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17 Apr 14

Pro-Russian Separatists in Moldova Alarm Romania

After Moldova’s breakaway Transnistria region on Wednesday sought to join Russia, Romania's President repeated that Romania firmly upholds Moldova's territorial integrity.

15 Apr 14

Celebrity UK Immigrant Promotes pro-European Party

Victor Spirescu, a briefly famous Romanian immigrant to the UK, is campaigning for a new pro-EU party in Britain.

15 Apr 14

Romanians Plan Modest Easter Celebrations

Easter is a major holiday in Romania - but the economic crisis means that most people will be celebrating on a tight budget.

15 Apr 14

Serbia Rehabilitates Queen Maria of Yugoslavia

A Belgrade court rehabilitated former queen Maria Karadjordjevic, ruling that she was illegally stripped of her property and citizenship by the communist authorities in 1947.

11 Apr 14

Worried Romania Urges NATO to Look East

As the Russia-Ukraine standoff continues, Romania wants NATO to deploy more forces in the region of Southeast Europe.

10 Apr 14

Romania to Axe Anonymous Prepay Cards

In a move to curb fraud and terrorism, Romania says that in future, people purchasing prepay cards will have to submit their personal data to the authorities.

09 Apr 14

Chevron Defies Protests to Start Drilling in Romania

Despite continuing protests against shale gas exploitation, the US company Chevron is ready to start work in eastern Romania in the next few weeks, it said on Tuesday.

08 Apr 14

Romania Detains Football Officials Suspected of Fraud

Prosecutors are investigating alleged corruption in the sale of broadcasting rights for football matches in Romania.

07 Apr 14

Roma Summit Gives Romanian Minister Rough Ride

Romania's claims that it was doing its best to help the Roma community met a mixed response at a summit of 500 Roma organisations held in Brussels last week.

04 Apr 14

Balkans Rank Midway in Social Progress League

New report says countries from the Western Balkan region rank just above mid-way in the world when it comes to general wellbeing and social progress.

04 Apr 14

Romania Reports Decline in Human Trafficking

The number of trafficked Romanians fell by 38 per cent in 2013, officials say, but the problem remains.

03 Apr 14

Jittery Romania to Boost Defence Spending

In the context of rising tension on its eastern border with Ukraine, Romania plans to expand the defence budget to match 2 per cent of GDP.

01 Apr 14

Romanians Brace For Price Increases

Romanians face rises in the price of gasoline, natural gas and cigarettes this week, which the government says will bring in over 550 million euro - but which economists say could also hit businesses and boost inflation.

31 Mar 14

Suicide Attack Kills Romanian Soldier in Afghanistan

One Romanian soldier was killed and another five injured in a suicide attack on a military patrol in Afghanistan, officials in Bucharest said.

31 Mar 14

Romania Marks Ten Years Since Joining NATO

After a decade of membership, Romanians are weighing up the costs and benefits of joining the Western military alliance in terms of expenses and casualties as well as security guarantees.


14 Apr 14

Romania Takes Fresh Look at Closed Mines

New law may lead to the reopening of some of the 500-plus mines that have been closed in Romania recent years.

Culture and Lifestyle

28 Mar 14

EU Funds Makover of Romanian 'Painted' Monastery

The 15th-century 'painted' monastery of Putna, which a long-ago prince founded in the Bukovina region of northeast Romania, is in line for an EU-funded renovation.