a criminal investigation into the events of the 1989 revolution.

13 Jun 16

US-Romanian Naval Drills Alarms Russia

Moscow issues veiled response as a US Navy destroyer is slated to begin joint drills with the Romanian navy.

07 Jun 16

Romanian Mayors Re-Elected Despite Corruption Probes

More than a quarter of the recently elected mayors of Romania’s 41 counties are under investigation or have been placed under preventative arrest over corruption charges.

06 Jun 16

Romanian Social Democrats Win Local Elections

The leftist Social Democrat Party, PSD, came out on top in the local elections in Romania, according to exit polls, but voter turnout was low at 48.4 per cent.

03 Jun 16

Left Tipped to Win Romania's Local Elections

The failure of right-wing parties to unite - and one-round elections - are both factors pointing towards a likely victory by the left-wing Social Democrats in Sunday's local elections.


28 Jun 16

Bulgarians, Romanians Face Uncertainty after Brexit

Bulgarian and Romanian economists and politicians are downplaying concerns over the effects of UK’s decision to quit the EU - while many migrants from the countries say they are determined to stay in Britain.

09 Mar 16

Romania Seeks Expanded Role in NATO

04 Jan 16

Romania Faces Challenge in Rebuilding Trust

23 Dec 15

Dramatic Changes Bring Hope to Romania


23 Jun 16

Gulf Group to Build Oil Recycling Plant in Romania

The Emirates Chemie-Tech DMCC group will set up an oil recycling plant in southeastern Romania, the first of its kind in the region.

16 Jun 16

Romania’s Economic Recovery Comes at a Cost

12 May 16

Refinery Seizure Threatens Romania-China Deal

Culture and Lifestyle

12 Jul 16

Bulgaria Gets its Teeth Into the Vampire Market

Romania may be the homeland of Dracula - but some Bulgarians insist they have a few vampires of their own, and are keen to market the potential.

27 May 16

Romanian Film Festival Honours Sophia Loren

11 May 16

Two Romanian Movies Bid for Top Cannes Prize

19 Apr 16

Romania Faces Eurovision Exit over €10m Debt