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25 May 16

Amnesty Slates Balkan Arms Sales to Egypt

Romania and Bulgaria are among the EU countries criticized by Amnesty International for complicity in Egypt’s crackdown on dissent through arms exports to the country, as is non-EU member Serbia.  

25 May 16

Three Million Romanians Back Anti-Gay Marriage Campaign

Campaigners supported by the Romanian Orthodox Church want the constitution to be amended to expressly define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

24 May 16

Romania Probes IT Giant HP

The Romanian arm of the software company HP and health insurance chiefs have been accused of wrongdoing over a contract that reportedly cost the state almost 17 million euros.

24 May 16

Romanian Secret Service Quizzed Over Pharma Boss's Death

The sudden death of the pharma boss involved in a scandal over substandard disinfectants in hospitals has raised questions about the possible involvement of the intelligence services.

20 May 16

Romanians Criticise US Ambassador for Meeting Ousted Politician

The US ambassador to Bucharest has been accused of political interference, for showing too much camaraderie with a Romanian politician who has been ousted by his party.

19 May 16

Romanian Migrants' Children Risk Feeling Abandoned

Over 232,000 Romanian children whose parents work abroad risk feeling abandoned and developing emotional and behavioral disorders, experts warn.

16 May 16

Bulgaria, Romania Tie EU-Canada Deal to Visas

The two Balkan countries say they might veto the upcoming EU-Canada pact if they do not get a clear timeframe for the abolition of Canadian visa requirements.

16 May 16

Crisis Worsens in Romanian Health System

The crisis over allegedly substandard disinfectants in hospitals has put fresh pressure on Romania's healthcare system, with some doctors refusing to enter surgery rooms, except for emergencies.

13 May 16

US Anti-Missile System Operational in Romania

The anti-missile system installed by the US in southern Romania in Deveselu is now operational, generating continued Russian concern that the system could be used against Moscow.

12 May 16

Refinery Seizure Threatens Romania-China Deal

Romanian prosecutors' decision to seize the country’s largest oil refinery, held by Kazakhstan's KazMunaiGaz, is seen as a possible obstacle towards completion of the biggest transaction of the year, between KazMunaiGaz and China Energy Company Ltd.

10 May 16

Balkan Offshore Businesses Named in Panama Database

Scores of people from the Balkans including tycoons, an ex-ambassador, politicians, a banker and some convicted fraudsters appear in a newly-released database of users of offshore tax havens.

10 May 16

Crime Case Opened Into Footballer's Death in Romania

A criminal investigation has been launched following the sudden death on a pitch last week of Cameroonian footballer Patrick Ekeng.

09 May 16

Romanian Health Minister Falls Victim to Hospital Crisis

Romania's Health Minister resigned on Monday following the crisis over allegedly substandard disinfectants used in public hospitals.

06 May 16

Frenchwoman Runs for Mayor in Bucharest District

A French engineer who has taken Romanian citizenship is running for the mayor’s position in the richest district of the capital Bucharest, promising better management of public services.

05 May 16

Romania Probes Alleged Hospital Disinfectant Scam

A criminal investigation is being conducted into allegedly substandard disinfectants used in public hospitals after journalists reported that some products were too weak to be effective.


23 Mar 16

Romania Means Business in Attracting Foreign Investors

As existing efforts to attract investors start to pay off, Romania is contemplating introducing newer, bigger incentives.

09 Mar 16

Romania Seeks Expanded Role in NATO

04 Jan 16

Romania Faces Challenge in Rebuilding Trust

23 Dec 15

Dramatic Changes Bring Hope to Romania


17 May 16

Romania Licks its Wounds as Daimler Turns Elsewhere

Romania’s failure to attract a sought-after investment by the German car giant is being blamed on poor infrastructure and the lack of a skilled workforce.

12 May 16

Refinery Seizure Threatens Romania-China Deal

Culture and Lifestyle

23 May 16

Romanians Query Drive to Buy Brancusi Sculpture

The sculpture at the heart of Romanian identity faces an uncertain fate, as some people question whether spending so much public money on one artwork is a good idea.

11 May 16

Two Romanian Movies Bid for Top Cannes Prize

19 Apr 16

Romania Faces Eurovision Exit over €10m Debt

15 Apr 16

Feud Over Foreigners Splits Romanian Opera

18 Mar 16

Romania Battles to Buy Back Brancusi Sculpture