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Latest News from Romania

21 Aug 14

Romania Weighs Cost of Russian Import Ban

Russia's decision to ban imports of food from the EU is impacting on Romania, which normally exports 40 million euro of foodstuffs there each year.

20 Aug 14

Basescu Ally to Run for Romanian Presidency

Elena Udrea, leader of the Popular Movement Party, PMP, and a close ally of Romania's outgoing president is to stand as the party’s candidate in the next presidential elections.

19 Aug 14

Romanian Business Mogul Dies in London

Dinu Patriciu, one of the richest people in Romania, has died of liver cancer in London.

19 Aug 14

Romania Starts Trial of Communist Gulag Boss

Ion Ficioru, the former commander of a labour camp, has become the second Romanian to face charges of crimes against humanity.

14 Aug 14

Number of Romanian, Bulgarian Workers Surges in UK

The number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in Britain has hit a new high, re-igniting the debate on whether limits needs to be placed on EU nationals coming for work in the UK.

11 Aug 14

Romania Jails Businessman For Money Laudering

A court has jailed Dan Voiculescu, a wealthy businessman, media mogul and politician, for ten years for money laudering.

05 Aug 14

Ciolos Gets Second Term as Romania's EU Commissioner

Victor Ponta, the Prime Minister of Romania, has nominated Dacian Ciolos for a second term as the country's European Commissioner.

01 Aug 14

Romania's Profit From EU Membership Revealed

Romania's balance sheet with the EU shows that it has received far more cash from the 28-member club than it has given, a new Finance Ministry report says.

31 Jul 14

Spike in Hepatitis Concerns Romanian Doctors

Romanian authorities are warning about an increase in the number of cases of hepatitis, the exact causes of which remain unclear.

30 Jul 14

Balkans on Freak Weather Alert as Two Die in Romania

Severe weather alerts are in force across much of the region while storms in southern Romania have already caused widespread devastation and killed at least two people.

29 Jul 14

Religious Tolerance Patchy in Balkans, State Department Says

Discrimination against smaller religious communities continues in most Balkan countries, even though governments and laws in general respect religious freedoms, a new US report says.

28 Jul 14

Russian Sanctions on Moldova Worry Romania

Romania expressed concern after Moscow banned imports of fruit from Moldova, the latest Russian sanction after Chisinau signed a deal making closer ties with the European Union.

28 Jul 14

Romania Opposition Parties Merge Before Elections

The main opposition parties in Romania have merged in a bid to defeat the ruling leftist coalition at upcoming presidential polls in November.

23 Jul 14

Romania Raises Medics' Salaries to Stem Exodus

The Romanian government is to raise the salaries of doctors and nurses by 10 per cent amid concerns about where the money will come from.

23 Jul 14

Court Orders Release of Romanian Ex-PM Nastase

Adrian Nastase is to end his second jail term for corruption after serving only six months behind bars.


30 Jul 14

Romanian Seaside Suffers Drop in Tourist Numbers

Unven weather, poor services - and the chance of snatching a bargain trip to Greece - are just some of the factors behind this year's disappointing tourist figures on the Romanian Black Sea coast.

Culture and Lifestyle

25 Jul 14

Romanian Plastic Bridge Seeks Guinness Accolade

A bridge made of over 100,000 plastic bottles in western Romania - said to be the largest in the world - contains a wider message about the enviroment.