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Latest News from Romania

07 Jul 15

Balkan Countries Bake in July Heat Wave

After much of Western Europe baked last week in an unusually scorching heat wave, countries in the Balkan region face their own blast of hot weather.

07 Jul 15

Romania Mulls Forcing Parents to Vaccinate Children

Unvaccinated children may be banned from schools and the parents fines, according to a draft law under consideration in Romania.

06 Jul 15

Romanian Premier Defends VAT Cut Decision

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said the government supports the planned VAT rate cut aimed at boosting the economy, despite opposition from international lenders.

02 Jul 15

NATO Chief Opens New Unit in Romania

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was due in Bucharest on Thursday to inaugurate a new NATO Force Integration Unit - designed to enhance cooperation between the alliance and the national defence forces.

01 Jul 15

Romania Opposition Scores Victory Over Spy Chief

Romania's parliament has backed the nomination of a new spy chief opposed by the ruling Social Democrats - seen as a sign that the ruling party is losing its grip over the assembly.

01 Jul 15

Call to Bring Back Conscription Splits Romania

While one MP is calling for the return conscription, some doubt whether such a measure is affordable - or the right response to the region's security issues.

30 Jun 15

Turkey Aids Financing of Bucharest's First Mosque

The Romanian capital is to get its first ever purpose-built mosque, with money coming Turkey's Presidency of Religious Affairs, the Diyanet.

29 Jun 15

Spy Chief Nomination Sparks Row in Romania

President Klaus Iohannis has nominated a former prime minister to head Romania’s foreign intelligence service, but his proposal is expected to be rejected by parliament.

26 Jun 15

Romania to Cut Drug Prices Starting Next Month

Prices for generic medicine in Romania are expected to fall by around 20 per cent from July, but the news is not welcomed by everybody.

25 Jun 15

Romanian PM’s Aide Faces Graft Charges

Lawmaker Sebastian Ghita, a close aide to Romanian Prime Minister and an MP for his Social Democratic Party, has been indicted for embezzling EU funds and for cheating in elections.

24 Jun 15

NATO Beefs up Weapons in Romania, Bulgaria

US plans to depoy tanks and artillery in some ex-communist countries in Eastern Europe, including Romania and Bulgaria, have alarmed Russia.

23 Jun 15

Romanian President Names Stand-in for Ponta

President Klaus Iohannis has named vice-premier Gabriel Oprea as Romania's interim Prime Minister while Victor Ponta recovers from an injury.

22 Jun 15

Romania PM Takes Leave After Surgery

Prime Minister Victor Ponta is taking time off from his duties as premier after having a knee operation.

19 Jun 15

EU Warns Romania Over Gas Supply Plan

Brussels said it is taking Romania to the Court of Justice over its failure to adopt emergency plan in case of gas supply disruption - which Romania says it has now done.

18 Jun 15

Head of Romanian Chamber of Commerce Jailed

The head of the chamber of commerce and a former sports official have both been jailed as Romanian courts toughen their approach to high-level bribery.


06 Jul 15

Balkan States Weigh Impact of Greece’s ‘No’

Officials in the Balkans are weighing up the potential impact of the Greek referendum result on their countries amid warnings that a deepening of the crisis could damage economies in the region.

Culture and Lifestyle

03 Jul 15

Corvinus Castle Hosts Opera Festival in Romania

The former home of the great warrior king Matthias Corvinus in Hunedoara in southern Transylvania is hosting one of the largest open-air opera festivals in Europe.